Marines of Det Tokyo

July 23, 2019

oh all right my name's lance corporal hey or Brandon I I'm Tim's like best friend been through a lot together yeah here like too easy for me I got here ever since then we've got to be close he's a good kid I say kid I mean I guess I'm not like his mom I guess they call me Mom but I'm 25 years old and I love the awesome kid hang in there as well cuz he's told me everything I try to be there all the time for him so I appreciate everything he's done and I appreciate you fighting and never giving up so hang in there and do amazing things hey how you doing let's go blow Detweiler AJ daddy a que dad I know hey he's a mom but he's old I've really grown to like Lancaster I've had much time with him here as heavy heavy but we made a lot of good memories lately and hey you lied I might catch the best friend it'll say that too but in all honesty we really hope that you push food for booze your mind is a lot stronger than what you think it is as long as you keep it even anything really possible so you just never give up and I've been I've been through that situation before with my mother and I know it was hard special in Lancaster getting really far away so it's really challenging right you raised a great song he's really strong he's dealing with it really good you seize anything Papa like as a positivity I everyone here really likes him he's a really great marine we really appreciate it Lancaster use my little side hoe like my linguist le but you said you got a sense of humor we just really appreciate like how hard you're fighting and we all really want you to keep fighting that way and I don't really have anything else to say I'm the jokester I could bag on Lancaster real quick but I'm not gonna we really hope you pull through and have a great day and just keep fighting mmm Shawn Silvestri attachments Tokyo keep going he's a sign when I'm sorry buzzing we something you doing well stay positive stay strong I Kelly this is sergeant Paxman we're all rooting for you hoping you can get better soon stay positive we know you put out a good products because we like your son here Tim and hope everything works out for you like I said stay positive as long as a lot of good things in his life an old fogey my name is sucker Rivera I am sorry my fine we wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery keep fighting never quit it's not a piece of i-25 this last couple of steel attachment Tokyo I'm okay everything as well with you supporting your son and yourself I hope you feel better soon get well and you always be my prayers hey Kelly my name is Cora Martin I have the pleasure working with your son I just want to let you know that everyone here in Tokyo has you in our hearts and minds and we wish you a speedy recovery god bless I'm bill Haggerty u.s. ambassadors Japan your son Timothy works for me he's one of the finest Marines I've ever met we're so pleased to have him on our team and I'm so thankful that he let me know of your courage your sacrifice no challenge that you're going through I want you to know that you were in my family's prayers that you're in the prayers of all of us here at mr. Japan we admire you we appreciate what you've gone through we want to see you win this fight please know that your son Timothy is doing a wonderful job here his courage his leadership are great role models for all of us here in Japan but more importantly you need to get well know that we're counting on you know that we care for you that we all are praying for you our best wishes you

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