Military Build Challenge — Crossout

July 29, 2019

hey Hannah this is not gonna go well for you Hannah just like to say you're done all right good morning wasteland mr. G bringing myself some coffee you some cross out and what do we have today it is build competition time here on the channel which means you guys submitted a bunch of builds for a theme and the theme this time was wide open it was military themed vehicles and you guys made a ton of entries it was really hard making cuts but here's what we're going with and if you're going hey how do i do a build competition with you mr. G please join the discord links in the description you can find all the events we run on the channel in there let's get to it we got t95 28 coming from Ladislav comrade you can only imagine that it's a vector with a toe buried in there somewhere we got fpz SdKfz 5 8 8 FK blonde which I can only imagine is some sort of German World War 2 vehicle I like that it has ducks Manning both the guns lovely a diggit it's cool nice use of decor items that one coming from kebab we got a Harrier 2 by jf7 so that's cool yeah you know the Harrier is one of those planes that can take off and land vertically which is pretty rad we got a 39 tortoise coming from echo frost arts which looks like a big Russian tank thing of some kind I dig the exhaust ports as like little machine guns as a cool touch I dig that we got DGC wolf by danger soul so we got a submarine sea wolf was one of the first games I ever got on PC back on my my Pentium to work gateway 486 it's a little bit of nostalgia there a dig at the coupler as a deeper item I like it we got a twin Spitfire this thing coming from Berkey Turkey he's hoping some wasps there in the middle this is really cool you actually made this for another comp and I forgot to download it and I got messed up so I'm really glad you brought it back really clever use of propellers with the radars I dig it we got a landing craft this thing coming from Racing Liam and it was ported over by Sergeant sparkles and dark Guardian so thank you guys because racing Liam plays on a belief PlayStation so we have some people to help you out and they will put your builds on PC for me if they're really good so this is a landing craft we got a PC Reaper this one coming from French toad looks like it's a Reaper and an APC we got an m12 or m18 gscp Abrams tank alright very cool and you get some tactical perches on the back a lot of details went into that one I dig it I dig it nice use of the small tracks on that one we got Jia for it pygmy 40 this looks like an old world war 2 Willys Jeep fun fact you used to be able to order a kit and they would mail you the parts and you could assemble these things in fact I learned to drive a stick on an old world war 2 Willys Jeep that my dad found in the barn and fixed up it was a beater but man three gears and high and low range on your four-wheel drive cool old rig and lastly we've got breakout ops this one coming from Goliath gamer now we have one more section which is the Leviathan category so we got a few Leviathan built we're going to just take in the test drive and judge purely on aesthetics we got the is for by a neem tempest which is some sort of gigantic looks like a looks like an ice ball which is a Russian tank silly me my World of Tanks is coming back we got USS monstro by toxic insanity looks like a big gigantic submarine like maybe a missile sub yep it's got the Hurricanes in there we got trench crawler by sergeant sparkles himself the guy that runs all these build competitions and does all the hard work for you guys coming up with ideas and organizing your builds so big hat off to Sergeant sparkles and we've got missile cruiser by Berkey Turkey which looks like exactly what it says it's a cruiser so very cool all right we're gonna pick we're gonna pick one winner though from both categories and that is gonna be tough but first we're gonna take all these out for drives and test drives and do we do in this channel just drive art builds and to combat let's do it alright guys there we go in t95 28 by vladislav comrade and then some serious struggles with the interwebs today but hopefully we can make this one work can we can we tell somebody this is a guy all that was so close so close yet so far come on G get an ability that let the toe turn a little bit sharper I'm guessing we don't really want to be out here and we've got the Jo operating not ideal all right let's see what we can do nope where's the nope blow off the armor here then go full-speed okay what do we got what do we got somebody out you know what that's just wine oh god that's everybody don't know what I was thinking there wasn't really thinking this is not Ladislav I don't I'm apologizing to you for this driving because it's just awful ABS I don't even know what I was doing capture points here G this part yeah let's at least provide some benefits of the team we'll just Park here is totally fine totally fine and we're sorry lettuce I'm gonna do better next round I promise all right boys and girls here we go in fpz SdKfz 588 F bike a blonde it's got a crew of four ducks and two rapiers and if I'm having really bad gameplay today it's because it's been taking ten minutes to get into a match or I get in a match to the pings so bad I can't use the footage or the game cheap detection boots me because my Internet's so credit today so mr. G sounds a little frustrated or the quality of the gameplay is not the best it's because this has been a real struggle to just power the game client work like it should we got a guy with Porco's on our team you're my new best friend I'm gonna stay by you hey Hannah this is not gonna go well for you Hannah just like to say you're done thanks pork oh god that's that's just really an evil build friend units just kept cans and Orko since that's just me and I've overheated we got to tap fire these I never ever use autocannons as a general rule so you know we're struggling a little bit you know this there's a kill though in autocannons and I'm loving these ducks on here so much goblin or Kabul and gabilan was the bad guy in shakespeare's the tempest if I can remember correctly the guy said the last time I'd used one of your belts ma'am stop overheating these was gonna carjack on they're better DPS for these I feel like we do you guys let me know what you think Porco bro all right what do we got what do we got it was just tied up just about here this is a cool-looking build the echo cab was it was a good choice for this thing it looks very you know Germany late 1940s south for sure okay we get them got them this guy just get away from these turrets we hit this guy we gotta hit him Jean we take out some movement on the sky slowing down that's what we need to do because it's just dropping turrets but we're gonna hit the guy we can hit and we're gonna grab ourselves hopefully a win there we go we'll take two kills feeling better about ourselves now after that match that we had with lattice all's bill which I still feel bad about it well I thought this thing was the echo cab it's not just made to look like that with the parts from it well done all right here we go in Harrier – by the jf7 it's one of those a little bit older Navy aircraft that could do vertical takeoff it wasn't any of these an army – because it could do vertical takeoff and landing which is pretty cool my brother actually worked on the Osprey which had the rotating props because he works as an engineer for Department of Defense stuff now he's a Boeing so he loves talking about vertical takeoff and landing aircraft this thing is cool and functional man I really dig in this jf7 diggin it we're getting rekt though because it is indeed in our build we're gonna have to stay a little further even as the radar in the nose like a real plane I Shh dude we got a kill guys did you see it you see it we did you did wait for my wait for it we get a few rounds off on that guy did someone get some fires off on that guy and even got a colossus with reload with grabbin assists and now we're gonna die we're definitely definitely gonna die we got a kill you guys saw it all right here we go in a 39 tortoise buy echo frost start we're gonna charge the tsunami up if this thing looks like a Russian tank somebody tell me who made it great attention to detail good use to step in with parts and this Goliath tracks fit in there just beautifully do it we even got a scope nice and manhole cover on there for that couple hatches a lot of attention to detail on this thing I'm digging it can we hit this guy h-how'd if we shoot like that we can't G maybe stop stop moving maybe that no was that a mess we get Robin at least there it is I am not used to using a scope and you get tunnel vision really badly I recommend not overdoing using scopes cuz you're gonna not see what's going on around you and the problem I'm having here is the limited firing angle because the regular tsunami has a limited firing angle but the effect of this build means it's even more limited this thing's like a tank destroyer so it's just super limited couldn't have given us a cord or something on here man I feel like I could use a cord right now can we can we get them just Rama but there you go that's that okay Nikki I can't I can't hit you cuz I can't aim down in this bill so not ideal and get a little further away from our enemies I guess wait for it wait for it wait for it there we go there we go okay all right all right can we hit her yes we can that's two kills in a bill that's impossible to aim so you know what good for you gee I'm gonna Pat myself on the head anyone else I'm gonna be impressed all right wait wait wait wait wait and we this guy winged 'm 3 ketosis your dude not nobody likes you don't do that bill I've done that I've done nobody likes gee it's okay we're hitting them can we Ram him we were having for the kill nope but we'll take an assist this guy and we lost we're out of bullets you kidding me did you forget to put ammo on this thing you didn't leave yeah and we can see the inside now guys absolutely gorgeous he didn't give me any ammo you got uh echo frost we have to talk about this we're gonna have to talk about this boom take that all right so baby G is broken into my studio but right now we are on DG Seawolf by danger Sol and it's like a gunboats or it's think it's a submarine I'm thinking what do you think baby gee thanks submarine sheesh I'm thinking submarine it's definitely definitely something what are you doing back there baby G she is doing watercolors this morning so she is requesting clean waters for her watercolors which I would have had it done already this recording but internets has been not cooperating today so I'm Way late on my recording here this thing is really really really really slow there anybody we can shoot yes younger G should not be hitting anybody but he's not Baby G just makes that up anytime she's frustrated with her brother any one of you guys that have kids you get this why am I going across here by myself whole team's dead pretty much I can't nope can't shoot that way that guy's doing who knows what with his short-range weapons at extremely long range we're gonna go get killed by these for us here we go this is fine let me just overheat these guns no you don't mind me and my boat submarine boat thing guys it's totally fine no no you really this guy here we go oh this isn't gonna end well yeah that that's not that's the build I just did a video on the other day so this is karma I think guys well we're just we're this is fine we're here yep finish the job buddy GG alright guys a little out of breath doing some dabbing here we go and twin Spitfire by Berkey turkey and its twin Spitfires and some cloak and wasps I was thinking those aren't pyres nope those are wasp mr. G's just all over the place today guys so apologies for that we hit a bot I have not used wasps in a long time great weapons one of the first weapons that I got as a blue and started doing decent within this game you can go watch my really old wasp tank that I built it is back before I had a good microphone and my audio was really bad like my very first rocket tank or whatever I don't remember what was called pretty old I'm treating these like crickets you know they don't do more damage at long range kill the human players well I can hit this one alright alright I'm give me human player I'm try and make sure we got him you got him you got him we're gonna run out of ammo which is jf sevens in here we just did you build jf7 just did your bill and was absolutely beautiful and there he is in match against us today and we're gonna run out of ammo we are gonna run out of ammo no Joshua Oh take it take it I got two rounds left oh it's not mine friend oh it's not mine and this one is Berkey turkey and thank you though mr. Squier okay gotta give credit where credit is due Geoff's Kevin and Matt oh he's got a scorpion Oh naughty not you're doing a warthog GG boys and girls GG all right here we go in a landing craft by racing Liam poured it over by sergeant sparkles and dark Guardian Thank You Duffy thank you guys feeling the love dice binky no you're not you don't get a talk I'm sorry recording sorry binky okay all right let's so hard I'm so i'm even more distracted for build competitions because i have all other screen up all the information on the builds this one being from racing liam and it being called landed craft and then when you guys come in then I have my kids running around and then I'm supposed to drive these our builds in combat so just bear with me bear with me this thing though I love that it has like big swamp buggy fan things on the back here this is great this case Sandra I thought they changed it so you could drive through turrets or at least that's something that's supposedly coming soon so they no longer stop you like you had a telephone greed titanium adamantium hopefully that's the good fairy replacement their friend though do you appreciate that helping out my turrets we got a kill all I had to do is click two buttons that's nice I need to do meat grinders more I really do I really really do ok see what we can do we need all right we're ready there's a lot of baddies right there so boom boom this guy's gonna drop his shield we're gonna drop our turrets we're gonna just back out of town we drop another Grenadier yes we can giving their guys do your little thing do it do it we'll take an assist we're happy with it it's gonna be close this is gonna be close pinky get some metal alright come on guys can we do this we got to stay as a team you get a team this up okay I'm gonna be useless for the next 30 seconds which is kind of sucky see we can do all right come on come on stick with the team G stick with the team look at us going diagonally yeah yeah meat grinders for the win okay I love that the Soviet Union actually built something like this are we're gonna go for this guy we're gonna go I'm waiting good yep okay these two we got to get these guys let's go let's go go go go go okay here we go let's go say hello to our little friends hey buddy those are for you and that's the win for us all right here we go an APC reaper by french toad and i picked this one up because as a reaper and i used to love the reaper it was absolutely one of my favorite weapons and then i just a big nerf tits and i really stopped using it so I was like French toad built this thing I'm like it's gonna Reaper in it and what higher and another pyre should have put those on the same key interesting didn't realize it had of pyres on it that's ok let's stick with the team let's see what these guys are doing come on come on dildo big uns that's that's a fantastic name friend it's just an absolutely great name we're gonna just Reaper this guy while the pyres bring out there it is there it is build actually working it's a functional build guys build me something that functions and looks pretty nicely done toad Boop this is double tap that too bad we lost the lock on that usually I don't like using weapons that are totally different together but the pyre is one of those ones that depending on the combination you can find some neat combos with it fire cricket fire fat man there's some cool combos this guy we need to deal with this guy right now there we go he's done let's go get tanked bro no maybe the guy blowing us up right next to us yeah let's shoot this isn't ending left GG boys alright guys here we go in m1a2 SCP Abrams this thing biomega angel aka skull 606 and this thing is absolutely gorgeous okay we should let these tsunami charge a little bit more so we got a tsunami on right-click we got an arbiter and a vector on left looks like she's a little heavy in the tonnage so she's going a little bit slow I should be over there on a I don't know what I'm doing over here well I'm reading the description in the bill that's what I'm doing so don't judge me oh great are we gonna really know I mean this just get the spark at least get this no come on Oh sucks sucky weights oh my god you know what the tsunami at least come on come on brap get him with the minigun on there take the kill we will take it great this guy nope Tiny Tim Tim oh my god no GG boys God oh you are so here we go Angie afford pick me 40 by gene ISM obviously because it's just the coolest looking World War two willys jeep ever even as a steering wheel of course it does gene isn't Bill what do you think of this baby G baby G you're throwing stuff at me don't don't do that oh my goodness you little troublemaker ah yes the Cobra turrets the weapon of choice for art builds since 2016 I don't why am i driving into the enemy what I agree baby G that's not a good choice on my part are you blasting me with shooter guns oh my goodness my goodness Oh No I need these turrets ready to help my friend here oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear you're already up let's get him get him get him get him get him come on little Cobra turrets help out a bro how about a bro I'm just gonna distract them come over here get them get them there we go we got the kill baby G are you still throwing stuff at me like she's supposed to what are you doing she's out of control this one you guys out of control mister exceptional great name we will take the win okay here we go with breakout op spike lieth gamer and I got baby G in here in the studio just to add an extra element of challenge she's throwing balls at me while I play so we'll see how we do cuz this thing happens so it's like close range and some oh god and some long range it's okay alright we picked this thing just because it looked cool and something like the Soviets would build and where'd that guy go we're not gonna catch him not with these wheels remember when these are the best wheels you could get in the game God idea was a long time ago been playing this game for too long can we get them can we use our mid-range stuff here can we do it we've got a kill in this thing that's best kind of aggressive kind of impressive the firing angles are a bit of a struggle we take an assist we go get tusks boy here tusks guy I'm struggling with the different weapon heats in firing speeds on these but we should be able to get tests guy can we ignore shotgun guy up there with the bastion you know grab a kill steal on that guy we sure can baby G don't you don't know Baby G don't do it okay no I'm getting I'm gonna get the MVP Dabney's MVP baby G need it in a bill that shouldn't get MVP but this just blow up man he's got a knee is he dead Navy well that's three we will tell what did you find how did you find the one toy in here to make Spears all right guys last but not least we're gonna do the Leviathan section if you're hearing weird background sounds well that's simply because baby G found a really old electronic Batman car that no other can make appropriate sound so she's also pretending to be captain so we got the is four which looks like k is for Russian Russian heavy tank and actually drives pretty decent link so cool use so Leviathan stuff on that one medium tempest a digger let's take a look at the next Leviathan we got USS monstro by toxic insanity and this is the u.s. Wow yes baby gee it's the u.s. boomer submarine it's like a missile sovereign so that's cool yep she likes to be a cat sometimes and you know what so you're gonna you're gonna get to enjoy a cute cat sounds sound galavis I do notice next only God's is trench crawler I think sergeant sparkless was going for that British thank you baby G British World War one tank and she's not dying that's it that's actually a happy sound you what did you see in there you see a racer ball okay Farren oh yeah why is this this oh it's a soccer ball from the steel challenge event thing and they put it in the test drive that is hilarious I don't even notice that baby gee good observation and last but not least we got missile cruiser this one coming from Turkey turkey yep and they may be a little quieter baby Jeep litter that's the opposite this is my life okay this thing's actually pretty cool you have this you sides yes yeah there it is there's the ball absolutely so I'm gonna wrap this up and go do dad stuff but before I do that I've got to pick a winner so let's recap these bills really t95 we just go all of the ducks in this one man the ducks on this one God really I actually thought this was running the echo cab but it's not it just uses all the parts this Harrier was really awesome to fly fun to play we got this a 39 tortoise very Russian style tank we got a DG sea wolf the twins we got Spitfires this was a really hard one to pick this landing craft was fun to drive this guy was pretty simple but actually worked with the weapon set up we have this Abrams I mean just cool the way the tsunami is just buried in there we got an awesome Willys Jeep thing going on right here we got this thing which was also fun to drive and then all the Levi's which we just covered but I got to pick one winner and I you know I'm gonna go with I was between really too because I'm gonna go honorable mention to a 39 tortoise so you man you were I really was good was torn between that one and the m1a2 SCP Abrams this Abrams is just it's wicked cool I dig it I love it and who made that one that's coming from Omega angel so Omega angel you won yourself a steam key and the title of winner winner chicken dinner if you win an art of steel bill challenge and get master builder on the discord you get triple crown as well so please DM myself or one of the channel moderators on the discord for your prize and guys thank you very very much for doing these builds I love these bills and I couldn't have this YouTube channel without your support thank you guys so much like and subscribe for more of these build competitions and special thank you to Sergeant sparkles and all of the helping hands that helped port these builds over y'all be good I'm gonna catch you guys later mr. G out perfect landing you


  • Reply Caleb Porter July 29, 2019 at 11:55 am

    I played with you mr g with the triple wasp plane I was the tank with goliaths beside you in the beginning

  • Reply Z3r0_ July 29, 2019 at 11:55 am

    For anyone wondering what you missed out on when my entry got passed over, I built a Bob Semple.

  • Reply TheMidnightBanshee 59 July 29, 2019 at 11:55 am

    I wish sttepenwolf parts had higher durability I mean they are stripped of military vehicles

  • Reply ShadowReaper July 29, 2019 at 11:55 am

    The tortoise tank was made by the British, not Russians

  • Reply Robert July 29, 2019 at 11:55 am

    A39 Tortoise is the heaviest british tank destroyer from WW II

  • Reply agr0nianTV July 29, 2019 at 11:55 am

    17:05 Warthot lol

    27:02 – 28:45 The music was way to loud from during this part it was hard to hear you :/

    Some amazing builds keep up the great work guys!

  • Reply James Jamero July 29, 2019 at 11:55 am

    Funny thing is the actual Abrams was supposed to be fast.

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    Good vid Mr. G I really enjoy these build comps. Also great job frenchtoad.

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    Hey Mr G. Tell us about some exciting teacher stories while you play cross out. I feel like it would be good commentary

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    I was waiting for a build challenge like this for over 7 months. I check their discord every 2 weeks to see if im interested in taking part in their newest build challenge. Coincidentally, i forgot to check for the past 3 weeks and i ended up finding out about it too late. I had a million build ideas aswell. Hopefully they do a part 2 or something similar so that i can enter my creative builds.

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    Awwww Baby G is so Cute 🥰

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    God damn it i had the perfect art/functional tank build, all steppenwolfs with the elphant turret and 2 grenadier drones it really kicks ass since its real noob friendly. :/

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    Sorry for the acid bath buddy! 😉 GG Mr. G!

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    2:05 Thats the Stuka! Isnt it? If I know the name right, that "double plane"

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    The tortoise is a British tank destroyer

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    And that's cool to hear about what your brother does. I've always been a fan of VTOL/STOL aircraft, so perhaps I can try building a V-22 next!

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