Military Health – Kosovo Medical Mission

July 27, 2019

getting standard medical care in Kosovo is rare for most of the local population that's y k4 sent troops from the US as well as our friends from Greece to help out staff sergeant Jason David takes us to a little town in Kosovo where they set up a free medical clinic colds a key eyes and tooth bay are all things that over-the-counter medication can soothe however for the people of Kosovo since those kind of drugs aren't easy to get the US and grease under k4 set up a medical clinic staff sergeant Paul powers works the optometry station but there's more going from there they have second they have triage where the doctors are ass they have medical screening where they talk to the patients find out which stations they need to see send them to the doctors send them to us send them down to dental and down to the pharmacy and then it's just the whole process where they come in do kind of a location and then leave again in addition to American forces there are Greek helpers and even personnel from the coast of our military we came here to offer assistance to patients I came here with another doctor and nurse the assistance that the American k4 is offering is a great gift staff sergeant Davis helps with a tooth extraction this young woman had dental surgery by a local dentist it didn't go so well since then she's been a bit skittish of visiting dentists after a few minutes the dental staff was able to extract the tooth that was bothering her and now the pain is gone sergeant Davis says their work is a huge benefit to the people it saves the money it takes a some time getting my plane hit 12 can make a world of a difference one two thousand I'm missions like this one will continue as long as k4 remains in Kosovo staff sergeant Jason David outside affairs I Kosovo

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