Military in charge Take 5

July 29, 2019

we want to welcome all of his glory nation from east to west and north the south as we bring you today's take five if you follow us on Twitter we were kind of alluding to now looting we're telling you what the Supreme Court issue meant yesterday I believe we titled this military is in charge large and in charge this was hello macaroni bear this was a monumental Supreme Court decision it's more than the border it's more than the law it gets it gets the wall done it puts the military firmly in control also puts the president in a position for the military financial football this was all part of it he has been listening he has been listening and we have confirmation he's been listening so before we get into that we invite the Holy Spirit the anointing of the Holy Spirit to come down on this message we want the we want the glory of God to shine this is why we do these take fives it's it's about glorifying the Most High God there are beautiful letters that we get to get to read and get to get to share with you sometimes there's not nice letters so I'm gonna share and not so nice letter and tell you why we do what we do I got a somebody was following us for quite a while and sent me through our info I his glory that they shared with me and said we we can't I think they donate 11 bucks 11 bucks a month or something and they said we're just not gonna follow you anymore because of you know Ruth Bader Ginsburg and because of the 300 trillion dollars that you're been saying so that's you know God blessed them we pray for them we're gonna take a step back and tell you how we got to where we're at with the take fives there are many new followers watching his glory and you may not know how and where we came up with the idea of the take 5 it wasn't my idea it was God's idea so we'll go back in time share the prophetic words that we were given and what the Lord told me to do and do would take 5 and the reason why he wanted take 5 to happen going back is some of you may know that have been here through my mentor chuck Missler who was a Chuck and I had a lot in common Chuck was a in the corporate world I was in the corporate world director of a fortune 100 company Chuck sat on many boards I loved chuck Missler he taught me so much and he's with God in heaven today well he's the one that first brought me into the military intelligence we had shared this with military intelligence about project Z so we knew about project Z I've known about project Z back to 2010 I had military connections back to 2010 the Lord didn't tell me to do anything with those military connections I kept them all to myself it was just private conversations that we had so when the Q move it came in November of what 2017 there's nothing new Under the Sun it's just got it picked up momentum so we were we were the Lord impressed upon my heart and remember the Lord told me about seven years ago it was 2000 just seven years ago to go out and get the domain his glory diet well it was nine years ago to get his Lord his glory Emmy we could have had his glory com we could have had his glory ork God didn't want us to have that he wanted us to have his glory and me I had no idea what an Emmy meant back then Emmy means the individual it's it's social media to the individual God was going to make this ministry an internet-based to reach the world but have a fellowship to show you can reach the world through the internet as a rabbi Jason talks about in the chosen using the fish the fishing analogy of the fishing net on the chosen to bring him in with technology the nut the internet and to have a real live a love relationship and have a his glory family so he told us to get his glory Emmy but they hit the individuals when we're reaching over 10 million people worldwide literally in every country of the world to the glory of God it's most people still don't know who I am so then he then the Holy Spirit about seven years ago I think was about seven years ago well and one of my prayer study said go up and get his glory TV like what why would I need what is it what is his glory TV I have no idea what that even means so I didn't ask questions I went in there and I checked it out couldn't find it couldn't find the domain anywhere six times it was literally six times because I counted and I'm I'm stubborn so when God wants me to do something and it's for God I'm going to see it through you could ask my wife I'll be three in the morning and if God's telling me to do it I'm gonna do it so finally I was bar ready to give up and on the seventh time somehow he made me go in another direction to go through the domain and there was his glory TV and he said get it grab it I didn't ask well I didn't ask questions I didn't got it so we had the route so we got the rights to his glory not Emmy and his glory that TV I had no idea what he was gonna do it there's go like that TV now we're building a TV studio yeah kind of things God is had no idea and I was in the technology business so fast-forward up to February of 2017 the Lord has given us many prophetic words about the house of cards back to 2008 where there'd be a house of cards government scandal the trump card would be played in the White House President Trump many many prophetic dreams along the way and then in roughly of February 2017 he gave a word to me that said these will be the greatest scandals in the history of United States scandals plural and it will be a great bloomerang what they thought what was intended for them will come back on that and then he gave us a series that many people have gone to YouTube and gone to our website and seen these prophetic works and they've all come true so when we started this we started doing a a daily profit or a weekly prophecy just getting people up to speed how the Bible is being prophesized the Bible being played right before our very eyes we're doing that once a week and people are like wow you need to be doing this every day no wait a minute oh wait a minute and I had some really really good intel coming into from sources that I had for a long time so I was like um man I didn't tell me to do that so I'm not gonna do it unless God tells me to do it so I went into prayer and he said I want you to go out and do it every day and he says you pray to me and you Lou you listen to me you listen to me you don't listen to man I'll tell you what to say and I will back it so here we are we move full circle to the take five so some of the things we said back in you know last last December or November we were out there that's when these people should have said are they in there right is he in his right mind to say these things now everything we've said through prophetic words and now through Intel coming in to the public these things are there's nothing new Under the Sun this unequivocal that there's the 300 trillion dollars there's more than that I'm speaking directly to the people of the trust and I have confirmations from two or two or three other sources of the same amount and they don't know each other so there's only if sands or buts we're not going to come out and say something unless it's true Ruth Bader Ginsburg okay I'm not saying what we said the other day I'm telling you what two sources that have never been wrong upset and they continue to say that to this day and there's many sources out there saying the same thing now if you look so it's not like we're way out on LOM we're doing to do what God tells us to do I was having a conversation with one of our partners last now I won't tell you who the partner was and we're talking about something and she said she said well if you say that people might get upset I said you know what if God tells me to do it I'm doing it and people get upset they get upset because if you're gonna tell truth guess what people are not gonna like the truth they're not gonna like the truth they're gonna get upset we're not called to have itchy ears we're called to tell the truth the truth goes back to the 13 lines of satan why the CIA put this do you want to know about the money the blood trail literally it's sitting out a CIA website for people to wake up and now people are starting to wake up well we still have some people that that followed us a long time and now trying to say hey why are you saying that so Russ – sure if we report it it's coming from good sources and if we say the Lord says that you it's it's it's over it's done and we we take it to the bank as far as RGB that's there's nothing new Under the Sun they've always had body doubles body doubles forever the only thing different today then back to Nimrod is that there's technology God is using technology now so that is harder and you can expose more we're in the end days where you can expose so there are many and that's one of the cue movement the cue movement one of the greatest part of the cue movement was waking people's waking the American people up to the truth because truly nothing's new Under the Sun but they fell asleep they fell asleep we're asleep at the wheel Christians have felons sleep it's time to raise up the Christians to wake up to wake up and to wake everyone up to the Great Awakening that's why it's called a Great Awakening this cue team and every military intelligence person I deal with deal with them directly we always start with a prayer and we always end with a prayer these are the people that are in charge of the trust these are people that are giving military intelligence and the more input military intelligence we get the more confirmation we get because other sources are coming in seeing the same thing God is using his remnant in the military to bring these things out to the open God is behind this movement there's no ifs ands or buts the hand of God is on this and when we talked about the trust we told you on 4th of July we had actually people down there praying praying over a couple of those buildings at the exact time there was a release a chain was broken there's a major spiritual battle going on right now Satan knows that is his time is up the deep state knows our time is up and they are in a panic state and we need to be awake because evil wants to hide sale that's not true that's not true that's not sure that pictures fake that's fake that's fake or that's real well they were warning you about the deep fake videos and the deep fake pictures that's why matter what comes out you have to verify it and out with these these pictures of Ruth Gator Bader Ginsburg can I guarantee you she is dead no I can't because I haven't seen her I gotta pull a post-mortem on her but I can tell you the sources we've told us have never been wrong and the it's it's it's it's easy to play the game and it's turned around so I expect that you'll hear announcement from the Supreme Court relatively soon because they're also saying that the gig is up they know it and going back to that because of the cube movement and the queue supporters the queue army that have come out you got a huge army of people who go in forensic ly and check videos and check check everything and there's been proven unequivocally now if you know where to go to get the resources that the videos are fake the pictures are fake there are certain pictures that were photoshop of from 2013 there's forensic done on her audio most people don't realize that your voice leaves a trail similar to what your fingerprint well and forensic evidence has proven that it wasn't the same person speaking so to have a body double it's not it's nothing new Under the Sun many president said body doubles actors have body doubles so it goes back to Nimrod never I'd probably had a body double we know in the Book of Kings that they try to do a body double it didn't go so well so we wanted to set that straight that how long we've done this so who some of our sources is but the most important thing is is the source of God and then I'm going to close this part yeah people just have to wake up to it there's nothing new Under the Sun people are thinking this is something new this is new this is new this is but you can't be how could you do that it's nothing new go back and read the 13 bloodlines at that book the book is it shows you all this go getting back to the Lord the Lord the reason the Lord said take the do the take 5 what does this have to do with the ministry he said my son this we will use this take 5 as a way to waken people up to know truth and to bring people in in a way that we wouldn't bring them in normally through the Word of God people are going to come in to take five they're gonna see truth they're gonna know that this is driven by the Most High God and then they're gonna seek me through this and that's exactly what's happened we have many that have come to these take fives that have given their life to the Lord that we're away from the Lord or never knew the Lord Jesus Christ and because of the take fives they have come in and now they're they give their life to Christ and now they're going into Bible studies I can't tell you how many small groups are all over the country and all over the world for that matter that started with a take five and now are using the content of our website because we over 1500 videos done of word-for-word of our Bible they're creating Bible clothes Study Bible studies doing home churches exactly the way the prophecy by Jay Burnham again the end days of the church we go back to the house in the last days and that's exactly what's happening Matthew wants to do a interview with his glory possibly and the Christian broadness Broadcasting Network and another media source showing how his glory is changing the world with the church that the church is not dead the church is changing too while God originally wanted it and is using technology the end days to bring people all together but yet still have that intimacy not only that intimacy through the net what you do in your chat with the people on YouTube soon you'll have it on Vimeo on our website but also when we go to these cities the outpouring that we get from these cities to do these meet and greets this is real people what real love of Jesus Christ and they come from all walks of life some will be movie stars some will be sports stars some are government some are high up in the military you never know where who's gonna be at one of these meet and greets and most of them are the average person and that's what God loves he loves the average person because know what nothing we do of the flesh and press is God it's only what we do with our heart that impresses God so this ministry is not everybody's cup of tea or everybody's Hebrews coffee because we're gonna speak truth and if God tells me to do it we're gonna do it and if that offends someone then we must be doing something right because we're called it to say the truth and the truth is the only thing that can set you free all right so with that said obey obey the Lord if Vicki was telling me that was part of her dream – the reason she came up with organic body essentials it was tied in it was it was a double pun to obey the Lord when he tells you to do something you do it because when he tells you to do something most times he tells you to do something you really don't want to do it I remember the first time he told me to do it take five every day I was like are you sure you want me to do this I don't know about that God you sure this is your name people gotta realize I didn't know the partner come to me and go um Wow at first you know when I was watching I wouldn't start watching your take five I was like whoa whoa are you sure you've got the right contacts and then the more we go and the more that's starting to come out public and they're like okay I feel better I feel better then they came back to me and they said would you then I had to go and pray about it and he and she came back to me and said would would Dave really put his glories name on something that was not of God this is not this is not my ministry it's his glory it's the glory of God and it's gonna shake people and if it's not shaking people then we're doing something wrong right we've got to shake people up shake people up to the truth sometimes you got to be shaking out of bad like your drill instructor used to do at five o'clock in the morning knock you out of bed wake up get your coffee brought to you by obey we need to obey the Lord greetings from Mother Russia I'll get your obey get your lip balm get your organic your organic I love this stuff I had to put it on my hands before we went on this one because my hands are just for some reason my hands are just in pain I don't have pain and the rest of my body right now but just the pain here I'm getting there I'm getting there I'm going holistic I'm gonna get in that Beemer there is still a little nervous about me getting in the Beemer support our partner on the Beemer as well this is to help your capillaries get your body pumping the way God and created your pump the pop if we would adjust if we would have just stuck with what God had intended for us until man changed our water system changed our food system changed what we breathe we'd be a lot better off because God's natural ways that he provided for us and our body would have been perfect but we're not we're set a Terry there's there's been a war and I just continue to be a war so that's where you get the information on the Beamer go to our his glory family partners click on that and it'll take you right to their site right to obey click on they'll take you right to the site and yeah I don't have a pacemaker but I do have a stent in my heart I didn't know this I went to the chiropractor the other day you see the more I go to the doctor the more I find out things in my body I didn't know I had in my body he did he do they the chiropractic to try to get my leg back working right it feels good now it worked they did an x-ray of my chest and down in here to below my chest they had to put a stent in when when I had my two near-death experiences because that's where they had to put a feeding tube and I had eternal bleeding in there like five times I'd go in and go back into surgery I woke up in the middle of surgery giving when my balsamic was waiting well they put a stent in there I had no idea that it's down there I knew I had one in my leg but I didn't know whether was there I thought Wow so you never know when you go back to the doctor every time I go back to the Cleveland Clinic they're like oh my gosh do you know that you went through this this they I know I know it's on our website many people that go to our website and hear the testimony it changes them God is going to make this testimony a book and God is going to make this testimony a movie and we've been approached but it's got to be the right person we will know who it is to write the book and we will know who it is to do the movie when God says so the easiest thing for a knucklehead to do is say okay let's just do it no gotta wait for God God says go and we go when he says go we don't get ahead of him and we don't fall behind him we walk hand in hand Hebrews get your Hebrews I had lots of it today could have used another cup of it so I should have came over to the office earlier and put in one of the one-hitters remember people always ask about that too you can take this the Keurig adapters which have the the the NAT on there the the the screens there's they're healthier than the plastic just put your Hebrews cup coffee in there it's cheaper put it in and you get one cup of Hebrew so get your Hebrews go to our partner on that click on Hebrews I'll take you right there both those products $45 or more free shipping Chris is coming with his wife to his glory he'll be here Tuesday so you will get to see Chris face to face I don't know where we're gonna do it because I told him pardon them pardon the mess we're still under construction we probably will be for the next three weeks or so so but God's moving us in the right direction so promote our partners that helps us take care of the orphans we sent money to as you know to Kenya the the children are fed they're happy we send money to our brother in Liberia who had a loss of the family so our prayers go out to him and his family he was my driver when I was in Liberia where we had the crusade his glory will be yes we will be doing more Crusades around the world the last crusade crusade in Liberia brought over a thousand people to Jesus Christ signs and wonders miracles double rainbows raining and demon out of a woman I mean you name it God showed up and he showed up with all his glory we baptized of us fifty seventy five people in the Holy Ghost he came back to the United States and was on his glory show so you'll see more of this stuff but the crusades will go on I Lord is putting on my heart that we need to get to Kenya and we're gonna go to Pakistan Pakistan so we're gonna be prayers for that people say you're gonna go to Pakistan you're crazy I said not with the Lord we'll walk right in the middle of Pakistan and have the greatest crusade ever ever because it's God it's God's glory now my glory so you don't see my name anywhere you know my name is NaN anywhere mama his glories name's not anywhere Allyson ELISA every part of the person people that work at his glory we're just wishes servants we're just servants it's all for the glory of God so get your kids glory gear $45 or more free shipping on his glory gear we want to see his glory everywhere because it is to show the glory of God everywhere where everywhere yeah Pakistan we're going to do a major major major crusade and it's gonna reach it could reach a million people in Pakistan by the time we get this set up that's why I've postponed it to get it done right when we do it we got to do it right so um I'd be going by myself because I don't know who's gonna want to go with me to Pakistan God I'll bring me somebody that wants to go to Pakistan actually I know some prayer warriors I'll go to Pakistan with me all right and your donations to WWE's glory dot may God bless you if God puts it on your heart wonderful some know this is the ministry for them some not yet some may leave so may come back but we're gonna always speak the truth and the truth is the Word of God and we're not going to shy away and if that's gonna offend somebody then it offends them as I was saying was talking to obvious title it was it was Vicky she was saying something about well you say that that I might offend somebody I said if it comes God if it comes from God I don't care what if offends anybody or not we're not called to be friends with people we're not called to give then we the tickly ears and say hey if you just if you just don't eat a million dollars to his glory everything's gonna be roses and cream if I can tell you right now somebody came up and gave me a check for 11 million dollars a hundred million dollars one trillion dollars and said okay here's one trillion dollars you do whatever we tell you to do I'd say bye-bye God will provide it's his ministry and will always speak truth the truth of the Living God 11:11 people ask me what 11 11 is there's two meanings behind 11 11 11 11 is shala nation be born in one day that was the miraculous of Israel and that literally happened there is a prophetic there's there's a deeper meaning to than I take longer to go into but there is a spiritual meaning behind 11:11 to the Ministry of his glory we everybody in his glory has been given it sees 11:11 all the time and we get confirmation with Cardinals coming in to know we don't worship Cardinals Cardinals is just God's confirmation to us he'll send us a Cardinal I was telling Allison last night that this last week I was have I've been driving places and I've I've seen seven times a Cardinal Drive right in front of me when I'm going down the road like 60 miles an hour I've never seen that before I've seen it like seven times this last week so God's spiritual realm so back to the 11:11 there is a prophetic nough Stu his glory about the 11:11 that's why we see it at 11:11 this ministry and one day will go completely viral viral all over the world not for me for his glory for the glory of God had told you the story about Matthew who the creator of the chosen he couldn't figure my name out it took him a week to research who I was the terror of the blast that will have the blast up as a partner up I think next week I think they're working on it right now she couldn't figure me out either she couldn't find out who I was that's why it's supposed to be you're not supposed to know who I am it doesn't matter who I'm a servant it's the glory of God okay let's get into the good speaking of the glory guy let's get into what's going on in the world so this is why God does it it's to show the darkness so that truth can come out we need to be awake just like the Tower of Babel had to come down and spread it out never I'd be in the first first of the Antichrist nothing new Under the Sun never I did it they're just doing it with with more technology and because of the the high technology today it's working in God's perfect timing it goes back to Daniel 12 in the end days knowledge will go to and fro there's that's a dual meaning behind that one is technology technology reinvents itself every six months it completely does a complete a doubling of the technology so because of technology today we can fulfill Bible prophecy right before your very eyes this broadcast which will go and reach twenty thirty forty thousand people in the next week or so based off just the Analects that we can we contract probably much more because our churches in Kenya for example that will show up as one person watching his glory but there's 400 people in the church so it's more than that speaking eleven eleven something brought that up again eleven love it I hit a button today two attacks back to somebody secret text there's a coded text that we do and I hit soon as I hit the button it came 1111 and I had to do with the trust so that was God's confirmation of the trust to it was eleven eleven boom so that's why we do it to make to make sure that the people are waking up nothing new Under the Sun and with technology there are more people that can research it so that's what Daniel clubs all about that the technology will be used to know the Lord we're filling it right now we're in every country of the world you couldn't sit if he couldn't done that twenty years ago the gospel shall be preached from east to west north to south until the coming of the Christ and the second is knowledge of him he's revealing himself through the prophets he's revealing himself through science he's revealing himself through archaeology there is no it takes more faith today to literally not believe in God through Jesus Christ than there is to believe because there's no more overwhelming proof we have that study how to prove the Bible true on our website so if you have a naysayer of the Bible you can go to our website and you can give them that that that teaching and it's from science it's from archaeology it's from Bible prophecy and more to prove the Bible unequivocal that it is true so Daniel 12 is literally being fulfilled right before our very eyes he's using technology as rabbi said the net double pun bringing in people and the Internet bring him in remember to reap watch the chosen we're going we're going to the site of chosen I think in two weeks it's coming up quick coming up quick one of the best shows ever I'm gonna finish up me watching the chosen today too ok so Devon Nunez says he's very optimistic that the Republicans can take back seats and he's very optimistic that the Democrats in California remember there's a revival come to California as we said well he knows that there's voter fraud too so that's almost an unfair thing voter fraud is coming out member Tom Fenton one point six million in Los Angeles County alone that we're not that we're dead one County one point six million and then when we see the exposure from Google and Facebook that they could they may have influenced the 2016 election by anywhere from two million to ten million and they're saying it could be upwards of fifteen million if they let them get away with it they're not getting away with it because Australia is now coming down hard on it was on oen this morning Google and Facebook dozen other things sometimes our sources tell us things and we don't know if they're quite true or not we just tell you what we heard was it two days ago we told you that supposedly that the CEO of Google was personally looking at our monetization of our YouTube site I what I was told as I don't know I don't know if that's true or not it was true and boom only the ca CEO could have turned it on that quick good God made him turn it on that quick but it's reaching more people than you think all right so we continue so we went through the the letter and the recap how we got to where we're at remember there's probably a good good time to just quickly for new followers to tell you about the 17 scandals that we're talking about and how these 17 scandals are not over they're going to come back in a boomerang they're gonna come back in a hammer they're gonna come back as 17 Moab's and it's it's it's still there it's it's starting to break and every one of these alright 911 what you knew about 911 it's coming out yeah it's not it's not true there's more to the story you're gonna know it's starting to come up Rudy Giuliani is working on that he's a lot a little bit out of it out of the gate Benghazi as Charlie Charlie Daniel says every day on Twitter Benghazi is not over whoa Ben Ghazi is not over they did get the information that they were told to stand down Benghazi is far from over State Department pedophilia a State Department's going to be the biggest scandal of all the department's when this is all said and done the Clinton scandals all of them Clinton Foundation weren't tell you what President Trump said about Clinton's and Clinton Foundation yesterday he's taking aggressive first time he said this Clinton Foundation it's not over that's why people are dying literally fast and furious Eric Holder was seen in Washington DC trying to be in disguise why would you be in DC why would you be in disguise Eric Holder just happened to walk by one of our sources literally walked by on the street one of our sources Eric Eric Holder fast and furious this could be fast and furious for him IRS scandal is not over it was just the tip of the iceberg what you saw with Lois Lerner far worse Spygate FISA and don't don't forget unmask unmask is horrendous we know Spygate is true now we know FISA is true now remember seven eight months ago we were time I told my parents this two years ago that there would be a FISA judge that was part of this in cropped the FISA Gate the FISA the FISA the FISA warrants were fraudulent and they looked my mom and dad my mom and dad looked at me like I was a Martian when I told him this two years ago Christmas it's now true that's that's fate coming coming out way back then Wow geez spy gate fighter gate it's true goes back to Obama's feet that's what President Trump tweeted Project Folsom Boris Johnson's getting position to handle Project Folsom remember he was on the project false and Folsom was the United Kingdom spying with Brennan and hammer or Brennan and Brennan and clapper a project hammer is Brennan Brennan that was general McInerney on March 19 2017 I believe it was the first one to uncover project hammer and that's where John Brennan was they were spying on everybody they weren't just spying on Republicans they were spying on Democrats they're spying on judges they were using for blackmail remember project hammers coming back in a boomerang uranium one it's not over asked Victoria Tenzing in Georgia Geneva have you noticed Victoria Tenzing in Georgia Georgia Jennifer lately they got a little giddy up in their step they know what's coming and they said bars bringing the hammer if you who would have saw Joe to Geneva and Victoria Tenzing eight months ago there wasn't a lot of giddyup in their step that changed their whole demeanor has changed because they know it's coming and nothing's going to stop it so uranium one is not done that was part of the muir uranium want he was part of that he's the one that physically brought the samples to Putin in Russia it's not over Federal Reserve it happened you just haven't seen it yet deep state Illuminati is not a conspiracy theory here it is on the CIA website Jena Haspel the CIA director at the at the Trump State of the Union wearing white hats on her blouse logic it's it's when you put all these pieces together you know that it's truth Reagan JFK that stuff is starting a leak – somebody paid the ultimate price for that I had somebody bring that up to me the other day it was a family member and said you do you know what really happened with Ronald Reagan and JFK and I was surprised he knew he knew so that means America is starting to wake up they're waking up to the truth because this person family member I would have thought no way they would ever have known that no way they'd ever known that they knew it so the truth is it's coming out the great giant America is waking up from its slumber and the great giant that should be the church is waking up for its slumber to go out on the aggressive go out with a sword or the Word of God and spread it all over for the coming of the Christ Reagan and JFK the United Nations scandal will be the greatest in the United Nations remember we told you there's two bills in Congress right now one is to diff'ent the fund united nations completely the second is to move the United Nations out of New York and our sources have told it actually this goes back to chuck Missler chuck Missler is the first one that said that there is a there is a place in Babylon that is rumored to be the place the United Nations would go to if they were kicked out of New York City so chuck was the first one I heard talk about that in 2010-2011 or maybe later on 2030 I don't know but Chuck is the first one I've heard that and I've seen the building Catholic Church you're starting to see the scandal the Catholic Church you've seen a little bit of the sexual pedophilia there's 17 ongoing grand juries throughout 17 states right now with Catholic priests it's going to be worse than ever and you saw this starting the tip of the iceberg of what they found in the bottom of bones and the Vatican it's worse than that it's coming out many good Catholics want to make sure it's crystal clear there are many good Catholics or many good Lutheran's that love Jesus Christ so when we say somebody in the Lutheran or somebody in the Catholic did something not right there's bad Orioles and everything but there's a remnant inside every one of these denominations that love Christ and have a love relationship that's the key because the Missouri Synod Synod of the Lutheran Church this week it's the most strict of the denominations they came out with a ruling that said something that we support something of the Bible and everybody's like well if you read the Bible you should why you need to have a resolution to support what the Bible already said that's incredibly mind blowing man is changing God's doctrine there is one doctrine there's not the doctrine of the Catholic Church so it's not doctor there another the Lutheran Church there's not doctrine of the Baptist Church Charles Spurgeon said it best hundred years ago there is one doctrine and it is the Living Word of God this is the only doctrine we need this is the doctrine of his glory people actually ask what is the doctrine of his good his glory we have a seven cradle statement that God gave specifically to my mother and so that you can get that on our website that's the seven Creed statement what we stand for but the doctrine of his glory is him he is his glory he is the doctrine it is his word and the last is the next some abstain and now that's coming out remember we've been talking about these 17 these 17 things for over a year now and now they're you know when we're talking me a year ago now this stuff was really happening it was talk but nothing was happening now it's happening this is a big one Supreme Court made a major decision last night that many people didn't realize always happens on Friday night Supreme Court made a major decision last night around the border Supreme Court upheld 5-4 I didn't say who are the five and who are the four but the control of God is back in this Supreme Court that's just that that's all I'll say right now um the the the the importance of that Supreme Court hearing is so huge it allows it's more than the borders more than the wall remember Q always says that's more than the border it's more than the wall it's a firewall it's it's it's REITs rebalancing the United States given military the control the military is always supposed to have control the cut through the Constitution that's why the president is the commander in chief that's why the finances literally are supposed to go through the article 13 of the original before that's the Civil War through the commander-in-chief that's why President Trump needs the financial football that could only come from the Pentagon that's why the IMF guy who tried to get through our through our our sources through the wrong way no no no no you're not supposed to do that you know about it in that it has to come from the approval of the commander-in-chief because he's in charge of the military military is in control now so you're saying what's that have to do with the Supreme Court Supreme Court yesterday it ruled five to four that President Trump can use the Department of Defense the military to fund the border that just opens up everything everything it's more than just the border the borders a small thing so that gives him the authority now to take a military to build a border Supreme Court has approved that it also opens the door for the last piece of the trust this part had to be done before the trust could be signed off every part of the trust is almost there and so the person that said you know you're talking about the 300 trillion we can't believe that many sources now confirmed the 300 trillion and it's not 300 trillion now that's just a small part of it 63 trillion for the mortgage fraud there's 21 trillion that is sitting in the Department of Treasury somewhere on the set of books that's a fact I've seen the check I've seen the resources I've had it confirmed by three four five sources now and as I told you that my sources who I'm direct contact with says it's more than 300 trillion it is a number that he had to go into the dictionary to look up and these people are not only responsible for this I can't tell you the title of there of who they are because I would let the cat out of the bag but the Wells Fargo is killing there will be a revenge on Wells Fargo Wells Fargo's cooked in the squat August 2nd is either August 2nd or August 3rd is a very significant final piece to that mortgage fraud and I think I mentioned this before they've they set they have set up a pretty smooth way for this to this fraud to get back to the people who are fraud people ask me all the time is a Bank of America is at Wells Fargo it's all of them I don't know of a bank that is did not create mortgage fraud and there was there was going to be some chaos but the last I was told that if there's a smooth process of getting the money back to the people and it would be using yeah yeah it's it's it's it's more than safe was they're gonna say it is using it is using the IRS for what the IRS was always intended to do that's all I'll say when that be great if we got a refund back from mortgage fraud from the IRS the IRS sending you a check instead of oh by the way you were before your fraud here you go Merry Christmas instead the IRS saying you owe money to taxes everything's being reset and it goes back to this again god never intended never intent it's God's money God never intended us to be in debt to the in slavery to the system they created a corporation and hoodwinked us all hoodwinked us all now people are waking up to truth and we don't you wonder why they don't teach the con to ssin in school anymore I was part of the sixteen that's part of the long plan and remember this Z and Q movement actually started with Dwight Dwight Eisenhower he passed the baton to JFK JFK just didn't have the resources enough people at that time to see it through it took all these years to methodically set up to where we're at today to expose and to re reallocate the assets to the people the American people are going to be very very blessed one source I don't know if I've said this before one source told me that the president has a three trillion dollar bottom up plan bottom up plan which I've heard the plan it's pretty cool there will not be welfare anymore they'll be gone the three trillion will be a bottom up so that the people will be taken care of and but teach them how to handle money because we were never taught in school how to handle money we don't we're not taught life school skills you know the average person can't balance a checkbook so I'm don't even know what a checkbook as some believe that if you have checks in your checkbook you can write a check until you get caught and go to jail they don't teach life skills so there are some people when this reset comes will not be able to handle the finances so there's a plan in place to re-educate them so that they can so they can handle the finances they're not just gonna say here you go go go blow it no it'll be a trickle up and there will be a process is what I've been told by two different people and the last number I heard was three trillion just for that so the Supreme Court ruling is crucial for the border and it's crucial for the trust and it was crucial to put the military back remember once we once President Trump made the peace deal between north and south that Abraham Lincoln did not do he did listen to message that we gave he did do that on 4th of July we will tell you that the 4th of July this last year will go down as one of the greatest it's it's the rebirth of America once you know everything that was done so that takes the organic Constitution back to the article 13 that we were talking about and you know what that does to lawyers and he knows that what that does to conquer Congress what are my views on time Tommy Robinson I don't know enough about it I'm smart enough to I'm smart enough to know that I'm dumb enough to know that if I don't know enough about a subject I don't know I haven't done a research about it so I don't know all right so Supreme Court as a big deal big big big deal this will be a huge huge step this was a huge win this is bigger than any win you could have possibly imagined and guess what Mexico will pay for the border they will either through Al Capone or other resources speaking of that in Mexico and the border finally Guatemala and President Trump got the deal done we're glad Amala is going to capture the people coming in and have them claim asylum and there they were they were fighting back and forth on that now you've got President Trump having the Mexican Mexican Armed Forces a 21,000 that was a code 21,000 was a code I think it was serial brain that talked about that code that was a deeper code than even serial brain was talking about do the math where did he come up what does 21 mean 21 what was confirmation 21 something he knows about maybe 21 trillion but just number 21 just pop out of nowhere they think things just don't pop out of nowhere everything is coated everything is coated he knows about the 21 trillion dollar Treasury Jack that's why I mean mission has been put in timeout he was part of the deep stay now he's playing the part logic right use logic the more that comes out the more you just see it's overwhelming okay so Newt Gingrich I met him in the Cleveland Airport there's probably nobody I have not met I always run into somebody in an airport I ran into Newt Gingrich in an airport in Cleveland a few years ago and then I didn't get a real good feel of him he wasn't real warm and bubbly usually the Holy Spirit will give me a feeling of somebody within the first 30 seconds when I meet somebody I wasn't a real good bubbly maybe he's changed but anyway he said that the 2020 election is all about patriotism versus racism you have to pick your choice we're on we're going down through one of the greatest Patriot outpouring that this nation has seen since our Revolution when in 1776 we are America is on a patriotic movement that's why you're gonna see his glory Patriot hats you're gonna see his glory warrior hats people are going back to supporting our troops and showing patriotism into the flag and what it stands for and how our military have put their blood on the line so that we could have knuckleheads saying ridiculous things I won't even call knuckleheads because that's a disrespect to knuckleheads when you disrespect this country you just respect the flag and you disrespect that every single man and woman who put their life on the line so that we could live in the greatest country ever created and God created this country in god we trust' and the Elohim we trust that's why he made America great he made America great because if we can follow the jail Christian values that this nation was founded on we would be blessed and once we start going away from the Word of God starting in the 60s taking God out of the schools Satan working on divorce in the 70s everything goes abortion we're over his way going against God's precepts and Commandments God has to step in and he's stepping in right now Omar Omar Omar zan I make it she's not to make it her days that's not even her name anyway it's not her name AOC when President Trump was talking at because I don't even must say her whole name I don't even know what her name is he wasn't kidding that's not her name it's it's my camera I guess Salazar Sabrina Salazar or something like that Oh Julia Salazar yeah none of them are their real name really a couple of them literally literally there's proof of this now literally were called from a casting call they tell you it's a show you can't make this stuff up that's what people couldn't understand it people could not think you people could not wrap their mind around this corruption because it's too big to chew in one bite that's why I had to be slowly given to people slowly slowly slowly can you see if we were just throwing this a year ago and just it would have been chaos nobody would have believed it now people are waking up the truth truth was the only thing was set you free when you're when you're as with the number two the public relations persons for Adolf Hitler the Nazis it's similar to what the American government was trying to do with the media if you tell a Hughes famously said this if you tell a people a lie a long enough they'll eventually start believing it and that's exactly what's happened and now boomerang we're waking up to truth so Gingrich and that's true patriotism versus racism what are you gonna choose patriotism reverses racism landslide I'm not saying that God's saying that I'm not again it was a president Trump he's our Cyrus we want him to succeed so America succeeds we're not Republican and we're not a Democrat this is the truth my family members that asked me are you Republican are you a Democrat I'm neither I'm a monarch if a Republican does something matter we're gonna call out the Republican of a Democrat we're Americans it's God first Patriots second we should get rid of all parties and just say we are the Patriots we're the Patriots we're American patriots we'll get together what's unite what's unite in God do I believe in God twitter twitter twitter something just got laughs god's got a sense of humor somebody asked me the other day I don't know how you handle those trolls souls so well I said well that's the Holy Spirit but the Holy Spirit come in and now I know how to just go deep then they're gone have we mentioned how great God is yet I just felt the anointing of the Lord just now it is how great is our God how great is our God makes me want to sing that that him how great is our God soon we'll hop praise music in his glory TV studio I think we told you that Chris's wife does gospel does gospel music she's gonna bring her guitar so we'll do it well let her well look she's on YouTube somewhere too we'll have her play a couple gospel live songs so when I was first what my walk with God I didn't really like praise music I was like you know I don't want to hear the praise music I just want guess let's get into prophecy I want to see how this works for the world and the more you get deeper into the Word of God and you see the love the love of God and just as love and then you get more in tune to his rhythm in his music and it changes you from the inside out it changes your heart and my heart now is I love praise music I love it glory to God I've never thought I would ever say I love praise music it's yeah that's I love it oh and to listen to David and the for for for hmm it's just it's so meditating it's just so beautiful oh praise His name the pilot some pilots of Epstein are being subpoenaed on the flights to epstein island there's no order on it's it's it's who is not who is not following who in Hollywood is not gonna fall fall fall somebody somebody sent me a mess suggested a an on Twitter's said that meathead Rob Reiner it was trolling his glory I didn't see it but two people say that Rob Reiner is – is trolling you around Epstein and nexon they know the he who screams the loudest so their subpoena and the pilots the pilots would know who's on the flight or not this is really big laugh I'm told check and see if somebody follows us on Twitter somebody said he he commented back to his glory I saw but I didn't see the comment I didn't find it look at it I don't care what he had says anyway but I do pray for him I do pray that he repents before this it's too late no matter how vile somebody is we pray for that they repent because God does not take the the the delight of the death of the wicked does the second death no matter how vile you've been in your life no matter what tragedy or what horrible things that have been done in a dark and their bad God is a loving God he'll give you a second chance you have to pay a penalty but it's worth eternal life with him we pray for them all we pray for Bette Midler we pray for every one of them not a single one some of them it's too late because they literally have become done demonic and I'm not being it's not a figure of speech it's literal they have been filled with with was Satan literally and if you this is hard for people to wrap their mind around truth because if you haven't seen somebody possessed you can't put it into words you know I always believe before I went to Liberia that you know demon-possession I remember the story of John Hagee had a woman in his church it was demon-possessed and he had to chase it out with the name of the Lord so you hear these stories about somebody being demon-possessed but it doesn't do it justice until you I mean you see TV shows Exorcist and stuff like that but you don't it doesn't really good you don't get the the realness until you experience it I had a woman right in front of me in Liberia right when we were going to baptize people in the Holy Ghost that's why Satan this possessed persons demon up right in front of me before these people came up to get the gift of the of the Holy Spirit this woman with foaming at the mouth foaming at the mouth little foam coming in and screeching the worst screech and it was not a woman's voice it was a man's voice and it was just screeching the most horrible thing and I didn't know what to do other than in the name of Jesus Christ prayed in the spirit and then to Liberian pastors grab didn't you heard that the demon goat screeched away and I want money immediately fell down and accepted Jesus Christ you can't grasp those things until you actually see it with your own eyes and what was the power that brought that demon out of that woman was it was the power of Jesus Christ yeah asked John Hagee John Hagee tells the story as well he didn't know what to do he was a man I didn't know what to do I'm a man but with Christ in you you spake the name and woo it goes so these demons are real and they're they're not to be messed with so as as Jude said about the Archangel Michael the Lord rebuke you it's the Lord that rebukes it's the Lord Jesus Christ who has the power we're just the vessel a servants to do his will okay so Trump really what President Trump really went strong yesterday the hardest I've seen him go against Hillary Clinton the Clinton Foundation and Obama this is not getting enough play president Trump yesterday says he called Fox fake news Fox News is fake news the only one I really kind of watch Hannity a little bit of Tucker Carlson I like Fox Business much better than Fox News I don't trust Fox News at all I'd rather see you again but anyway Trump that needs to love Fox call them out but President Trump actually is in my notes ahead let me skip over this here so the guy keep it and rhythm Trump blast yesterday a true blast he after Obama Hillary and the Hillary Clinton Foundation he said we need to subpoena Obama's records we need to subpoena Hillary Clinton's records and we need the subpoena the Clinton Foundation the hammer is coming they are cooked in the squat and we've told what you know people ask for financially you know financial advice somebody sent us an email about we heard that use recommended Zion oil and oil and gas as a stock no no no no no I don't reckon I don't I don't nothing don't fall financial advice for me let the Lord guide you which we don't recognize or we don't stand behind any stock or gold or anything like that we just tell you what we've done let the Lord lead you I'm not recommending Zion oil gas to anybody that's that's a speculative stock it may not happen I've done it but it may not be for you so we're not recommending Zion alone gas in the gold gold back digital currency that may not be for you it's not a part of his glory if you're interested in the gold back digital currency send us an email at employers glory will show you three ways that you can do it or all three ways I'm doing it and but it's not from this glory and you got to get that investment from the Lord reason I bring up investment is because I was told here is a stock that you should buy okay this is my only stock recommendation this is tongue-in-cheek I was told get stock and depends depends the undergarment because you know what they're doing they are freaking out so the only good stock is whoever makes depends let's just hope it's not part of Monsanto actually if it was part of mine so that kind of be good two birds with one stone alright so they're they're they're buying extra depends a court ruling and a court ruling came out again we're in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah rogue judges court ruling came out implying that bar would have to read that reread act the grand jury information that is a rogue judge it's not gonna stand and goes against the law so you got a judge ruling because of his ideology against the law he's breaking the law it's just this is the days of sodom and gomorrah remember in the Bible Sodom and Gomorrah it was it was the it was the evilness of sodom and gomorrah the bible tells us a lot about sodom and gomorrah but if you read the book of yasser it goes deeper into what truly transpired in in the in sodom and gomorrah god had to have judgment it wasn't necessary it was not that the people were sinning in sodom and gomorrah it was that the society in sodom and gomorrah that was the new norm it was politically correct to be going against god's precepts and commandments and in the book of yasser tells us that sodom and gomorrah the judges were beyond corrupt they were beyond corrupt they were bought now they paid off what was black was white everything was upside down and that's why God judged when the judges were corrupt and the people went against God's precepts and commands of commandments and said this is the new way this is the new society this is the new way to go then it's not exactly like the America as Billy Graham once said I don't really quote really grand much anymore but what Billy Graham once said if God doesn't show judgment on America he's gonna have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah first of all God doesn't have to apologize to anybody he's holy he's God and the reason he hasn't judged completely yet because he's a loving God because we don't want judgment on us because we are all guilty of judgment we all have says we want grace not judgment and we want grace for those people who should get judgment and that's hard to do when they've done some of these wicked sick things but that's the heart of Christ he died once for all Christian those who loved him and those who deny him he died for all and it's our choice to choose so we as Christians have to stand the gap true love relationship if we love Christ with all our heart our soul and our mind what did Jesus tell us love our neighbor as ourselves who is the neighbor he used the parable of the Samaritan they were considered the the most hated of the Jewish people for many reasons we won't get in that today but Jesus is telling us love your neighbor forgive them forgive them we have to forget closing up judge dismissed another rogue judge judge judge dismissed the covington case against the washington post there's still two lawsuits out on the Covington I think it's NBC and I can't remember the other there's two big lawsuits still oh but don't fall asleep on Linwood Linwood if you don't know who Lynne what is Linwood is the attorney representing the Covington kids again in these lawsuits and he had the case isn't over you don't fall asleep on Lynn Linwood this is just a temporary thing Linwood as Sean Hannity said he bet the farm that Linwood will get get justice and he will Harmeet Doan was on Tucker last night she's going for justice you get you get you want to talk about dream team of attorneys you got Victoria Tenzing Joe did jahnava Linwood Harmeet Dillon Jay Sekulow all doing things for to get justice I would say Tom Fenton but somebody told me a lawyer told me I don't know if this is true or not but a lawyer told me that Tom Fenton is not even a lawyer he's just he's done all these things at Judicial Watch but he's not a lawyer I think his partner's a lawyer the other founder of but if somebody knows that's true or not I was shocked when somebody told me that he wasn't a lawyer I mean it doesn't matter but Judicial Watch and you just assume he is a lawyer speaking of Judicial Watch they do a program on Saturdays on Oh a n I think it's called Judicial Watch and it's really really good they've a lot of times they bring on he's not a lawyer he said that in Fox News yeah so my source was right so Judicial Watch does a program on Oh a n and on the in the afternoons on Saturdays so it'll be there today I believe it's a live program and they've had Victoria Tenzing on there they've added Java Devin Nunez I mean it is really really good you want to get up to speed quickly and what's going on real news watch that Judicial Watch on Oh a n that is a great great program I don't have time to do it because I'm supposed to go that I'm supposed to go with the wife today I got a honey-do I got a honey-do I don't like honeydew's I'm sure there's gonna be big mole abs many many huge things happened this week that Supreme Court ruling yesterday was huge absolutely huge we told you yesterday that they're very there's panic everywhere once Durham was was put in place that everybody ran not everybody but a lot of people ran back to Horowitz at the OIG to change the story they know no bill bar and and and in Durham are the two most feared men even more than Trump in all of the United States because they know they will not quit they are going to get justice and I love every time somebody asked Joe to Genoa or Victoria tenzig do you think bill barn and Durham are gonna get justice he gets that little grin I think it's like gray on his phasing his oh yeah and you know Joe if you fall judge and Jennifer I mean he is not I don't think he could play poker because he doesn't have a good poker face when he's disgruntled you know he's disgruntled when he's giddy he doesn't come out real giddy but you can tell me and he's getting I think that was a song pokerface don't tell me that's Madonna Madonna has doing some wicked things we pray Medina repents to have a story about Madonna and Dennis Rodman I'll have to say someday I spent a whole day is that Lady Gaga I spent a whole day with Dennis Rodman one day and as fascinating so I'll tell that story I think I told the story about Tiger Woods and we shut off Tiger Woods phone when I was a director at 80 I was told after I said that it was it was turning the masters we shut off Tiger Woods phone Barry the man oh my gosh actually it was their fault because I am G's fault i mg was the the agent for Tiger Woods they pay the bill when it was 90 days passed but I got the blade now it's God's glory it's his name I'm it's his name on the building so we close in prayer we pray for discernment for our president we pray for our military there on on the edge on the go as president Trump's stating right now he's kind of working or they're working already on if the guy doesn't sleep he's already working on a trade deal with the UK and Boris Boris Johnson good news about the United Kingdom the truth is going to be released to clean they're cleaning up the this I said seven I said seven of our allies spied on us I was wrong it was eight I forgot Italy Italy was one there's eight that have that have spied on us and one of them I said was our friend they're not our friends so actually seven allies Turkey I'll make this unequivocally unequivocally bold as you possibly can be Turkey is not our friend turkey is Gomer and Ezekiel 38 and 39 turkey is a bad Oreo and we got to get out of NATO and we got to get them out of NATO they we're in a pickle because they have our f-35 and they're getting the s400 system for Russia they're sworn destruction to the nation of Israel and we can't stand for that we can't stand for that turkey is not our friend especially under arrogant so don't let anybody tell you that turkey is our friend so we pray for our military we pray for the Peace of the world we pray for the angelic angels to go on their covert missions we pray for Israel the true Israel the visible biblical Israel remember the deep state Israel believe it or not is the worst of all and that will be the last to be dealt with there's a wickedy Israel and there is a remnant of good biblical Israel again nothing's changed Under the Sun it goes back to the days of Israel and Judah there was there was a remanent was good and there was a remnant that was completely bad Oriole but if a Manasseh which is about as a bad oreos you can get Manasseh is the the son of Hezekiah and then we know that Manasseh was alluded to in the book of Hebrews and it's told to you in I believe in the book of Yasir that Manasseh was such a bad Oriole that he sawed the prophet Isaiah in half with a wooden saw but Manasseh repented and God gave him a second chance so God gives Manasseh a second chance he'll give anyone a second chance remember the thief on the cross that said Jesus said that he knew who the Christ was at the last second he said certainly you will be with me today in paradise it's never too late until your body stops breathing once you stop breathing and the soul and spirit leave the body it's over so you got to repent before then and we pray we pray for each and every one of them and we pray for each and every one of you that you may be a light you may be a seed in these end days to a family to a friend and even to a loved one god bless each and every one of you to our next take five


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