Military joins search for homicide suspects in Manitoba wilderness

July 28, 2019

we begin this hour with the latest on that expanding manhunt in northern Manitoba cam McCloud and briars Miguel ski are wanted on canada-wide warrants in the deaths of three people in British Columbia searchers are now getting reinforcements including a military aircraft a Canadian Forces Hercules has arrived in gilliam to join the search effort the small community is where the fugitives were last spotted RCMP have also deployed heat-sensing drones and k9 units with aerial coverage from the hercules and military helicopters the Mounties are searching work camps and multiple abandoned buildings in the area but so far they have found no trace of the suspects CBC's angela johnston is in gilliam with more on the military's arrival as you can see military aircraft now on the ground here in Gilliam landing shortly after noon local time now this military support was called in to support in the search for the suspects Ken MacLeod and briers Miguel ski RCMP have been scouring this area with dogs and drones and even a helicopter but now you can see there's even more support here on the ground people have told us that they are still feeling a bit uneasy people are trying to band together holding community bonfires and supporting each other any way they can the hope here for everyone still is that this will come to some kind of resolution and soon angela johnston cbc news Gilliam if the suspects are in fact still in that forested area surrounding Gilliam just how hard is it to survive there for this many days and even beyond well Les Stroud is the star of the popular show survival man and he knows a thing or two about surviving in the wilderness he joins us today from Huntsville Ontario les thanks for joining us today I'm sure you've been following this story as have most Canadians for most of us it's unfathomable having to survive out in the wilderness the bush like that as we've heard descriptions from the RCMP from the local residents it's been six days where do you think they are how do you think they're managing well the loaded question it depends so much on the variables in a situation like this we've heard from residents or perhaps family that they are quote unquote skilled in the woods in terms of being hunters but that's that's that's third-party acknowledgement of their skills what does that really mean do they do they hunt for one week every year for moose and that's their skill level are they highly trained and they know every nook and cranny and that's their skill level or they weekend car campers and it's just assumed that they must know something because they wear a lumber jacket these are assumptions that are really important in that they're misleading and what could really be going to be going on out there for them the answer is to how well they can be doing depends definitely on their skill level on the kit they have what do they have with them so if this was all a big accident and they're running scared and they have a couple of power bars or something like that it's going to be drastically horrible for them if it's premeditated and they've got things planned out they may have a year's worth of supplies and and then also the fact that that there be this is a manhunt not a search and rescue that all plays into it now we've heard about the conditions I don't know if you've ever been up to this part of northern Manitoba but we hear it's incredibly difficult it's hot it's boggy it's swampy that there are prehistoric style bugs out there that it really can just take a toll on a person what does someone as something like that do if you're trying to stay out of basically civilization and stay out in the woods yes and you know what I wouldn't actually even downplay what you just described it can be horrifyingly difficult to deal with in terms of the bugs in this one the situation with swamp land you know it's it's a mess I remember trying to go one mile that took me seven and a half hours to go one mile because of swamps just coming up to one means a very long distance all the way around and now they're Adrenaline's pumping because apparently they're on they're on the run but again how difficult it can be is going to be mitigated by whether or not this is all premeditated well-planned and they have stuff so for example the aforementioned bugs well that's taken care of if you have a bug jacket simple as that or if they're running scared and that's where things are going to get rough psychology is going to play heavy into this however the movement art and I like search and rescue with every hour that goes by I'm on search and rescue squads and with every hour that we lose weight gets that much harder to find someone now put that into the place of someone who doesn't want to be found you've mentioned the psychology talk to us about that so if these conditions are that difficult and let's because there's so much we don't know for the purposes of this conversation let's assume that they have medium level skills and but they're sort of making it up as they go what would happen to two men we're talking about 18 19 years old accused us from very serious crimes out there in the woods it's been days limited access to food and water what happens to one psychology in an environment like that well first of all they're 19 and 18 years old so in essence we could say they're boys nearly men depending on how you want to look at it depending on their maturity level so maturity level matters a lot when you're stuck in a very challenging situation with one other individual and you have a small group dynamics a two-person set of dynamics if they're a well-oiled team they'll play off each other and they'll go through all the movements they know to do but they're only 19 and 18 so it's unlikely they're going to be that well-oiled which means that the other likely situation is more about getting at each other's throats because something goes wrong it's his fault something else goes wrong no it's your fault and you get that battleground of psychology because they're panicking there there must be panic in their system right now regardless of whether this is premeditated or one big horrifying accident either way the adrenaline will be very gripping and you can't go forever on adrenaline you go a long ways but you can't keep going it'll burn you out sooner or later if you have been involved in these sorts of search operations if you've been assisting the RCMP and other searches that they've participated in how do you move forward it just seems like a swath of forest as far as the eye can see you can't tell north south east west how do they try and find someone as you said who doesn't want to be found well this is a needle in the haystack that is moving so you know that analogy definitely works well in a situation and it's a camouflaged likely needle in a haystack and you know I was listening before I came on and it's this description of what the RCMP and the OPP and the military what they have you can we can say the drone the drone gear the drones and the sheath sensing equipment and the planes in the air ok but they will tell you do you have any idea how much how vast that area is one plane doing grid searches over and over again and these I will say this much these men and women are highly trained they can tell you how fast somebody is moving by spotting tracks in the grass of a swamp from an airplane they they're that good but that doesn't change the fact that this haystack is huge it's going to be covered with mist and I was thinking this earlier that you know and asked the question about whether how the weather plays into this well if you asked me do I want bad weather or good weather if I'm on the run I'm going to say oh I want bad weather because bad weather is going to mess up the people searching for me but it becomes a cover so mists and rain and cloud they've got the military the RCMP the OPP OPP that have all pitched in this is this is a nightmare for them they're very good at what they do the best in the world I think but this still represents a nightmare for unless you mentioned the needle in the haystack in person that haystack might in fact be bigger than we realized because now increasingly as the days go by there is a belief that maybe the two suspects got out of Gilliam then maybe they had help from someone who didn't realize they were helping people who might be in the end accused of three murders so what happens if they're in fact not in Manitoba are not in northern Manitoba then how do you expand the search well that's that's the situation right you know part of expanding the search revolves around trying to get into their minds this is why the door-to-door survey this is why the question of family members and friends is to try to get into the minds of a 19 year old and an 18 year old who purportedly have just acted out his crime that isn't again that's a very full of radicals it's a dark place to try to figure out so that is a big thing is they have to figure out the psychology of what's going on with these two young men now as far as the wilderness versus getting out of the wilderness one thing for sure I've heard a little bit of bantering about well what kind of ways would they survive they're not going to do that they're going to break and enter into cabins and take food they're not building little shelters and or anything like that they're not digging underground trenches there's they're stealing canoes and boats and breaking into cottages and cabins and they may know where all of this is if I'm them probably the last thing they want to do is keep pushing forward in the bush unless they have some kind of immature mentality that thinks this is some kind of movie or some kind of game and I made the connection a while back about you know we remember that the I think I think it was forgive me if I'm wrong but I think was calm mind with it the shooters mimicked the Matrix movie and so if these individuals these young men are mimicking you know fanciful thoughts of heading off into the wilderness after committing these crimes they're fooling themselves and so they will get cold and weak and tired and hungry quickly and yes that's when they'll turn to something more familiar what's more familiar the streets so that and that may be what eventually exposes them okay we'll continue to watch less thanks so much for your time and for your insights my pleasure Lester out of course from the show Survivorman he's joined us from Huntsville Ontario


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    They are gone. The police provided backdated updates and people got confused and lost interest cos answers weren't being given. What a blunder.

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    I think it's also very possible they both are dead

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    Cover up, this whole story stinks of a cover up, those kids probably are just being made scapegoats for something else.

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