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Military Kids Say the Darndest

September 13, 2019

keep us safe he has a gun take care of us I don’t know being with my family we like watch movies together and we like have dance battles sometimes playing on my phone um to be with my dad right now and making slime It’s men and women um putting their lives on the line for the benefit of their country When I was younger, I thought it was like a place where there was like a lot of war. Now I know people just work on computers all day where they fight and protect the country keep it from just becoming um like shooting guns and stuff or working on their computer a school? pizza because I just love it and it tastes very good and I love the sauce probably pizza I like pizza pizza um uh pizza I want to be a police officer or a Army man a doctor a hacker an anesthesiologist action cop I want to be a psychiatrist I want to stay at the house I’m living in now and watch movies

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