July 29, 2019

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I'm doing a military military spouse any questions about military Q&A I'm super excited about this video I posted my house to her a few days ago and oh my gosh I cannot believe the amount of love on that video I did not expect it to get almost 120,000 views that's so crazy thank you guys so much you didn't know we do live on the military base so if you're kind of curious about how we live I have posted a video about that also another thing I got so much love on that video but I also got a lot of negative comments that have kind of put me down the past few days majority of all the comments which are deleted now because I don't want my channel to be surrounded by negativity like that that's not what I want to portray myself as um yes those things in my house that I do not like but yes I'm so grateful for this house you guys have absolutely no idea to defend myself I paid for a lot of like decor and stuff in the house and I think I have a right to does not like it and I don't know just it came to like personal attacks and that's I mean it hurt my feelings you put yourself out there this is like what you get which I totally I totally understand but to show my house and be like oh I want to change this the kitchen I'm I don't really like the kitchen if not that oh my god this kitchen is disgusting me me to move like no I'm thankful that we have a refrigerator we have a stove you know what he means like I said I buy things but I have a right to not like what I did a lot of people want to change things about things that they bought change things about themselves and I think as an individual you have a right to dislike something you know a thing it's just so crazy so the personal attacks I'm sorry if it offended you but for all of the love thank you guys so much we're gonna get in today's video and I'm super excited I did not know that a lot of you guys interested in the military world are marrying into the military world and I'm excited to share that with you guys I I'm still kind of new to all of this Austin's been in for three years now so I have some kind of idea so I'm just gonna share like my experiences I'm wrong definitely correct me so I for a long intro let's go ahead and get started so the first question is how often do you get to see your family with me in Austin we are in Missouri we are both from Florida so not often we really only go in Austin has leave and I can get time off work too because I also work full time so it's definitely hard to get leave to go to Florida for like a week but at the same time it's a it's sucks a lot if you are a family person mean Austin definitely are we love our family so much but at the same time it's kind of nice to be over here because when you do go home it's a lot more special and yes I miss them a lot I'm crying I do miss them a lot and yeah okay stop next question is have you started a military group at your base with other women I met a lot of awesome people here because of my job I am a makeup artist so I try to build relationships on that and that's kind of my group there's also Facebook pages swapping cell pages and we have like a community chat for our base which if you're new to base if you just are interested in hanging out with somebody you can comment be like hey let's take our dogs to the dog park and hang out Kelly asks for both of you where would be your favorite place to be stationed I am really interested in going to Germany or Hawaii I don't think I would want to go anywhere else but those two which something interesting is Austin's first duty station was actually Okinawa Japan and me being like 15 I was like oh my god now like I was freaking out but now that I think about it now that I've kind of experienced here in Missouri like what the military life is I would love to go to Japan but mostly Germany and Hawaii Katie asks house living on base I move it to my house tomorrow congratulations that's so exciting um living on base it's okay there's definitely like little things that you have to pay attention to like our base the speed limit is 30 I don't know if it's different on any other bases because this is our first base they're just like songs that play at certain times where you have to stop you either have to stop driving your vehicle and until the song ends I'm just to honor fallen soldiers and a couple other things but I can't remember the neighborhood's are really nice everybody was super nice I would say be cautious of who you hang around so that's what I would say about base I love living on base up with a speed limit drives me nuts okay is the house you're living in only for families who are military based lol just confused so you don't have to have children to be on a military base but you do have to be married if that answers your question Rachel asks I've heard it's hard to be friends with other military wives is that true not necessarily it kind of depends on your personality if you're very bubbly you like to hang out with people that have a personality different than yours I'm sure it would be super easy there's a lot of different personalities here on base for me it's not hard but at the same time I always have to think business versus friends because I do have a makeup business I guess I would say here on base and I do a lot of the military wives makeup I don't get too friendly with the girls some of the girls I love we hang out all the time and we go shopping together which is really fun so we're I'm really close with certain people but at the same time I always have to remind myself that this is my business keep it professional but yeah I it's not hard you just have to get out there and I said are there any plans in the future of pcsing that you know of yet if you guys don't know what pcsing is basically just moving to another state country no there is not we put in to go to Germany North Carolina but we haven't heard anything we haven't gotten anything so maybe one day I don't want to leave here because of my business and my job is amazing so I wouldn't want to start over like that again but when it comes down to it if we had to move we have to move like it's just how the military works we gotta go what helps you get through deployments the most so thankfully Austin has not deployed yet and the day he does I will be an absolute wreck is that a struggle continuing your career living on base no if anything in my career has shut up so much it's so crazy you I've learned so so much being on this base and just in Missouri in general so definitely not actually helped a lot another girl asks is a hard to let friends on base like is it usually one family that is allowed no but there is a limit on how many people you can bring onto base you just have to get them a pass if they have any like criminal backgrounds I don't think they're allowed on base from what I've heard but definitely you just have to get them a pass and they can get on base for like a day or three days how does Austin's schedule work so a lot of people think that military jobs are completely different than like being a civilian or like just a normal person outside of the military it's actually not it depends on your job so Austin is in contracting so I mean he sits in a queue while Damien works he works seven to four he just does what a normal contractor does and it's it's pretty normal my boyfriend is going to basic and tech school and we won't be able to talk do you have any advice my biggest advice would definitely be to keep yourself busy that's literally the only thing just keep yourself busy writing him every day because they live for that they might not get to write you so much because they're obviously busy writing other people doing their training at first it's like this is going by so slow but honestly it goes by so fast you won't even see it coming so future military spots here what was slush is the hardest part being married into the military I would definitely say being away from your family is definitely hard a lot of people get lucky I'm ready cheering up again oh my god a lot of people get lucky and actually get stationed in their hometown or a couple hours away from their hometown that's really the only thing personally for me if you guys struggle with anything comment down below so other people can actually look to to see what you guys struggle with cuz I would like to know what branch of the military is your hubby in I just recently discovered your videos hi he is in the Air Force Maddi asks did you get married before your actual wedding and did it take long to get the house we did get married before our wedding we got married in signed papers in September so we've been married for almost a year but I kind of stick to the April date because I mean that was our wedding and when I think of marriage that's that's the day that I want to go to Kaitlyn asks do you get nervous with Austin working in the military and love you I love you too uh no but at the same time I think all military spouses have that like feeling in their gut that oh is something's gonna happen but Austin just has a normal job so I don't really I don't really think like that honestly it's we just live a normal life like if we were out of the military I don't get nervous but I would feel like if somebody else's husband had it like a very dangerous job I would definitely think that but being in the military you can't have that mindset but if you respond when Austin decided he wanted to enlist did you take it well he actually had his plan of going into the military ever since he was little his dad was in the military his grandpa was in the military before we even started dating I knew that this was what he wanted to do and I thought it was awesome so I was like I'm gonna be dating a military man how is it making your friends on base with other military wives are any your age no I feel like I'm the youngest person on this base to be honest but my I would think my maturity level I mean it's always been up here rather than like down here I am 19 so it's it's not a struggle for me I actually prefer hanging out with older people a lot of the ladies here are older which I love because the conversations are just so fun will you have your first baby while your husband is still active I don't really know whenever we have a baby we have a baby so it could be if he's still in active duty or if he gets out I don't really want to put a time stamp on it because we're really not sure I want a baby now if we're being honest how frequently can letters be sent so for you sending letters to like basic training all that stuff you can send however many you want I literally wrote Austin every single day not even kidding like every single day I made sure he had a whole page to read but I also only got like maybe three letters back because like I said they are busy they're writing other family members like of course his parents come first it was sad not to hear from him a lot he did get to call me here and there but it was only for a few seconds honestly in like a minute so that was tough phone calls were the toughest thing I remember being at work and I had my I knew that today was the day that awesome was gonna call me and I was at work and like every five minutes just look at my phone look at my phone and when he called me I was dealing with a customer and I was like sorry I gotta go I have to go outside like if I missed that call there's no calling him back there's he's not calling me back so if you're really wanting to talk to them make sure your phone is on because that oh my god I couldn't I couldn't bear to miss a phone call Malorie asks how does housing work – Joe get to look at different houses and pick know whatever house they give you you get you do have the option to turn it down though we actually got offered a house that was one of the older styles like I forgot to mention in the other video not all houses are the same we got very very lucky to get this house we actually turned it down and stayed where we were which we were just in a very tiny apartment and then we got offered this house and we said yes because we I mean obviously couldn't turn it down if you guys seen my video you know why we chose this house well we you know why we didn't turn this house down what was your biggest fear of him being in the military like I said really everybody has that just dark deep gut feeling that oh my gosh something's gonna happen like something's gonna bomb the base and stuff like that which um fun fact if you live on a base there's planes flying all the time like 3 o'clock in the morning you'll get waken up by a plane that literally sounds like it's on your rooftop oh it's the first time I the first few nights we got here I was so scared because I was like like it rattles the house sometimes I have like this fear that oh my gosh Tommy's gonna like 5 fly a plane over this base and bum everything but like I said you can't have that mindset it's just like what you see in the movies you know I feel like everybody's scared of all that stuff but it's not bad it's not bad I don't really have any fear because again like I said he has such a chill job so Paige asked is the commissary cheaper than a normal grocery store do you shop there yes I should I don't like fooling groceries short grocery store and shop there because they have they don't have a lot of off-brands that I like I normally just go to Walmart for my grocery shopping but if I need something super quick y'all go to the commissary I wouldn't say it's cheaper I do think I oh I do think it's tax free but you do have some sort of charge I can't think of the charge I would say it's cheaper but not by much Kaylee asks are you scared for when he gets deployed for him no but for me yes because I'm like his little baby so if he like I said if he ever leaves yes I'll be super sad I mean anybody would be super sad because they deployed six months to a year so I don't know the first few months I'd be like yay get the bed all to myself but then probably halfway through probably be very very sad we have no knowledge of him deploying yet and I don't know when he will the day he does will be a complete surprise because when the military tells you to leave you gotta leave Rachel said what do you think having a kid on base would be like do you think it could be more hard no if anything a lot more easier a lot of the military wives actually are stay-at-home moms you'll really notice that if you live on base or are going to so there's a lot of babysitters on base for sure and honestly mean Austin there's kids in our garage all the time if the garage is open like playing hide-and-seek and stuff it's so cute but so your kid can make friends so easily Ashley s is the military reason you guys broke up in the first place no I actually if you guys watched the house story like the end of it I said that I was kind of struggling on the thought of posting our relationship story because it's so intense and you did permission from some of the people that were included in the story so I asked them and they said go for it but only if I tell only the truth yeah so I got permission from them I'm just my heart's kind of telling me not to post it I just I have to be very careful of what I say but no we did not break up because of the military other reasons completely other reasons we broke up because of which I will one day share with you guys I just have to build up the courage to actually film that video someone said why did you ask him get married so young and what was the purpose for it he got married because we wanted to get married first of all and also everybody that's commenting on like my house tour of Y like bashing me because I got married young I'm air because I am absolutely in love with him I wouldn't change a thing the best decision I've ever made again goes back to our relationship story where I just love him so much and I'm so happy where we are now we've been through hell and back literally ever since we were super little it's like he's always been the one I wanted to marry and so I married him was it easy or I guess okay with your family to get married at such a young age my boyfriend's in the Air Force and we talked about getting married at 19 and my parents slash family did not take it take well to it at all again that will be in a relationship video no my mom was not happy you guys will know why I actually once I told her I said hey I am going to Missouri I'm going to see I'm going to be with Austin the car was taken away from me my cell phone was taken away from me I went I came to Missouri with literally a suitcase and a few other things I I had nothing honestly I had nothing I came to Missouri with $300 I didn't talk to my mom for a couple months actually that would be a whole other whole other video that kind of ties in with our relationship story so yeah I think that's all the questions I know but anyways that was my video I hoped you guys enjoyed it I think those were really all the questions like basic questions that you guys had if you guys have any more definitely comment them and I will make a part two video of this yeah I love you guys thank you guys so much for the love and I will see you in my next video bye


  • Reply Summer Webb July 29, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    Can you hang heavy things in a "base home?" I will be moving soon and have heavy pictures that need a stud. Also we hang our TVs. Can you do this if you patch them later?

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  • Reply Autumn Sky July 29, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    CONTACT PAPER GIRL!!!! it will be your best friend to redo rooms you don't like!! We are in military house #3 and there will always be a room you won't like. (usually the kitchen)
    And Oahu Hawaii JBPHH is the best
    Husband has been in 5 years, currently going through deployment number 4 but he also does constant missions. Deployments do not get easier no matter what anyone says they don't get easier you just learn to deal with it.
    Commissary is a hit or miss sometimes it is sometimes it isn't cheaper. The charge you have is on like plastic bottles. It is tax free.

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    My boyfriend of 2 years is stationed an hour away from my hometown in Germany. He and all his military friends I got to know hate it here. They get deployed more often than in the states and nobody seems to seriously care about them. Despite of that, I really hope you can have some better experiences here once you get to Germany.
    But the good side of it is you could explore many different cities and we have lots of cultural events to go to that distract you from the military stuff. You guys could have a good chance since they actually want to bring more US Soldiers overseas. 😊

  • Reply Radiant with Joy July 29, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    We lived in Germany for 3 years! Our daughter was born there. Definitely, a challenge being away from family.

  • Reply Radiant with Joy July 29, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    Veteran Wife checking out your channel. My husband was in the Army for the first eight years of our lives. Keep up the good work!

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    Girl your story is truly something I can look up too! I just married the love of my life a week ago, and I turned 18 in December. I just graduated high school from Idaho, where we both lived our young lives. He is 20 years old and we met his senior year, while I was in my sophomore year. Now I am living in Kansas where my husband is stationed in active duty. It’s been a crazy ride changing my life so quickly, although… it’s been worth it for him.❤️ We just got our apartment a few days ago and we absolutely love it! Yes, I do feel kind of lonely right now, but with your inspiring message about your life and how it’s been, it really gives me hope. Girl, keep going with the life your living! You’re amazing, powerful, inspiring, and truly heartfelt, and don’t let the negative people destroy your beautiful personality!💛😊 Thank you!

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    Much respect to you! I would be an emotional train wreck without my hubby!! Thanks for sharing.

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    My wife is in basic right now. I agree on the phone call thing. It’s the hardest only talking for like a min just to answer a question or something 😩

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    I’m 19 and married too lol my husband is in the Air Force now and he’s going to do contracting! That’s so cool to relate! Trust me, it’s hard at first knowing that people are so judge-mental about young marriage. But truly, my marriage is between the Lord and my husband so I don’t care what others have to say if it’s negative! Lol I would never take back my decision of marriage at a young age! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    And btw you’re awesome!! God bless you girl!!

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    Thank you so much for this video! My boyfriend is currently doing his DP1 (We are from Canada and he is in the army) and we are not able to talk for 2 months besides for his pay days for a few minutes. It’s nice to hear all of your feed back to all of these questions it was such a huge help and set me at ease.

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  • Reply Autumn Blair July 29, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    My boyfriend is about to be sworn in to the Air Force in a few months & we are planning on getting married before he goes and having a wedding later when we can afford to have something nice… Was it uncomfortable telling people that you were married & then a year later inviting them to a wedding? I've always dreamed of our wedding, but a lot led up to his decision to join the military and it was very unexpected for both of us & I don't want it to seem pointless to have a wedding if we have already been married for a few years. Did you experience any awkwardness about it? Did you tell people in your family about the marriage before the wedding?
    (Your channel has helped me gain a lot of confidence about going into this new chapter! Thank you so much for what you do ❤️)

    Edit: I also saw that you're only 19? I'm 20 and my family is very disapproving of getting married so young. Did you have trouble with disapproval and how did you handle it?

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