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Military Touchpoint Series Introduction

September 13, 2019

You are beginning the journey of a lifetime
as you begin your military service. Successful journeys require planning, reliable
directions and occasional assistance. You’ll be making stops at milestones, known
as touchpoints, throughout your military journey. You’ll receive information and training
during each touchpoint and review how far you have come and where you are heading. You’ll learn about finances at each stop
and have opportunities to perform regular financial checkups so you can reach your current
and future goals. You’ve arrived at your first touchpoint,
initial entry training. During this first touchpoint, topics you may
want to consider for financial readiness include creating and understanding a spending plan,
learning how to read your Leave and Earnings Statement, or LES, reviewing your retirement
system and knowing where to find your on-base resources. You’ll also take a look at the other touchpoints
along your military journey: Arrival at first and subsequent duty stations,
upon promotion, vesting in the Thrift Savings Plan, entitlement for continuation pay, major
life events, advancement into leadership positions, pre-deployment, post-deployment, career transition
and at other required training times. You may have questions or want assistance. This is an ideal time to get to know your
installation Personal Financial Manager or Counselor. These accredited professionals provide no-cost,
personal support with money management including saving, investing and credit and debt management. Reach out to your installation’s Family
Center to make an appointment or visit the MilitaryINSTALLATIONS website at
and select the Personal Financial Management Services program. Remember that if you lose your way or need
directions at this touchpoint or any other down the road, money management resources
are always available to you. Follow the Office of Financial Readiness on
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more resources and tips, and watch for more videos in this
series on the Financial Readiness YouTube channel.

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