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Military Veterans at HCSC

October 9, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYS] JOE: One of the things that the
Veteran brings most to the table is willingness to learn,
attention to detail—to make everything right within
the company. CYNTHIA: So when you hire
a Veteran, you’re hiring someone who has got a good
work ethic and has values… and that goes along with
the company values. JOE: We are looked at as
a group of decision-makers within our core. When we
have an idea and input, people are listening. CYNTHIA: My boss allows me
to be innovative and bring decisions to the table. JACKSON: Veterans are an
important part of our workforce. The leadership experience that
they bring—it’s incredibly valuable on any of our teams.
They make incredibly valuable customer advocates. They can
really help us from a leadership perspective rally
teams around our purpose. In bringing those all
together and giving them a voice just helps us service
our customers all the more. JOE: As a four-year Veteran in
the U.S. Navy, I’ve felt very supported here. We have great
stability within our organization. CYNTHIA: This company is open
arms for Veterans. We have a Veterans Business Resource Group.
We meet every month and then we plan two big programs—our
Veteran’s Day program as well as our Memorial Day program,
where we honor our Vets. JOE: Being there for the members
has a lot to do with the morale of the company, meaning, if we
have the good morale on our end, we’re going to be much more
successful as a team. CYNTHIA: As a Reservist, I am
required to take three weeks off. But my boss is very supportive
of my time in the Reserves. JOE: Forty-four years of service
at HCSC—that’s the first thing I’d brag about me, and it’s a
very good environment to work in. CYNTHIA: My team is my family.
We have a great time, and plus we get the job done. JOE: It’s like the neighbor or
your buddy down the street—always been there, will always be there.
People that are very dedicated to their jobs, and it’s a passion

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