July 24, 2019

alien xenomorph right back there yeah he's he's kind of scary yeah anyway do it today I'm sure you can probably J whoo-ha don't touch me B as I was saying guys today you could probably do that we're gonna be checking out the alien versus Predator mod as suggested by literally eighty you guys we have John Taylor we have Anna Payton Carter Stan John Yvonne we'll all wanted to see alien versus Predator z– in Minecraft because you all want me to absolutely just get destroyed now guys this is an absolutely just huge mile there's new dimensions there's a ton of new things being added into the update so if you don't want to see a second part definitely leave a like on today's video let's aim for like 6,000 million likes and also as you can see there's some blacks that are being added in who's also a giant tank that's being added in a lot of it's sort of like work in progress but a lot of it just like that xenomorph is fully functional and ready to destroy me do you guys that's exactly what we're gonna be doing today banshee hopefully somewhere here yes okay we actually have some stuff that I should be able to use to take these dudes down so let's go test it out can I reload okay there we go let's just oh my goodness what doll okay I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't mean a man oh god oh god oh flip all flip mr. pig holy crap he's gonna eat on me okay I should probably eat ago napple mr. pig yo don't get the pig no not me man alright so it looks like I hold out left click to aim and then I just hold right click in order to just like this dude up oh my goodness the only weird thing is there's that there's no sound effects alright so I took him down ill – eat when they die oh that's disgusting but I got alien foot armor so I guess that's good breeding guys anyway today we're gonna be taking down a crap-ton and when I say crap-ton I mean look at this chest right here there are so many different like mutant creatures than just weird mobs that I'm gonna have to take down today including my best friend at this facehugger so you guys we should probably get loaded up first before I do anything crazy so let's go see what I want to use today we have a smart gun we have a semi-automatic sniper I should probably I think I'm just gonna use the incinerator unit and I'm also gonna use the ak-47 to test this stuff out because I think I'm gonna need something pretty dang strong against these guys so if we check out this chest right there you could say we have some different armors what do we have we have alien armor we have Celtic armor tactical armor I actually think the best armor is the alien armor so let's grab this stuff and I think I already have the boots on well let's put this on all my gosh I look pretty dang cool and it also gives me the most protection so I'm probably gonna keep this stuff and then is there anything else in here so it looks like we have a Celtic spear which I'll try out we also have 15 Marines which I'm hoping don't kill me but I mean we'll find out in just second here and I bet she also gave me some needs so that I can just go like this Bram take that toothpick okay what the it didn't explode up what's up it did give it to the pig all right do whatever but let's go test out these guys so let's get 50 Marines up in here there I go Oh welcome to the party everybody look at that they all have different guns too I think that's a giant flamethrower alright cool it doesn't look like they want to hurt me which is nice hi my name is Jack welcome to the party cool gun can I actually can I have your gun No okay man I mean I was gonna trade him some grenades or but whatever I guess he just wants to keep his gun so let's go see we also later in the video we're gonna be travelling into some new dimensions and also possibly lighting off some sort of nuclear explosion but guys I think we're ready to go I think I have everything I'll use the spear just in case to get close to which try these dudes out alright let's slow we have our nails honest let's just try one xenomorph what does this dude called xenomorph pray Torian now I'm sorry forget the names wrong and all that good stuff I apologize but let's just try us out through to a bang Oh what Thor yo yo get out of like oh my gosh she didn't get out of the stupid acid glue but I mean they did a pretty dang good job they they took him down I think in like 0.2 seconds so let's try the next guy we have a space Jackie who kind of looks like a weird engineer type guy let's go say three two one BAM why are they shooting me guys shoot aliens not me all right they do a lot of damage but they're not the brightest in the world let's try this next one we have a beluga purse sir I kind of want to just like look at it first and see if I can fight it so let's go test it out right there what's up buddy how you doing um okay he's running away though I want to shoot your eye he seems nice like look at that he's just trying to give me a hug all right I'm sorry man I just I gotta take you out room sorry about this I just need to see if you drop acid okay nope it looks like he's good so let's go test out with the next dudes all right we have a runner warrior a trilobite and a beluga morph soon guys there's also a ton of morphs that you can actually use and get from mobs and minecraft which we'll see later in the video but here we go this is a runner warrior adult army oh my gosh these Marines they do so much damage all right let's leave they could take down a trilobite whoa I thought that was gonna be tiny but that was really big and scary holy crap and we also have all this morph right here BAM what's a dude Oh what Thor okay they're slowly taking him down and if you could stop shooting me that would be nice flippin nubs keep shooting me in the butt goodness but let's try what dog yo this dude looks huge we also have the xenomorph queen and a xenomorph spitter oh my goodness I'm not sure about this guy because if you look in my hand he looks like an absolute beast so let's go try him out here we go we're gapping up three two one giant beast oh what the hole he just he killed the pig that was his first guy he killed the flippin big butt oh my goodness yo yeah we lost the Berean gosh dang that dude was pretty dang big but I think the next guy may even be more difficult we have the xenomorph Queen 300 health okay I should I actually probably help these dudes with all yo the xenomorph queen isn't going down with us try the incinerator take that okay I let it on fire let's try and shoot it what the we aren't able to kill the Queen guys okay all right you guys I'm getting the heck out of here I'm not sure what they can't actually kill let's try some needs maybe just work at all no I I don't think we're able to kill this guy take spirit of the face it's working I think I'm doing a little bit of damage it might just you spamming come on come on yes okay we're taking down clicking so fast okay come on yes yes yes go slowly I am clicking as fast as physically possible okay come on come on I'm gonna die my figure it hurts okay come on come on come on we're so close and I used up all my spear ammunition all right dude all right just just go down just please what the the amount of health this dude regains it's absolutely crazy nope nope nope not doing that nope get the flip out of here that dude is super glitchy so he also may have forgot to mention and that this was recently updated so there are ton of like uncompleted stuff that I still need to be worked around at which you might see today and also my game my crash few times we'll definitely see what the heck goes on now next up we have a xenomorph crusher I mean he sounds fun he sounds like someone I go out to lunch with let's see hi buddy yep nope he's dead no no don't walk in douchey this stuff this is acid yes you don't walk in that stuff cuz it's disgusting I know it might smell weird and you might want to taste it but no you just don't yo stop looking at Bessie take out this thing oh what the oh my gosh it almost look like a human this that's just weird no your oh my gosh why are they so dumb I am down to like ten Marines which isn't good because we're not even halfway through with the aliens of the Predators and all that stuff so let's go see next up we have a warrior right here let's just go down to splitters we're all oh my goodness like if these dudes have less than Doh doh-doh oh my why why do they do this huh by the time like I'm halfway done these things I'm gonna be out of guys to help me kill them and then I'm not gonna be able to do it all by myself but uh hopefully bestie can help me out let's go see we have a runner chestburster oh good dog look at that thing yeah let's throw oh oh you just got rekt let's sort of Deacon shark in there as well which all dude this is just weird okay whoa whoa whoa there's ashes right there but this guy oh my god whoa well my sister's in the acid what a No I mean while we're in there we might as well throw a xenomorph drone and also a face hugger which I think this thing actually is gonna jump on my face no no no no no no no what saw ok good he got wrecked by the acid yeah I'm pretty sure the facehugger jumps on you and then just starts eating away at your actual face so don't let them get that close to you because it'll probably hurt just a little bit but next up we have something called an ultra morph whoa what the 230 little don't go kill my dog stop it stop it step yeah that's right nerd all right so far we're doing pretty dang good against these guys looks like we got some extra submarine stuff but next up we have a combat synthetic hi buddy oh maybe he they are you on our team no no no don't touch me all right I think this dude might be on our team let's see him against a hammer peep Oh yep no dude no no okay good you're actually somewhat smart hi guys but next up we have a prude alien or a Fred a lien what the you're just a weird crossover man okay no no don't touch my dudes yeah it's nice kill dude all right so far I think we're doing good except for some reason I was just blinded for three minutes with the your I have no idea Betsy can I get some milk please thank you banshee Thank You Betty let's go see uh what the I have constant blindness all right guess I'm gonna have to spend the rest of the video in game-mode one no but I guess it's okay we'll see if the Marines are able to take them all down all right there we go we have a crap-ton more Marines and let's go see what ales messy put in this just for me all right we have an octa hugger oh my gosh all this stuff just sounds really weird all right there you go boys take down the xenomorph warrior Oh what that was pretty dang easy how about a xenomorph runner BAM yep all right easy next up we have an octal hugger oh whoa whoa whoa whoa get out of it oh my gosh just oh you actually latches on whoa these things literally take out so many guys next up we have a chest burster which yeah you don't guys stop all standing in the acid all right let's see if they can take down this next guy and not stand in the acid that's right I'm looking at you man here you go what holy crap that was fast we have a nod to cook or what the I mean it looks cool and I probably should have put down that many because now they're all dead again but anyway do it next up we have a deacon adult this thing isn't even the final form look at that my goodness that is just weird we also have something called a GU viewing with the Hank surprisingly enough I don't think that dude actually spit out goo when he died but let's go see what do we have we killed all these guys which I mean it wasn't really that difficult I mean I don't know what I'm saying I didn't do anything but anyway next up we have an engineer with Joe yep yep get rekt yes right nerd we also have a royal face honker which no no we could not let that thing get on our Marines look at that you just got rekt alright we're almost out of Marines but we're actually almost to the end of the guys so anyway next up we have a queen chest burster oh okay not super difficult next up we have a pradelio chest burster okay yep they just get absolutely destroyed and then the last one before we get into like the work-in-progress ones is called a bruiser cur yah Chia oh okay oh they're going in on them all the big mistake dude this guy looks like an absolute assassin oh wait can he kill him can you finish them you oh my marine actually took them down all right good job marine army now we have some work in progress guys that I do want to check out before we head over into the brand new dimensions and then possibly light off a nuke later in the video so let's go test all these dudes out now these guys I don't think have any animations or stuff like that but they still should do some damage just say yeah okay so yeah they're not animated but they still definitely look cool next up is a mycelium morph what the what though yo this guy is a tank all right now he also has some really weird-looking mobs I don't even know what this thing is called oh my goodness oh it looks like a weird bird thing alright we also have this Hound right here all this guy looks so cool I cannot wait till the stuff is animated I'm probably gonna check out the mod again once everything's updated we also have this Earth's Uday door oh my goodness this looks like a weird dog gorilla we also have a mutant yatta which oh dude oh my doing this ah that's gonna give me nightmares guys ah bro he just whoa my Marines are doing some pretty good work here like I can't lie I thought the Marines were gonna get absolutely destroyed but let's see if he could take down the Panther more oh no yep they actually took them down all right now the last two are probably the coolest looking in the mod we have a chai rotary morph with the okay Kanna where let's see this guy fly doesn't look like it but I know this last guy can loose is an ender dragon like drag or and it is absolutely huge and it's gonna be a giant boss battle I actually don't think there's any more Marines to take this dude down wait let's grab some more all right here we go grab some tiny little Marines there you go guys attack no no way he's coming Wolfpack Marines move in move in go ahead guys go ahead guys there we go there we go take him down just 400 health but I think they're doing some good jobs okay there we go and yes they actually were able to take him down and he dropped is a pretty cool-looking scale right here for a declaration ba guys I think that is all of you cool predators and all the aliens in this mod but now I think we can go check out the brand new dimensions so I believe there are two new dimensions that are added in there's not a ton of stuff in there but they still defi look cool nonetheless so let's go see the first one is to Varda so hopefully it doesn't crash haven't tested this out yet all right I spawned all the way down there but if I build up whoa this place actually looks pretty dang cool looks like there's trees everywhere there's planets in the sky that almost looks like Saturn let's actually get Marshall some night vision are there any like aliens here so can you come out so oh yeah there actually are what the yo there's sharks there's deccan sharks in here what the heck all right I think that's the only thing that's actually in this dimension but like I don't know how to get back I've been looking around for like a portal back home so I guess I have to use this because yeah it's still working progress looks like there's only Deacon sharks on this planet so let's go head back here we go I think I could just use this portal and hopefully it works alright I think I'm back with the what door heck where am I for some reason I got TP to 10,000 blocks from my spawn so let's head back let's check out the second dimension right here I forget what this is called but yeah I just remember being super bearing let's see it gave me some night vision alright there we go so yeah this is called a Tron and it looks like it absolutely has nothing on it yeah I've just been looking around it's like the past 10 minutes and there's literally nothing it is the same rock formations over and over there's no aliens there's no mobs or some giant bosses in the center it is just straight down of what is this called we have unidentified dirt that's literally all there is on this planet alright guys let's head back into the overworld and I think the correct way to end off today's video is by spawning underground now guys I think the correct way to end off today's video is to try and use this thing called a wrist brace err to activate some sort of nuke so I think if I press e on it and then I do this a fully-loaded should be like number nine and then hit this one once oh okay all right guys I can't move all right I don't really know what's happening I was just gonna leave and go get like a sandwich or something or go take a nap but yo yo what you guys see that right um hello mr. chicken is that you I have no idea what's going on oh my gosh this just is just weird to look at looks like a bunch of tunnels being made with the all the water is landing up oh gosh guys this is not looking good what the heck is happening so much electricity what the nori is spawning in more aliens but whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what is this what just happened I think it just exploded but I don't actually see any explosions ooh there it is guys anyway I think that is going to wrap it up for today's video this is alien vs. predator minecraft if you do to see more be sure to leave a like and give me some ideas of what I can do for some more videos using this crazy mod like I know that there's so much you could do with it so leave some comments down below for some suggestions but anyway ladies and gentlemen I think that it's gonna wrap it up I hope you enjoyed my name is necro jack I'm gonna go find Bessie and I'll see you all back here tomorrow peace out dude you


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