Mini Militia MiLiTian vs KingAnBru 2vs2 EPIC GODLIKE BATTLE !! | Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia #105

July 25, 2019

yeah Gorman I'm butchering your American Papa Galvin are a few today I'm going to try my old intro that I did in 2017 alright guys be with me if I mess up okay so it was like this right guessing I haven't had any what so calves my name is Danny yeah welcome to little shield versus King Andrew today I am gonna do to assist you against militia and real one I don't know why few people come to me and say like he is fake like the masses at the map luckily Melissa Monica though they have realized and with them be a mortal mortal is a very good player he is also a friend of militia and then we have the legendary magician with us you might have seen this kid sometimes in my name means here and there right I used to roast him just for fun nah man GG what did militia under water like militia became you know a path like a strap layer authority on a thermal gentlemen I am he's new has to prove he's not a throw Malaysian is no munition all right guys yeah remember DG first game 1-0 it's time for water like water like is one of my best maps and I have a good chance of winning the shit around like here like munition to the couch di any more Telmo that sub-layer if you know like mortal as iOS pro and having that iOS is like yeah buying a gold seriously that fitted powerful fun gamma recent oh no solid enough take that video don't worry beta don't worry it's me daddy and respect it me I'm a comedian oh shit doll nobody's I'm gonna take that no worries nobody's guys here we have to Khalid that's what you want right here baby come on I know you can do better bro this isn't good enough by the Ithaca but I think I should take down Malaysian instead of fighting mortal right yeah cause I know Motel is too good I guess Malaysia morbid aberration okay Tommy gets you side dude you get any bar suicide Kurt I commit yeah I mean like the verse decider ever born on planet earth this militia society either statically return all that the grenade nice we have blocked this guy time to kill the other guy this is what I wanted I wanted to take down this kid okay he's gonna die well just take him down bro just take him down don't worry lagged out lagged out militia lagged out no worries I'm gonna take this as my friend I don't care like yeah okay mg3 they are the Malaysian left what you know what time is gonna go first two versus one cause I need to win this game guys right a militia to be back in the next game probably we have a good advantage it's not a fault he left right yeah mortal is good player he won't just give up so easily he can actually two versus one s and win it right so we need to be careful like this see headshot baby ethnic are Omni Hills on my Monica Cara player but nah oh boy dude you do I got the sniper now again over he's going to take him down baby but actually pretty good boy I'm not gonna let this shit go away so easily I know I am not being funny Twitter all right cause it's an intense match right you need to deal with it okay so I am gonna be very careful over here okay I mean like super careful ice ice box and a pretty decent map I guess so no one is used to is not specially Malaysia Malaysian sucks at ice box I know it cause I like it enough experiences key that but mortal is like overpowered kid shit yeah I'm ready before I use gift card oh just killing is right yeah I don't know why I got a sniper again like it's ko game sniper to date I'm literally what the heck right now both are on zero kills but a bkzp hahahaha whatever just deal it just did it okay so they ended up splitting that shit up no worries guys you can keep those knifes we don't care we all know your guys are and proof okay you are news okay sorry guys like I don't have anything else please don't rush know he is rushing I don't know why he is rushing you should instead get up that fence and fight stay here just stay here bro bro bro yeah just there you die bro I mean like die oh he's not dying valishia and I stopped running okay we all know your new freaking noob okay so mortal is going to try to come from behind I need to protect magician right now boom that's how we do it tamago need to power it to BA go you do not need to run eternity Ronnie – L got a sniper change the shit around of course lockjaw I survived that merely I don't know none of the mini shorts connected I was like da ta da da da da de to start dude okay so we have any right now I don't want to lose this shit I need to maintain it right okay that wasn't good dude I need that help that baby is around that can give a sniper oh my god what a short medicine bro make it up he died never mind I can't take my chances a chance is whatever you want to say we have more tell Judas and I thought you got a motor bro not today not today beta not today yes yes I need it I kill motor car sir I said yeah yeah ba go there you go buddy go but together Oh a survival on this game is so close I mean like wow okay okay tell them take the sniper buddy shit no medicine beta cuts courier taro for a pure game ready to do something do freakin shit dude shit the team didn't give me a gun Wow okay this game isn't yours pero I'm gonna break the shit open but not let you wear it yes yes get her to get a fighting king angle okay Oh tell em got the lead roof six case for me this game isn't yours birdie King and the wounded go take the sniper god damn it kid what the hell dude you don't take this Mohini okay nobody's guys it's a sink it seems yep don't rush don't rush don't die on me bro they kill them kill them kill them kill them nice you have to tell sleep no I need to say them oh are you live on it live on it that was hard guys but we did it I am so happy to to to to media I could come back in this game like I got six kills I think that was the game-changing point of some shit I don't know Mac company might forget about killing me never mind leave on eight nine eight hmm that's how we do it baby it's 2-2 now it's a close game I got to say that huh okay I'm done I'm not getting a weapon now okay literally I got snipe in the first game and asked about the sniper and that sent me in da thereby he can he put it in there that day stump teammates what else last game of the day okay like what else do you expect me to do right this is the final game and the themes are finished I got the better player this time I don't know how though but yeah those themes like that results will change somehow I guess two maybe who knows I'm gonna play my game now guys okay till now I was just kidding I wasn't really trying but I'm gonna play this game now okay seriously I mean like seriously right it's gonna be a GG son nanana you can't defeat the sniper king after all a get a weapon into Midwich Lance what about si Hayakawa warning I got to say female garagas will be a senior ji give it up come here son come here come here either yes I give you the high ground advantage now you better die okay I got this I got this shit guys don't worry I got it I got it it's in my hands okay slow he's low ass he stuck now that's what I wanted all I need is one god damn great and this game is mine this game is mine you can't take it from me baby just one goddamn grenades H oh Lord it's reloading Wow yeah again bang B who are there are those it's seven seven I told you in psychotherapy toyou dicknanigans a pentacle to beta there is a militia okay gonna change my snipe shit oh shit baby eight eight it's me last okay yeah yeah and why why am i last fuck this game no I mean like fuck it fuck it oh it will hate really to bait a cabbage an elimination Lord what the hell is wrong another way I know Malaysia Malaysian is a runner okay so no he's got finally caught his last death do finally it took us a lot of time together GG's okay DG's look what a trap trap God baby trap card okay this is it son oh I was reloading pepto pills lead okay never mind we are gonna win it never mind just kept keep it like that or take him don't let him bend the ships they were sniper sniper sniper sniper just a just a a don't rush bro don't rush bro he's gonna rush I guess they're now okay did I come back Wow nice game over everyone dies yeah that should be it for this video guys don't know subscribe and join the staff get my battery is dead Sam rocky battery guy have a me and I care if it so GG's GG's be born revolution and his new teammate


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    SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH YOUR FRANDS WILL MEAN THE PLANET PLUTO TO ME ❤ That intro Roast of Shub news is just for fun, don't take it seriously.

  • Reply N.Y.X tree Zone July 25, 2019 at 11:24 am

    Bekar gameplay noob gameplay bhai aisa kon khelta hai I m on colander in cheaf I will kill bhai aisa kon khelta hai itna bekar game play I m wonder itna bekar khela

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    ها خيو

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    bhai beast ki kuch nahi

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    Mortal is superb

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    Did mini miltia added voice chate in their new update????
    @ 7:42 lol

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    Last match song hahahahaha

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    is this mortal real

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    I wanna play one on one with you king. Just wanna try, and i want live😊😊 hope you will give me a chance king.

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    Ye saare milkar humko paagal bna rhe hai madarchod ke bache

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    Beastboy ki copy

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    My king

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    Beast boy shub ki copy

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    Hi kinganbru

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    Beast boy shub copy

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    Is that mortal the pubg pro
    PMIS winner mortal??

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    I play better than u bro lol

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    UE magician is real player or KINGABRU is real

  • Reply Sunil gamer July 25, 2019 at 11:24 am

    UE magician is real

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    5:44 Lmao

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    (Kinganbru when mortal gets sniper in mm)
    bhai sniper chhod de dp 28 dunga

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    Copy of shubham

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    Beast boy ahub ki cheating ki hai

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    Pewnews ka bacha

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