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Modern Warfare HUGE WEAPON UPDATE (Full Patch Notes)

November 9, 2019

It is that time my friends the modern warfare patch is here It’s crazy because this patch this update was more anticipated than the game’s actual launch But the question is did they fix what actually needed? Fixing did they actually listen to the community when it came to all the complaints and constructive criticisms with the game well I am going to let you guys determine that we are going to go over the entire List in depth of patch notes for modern warfare V 1.07 Update and this is the first of probably many fine tuning updates that they are going to do as always guys the PlayStation 4 giveaway is Active all you have to do is drop a like on this video Make sure you subscribe to the channel with your notifications on in the comment section. Let me know Why do you want to win this PlayStation 4 and include your Twitter handle? So let’s just jump right into it The first thing is some free content across all platforms Which you can never go wrong with there is nobody in the world. That should have a reason to gripe about free stuff We’ve got krob Nick farm land which has been added to ground where they needed another ground war map desperately I just hope tanks can’t sit on some Ridge on this one and Shoot house, which is a 6v6 Multiplayer map with three lanes and they also they added Hardpoint into the rotation. They also said that shoot house is going to be a 24/7 mode which will be a mixture of team deathmatch domination Kill Confirmed in the headquarters So that is a great way to kick things off. But now let’s get in to the actual patch notes. What did they do? To make our gaming experience better. Well, we’re gonna start off with the general fixes. Okay This is courtesy of Charlie Intel if you guys want to go back through this, I’ll put a link in the description to their Article backend fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability across all platforms include dev airs in various Performance fixes they fix for a few bugs where some streaks and field upgrades We’re being able to be flown out of bounds without penalty general out-of-bounds fixes were also added Fixed a bug where a player being killed by an enemy with a variable zoom scope would not see the zoom function in The kill camp I fixed for the sim Tex warning audio being heard at the same volume whether in a building or outside We’re going to get into more audio fixes as well in headquarters Players were able to place at a concert and respawn when their team owned that point they have now fixed that Fixed for various collision issues across the map they added UI that shows when XP events are active in playlist menus Sprint and tactical sprint speeds are now back to Speeds in the beta that is something a lot of people were asking for they fixed a bug where the progress of the bomb defusal Can be seen by the team that planted The bomb they fixed a bug that revealed players to UAVs when they fired their weapons Even if they had ghosts in a silencer Equipped and they also fixed an issue Where if multiple personal radars were active for one team and they were both marking the same enemy only one player would see the enemy on their mini-map So those are the general bug fixes now Let’s get into some more specifics riot shield claymores in battle chatter They fixed an issue with a throwing knife and the thermite were not Causing the shield to go on the players back when it was thrown We’ve also fixed the issue where explosive Splash Damage wasn’t working consistently and they’ll continue to find tuned the riot shield This is probably the best riot shield. We’ve ever had it covers you head to toe it was vital using this against Well, it didn’t really stop claymores, but it was vital using it against the 725 now claymores my friends detonating an enemy claymore with bullets is now Non-lethal when you are at full health, so if you are not hurt you haven’t been in a gunfight You’re at full health and you shoot an enemy claymore. It will not hurt you They’ve also reduced the trigger and damage radius and they also reduce the damage width to better match the trigger width So what they’re saying there is the blast radius is not as big if there’s a claymore hiding behind a staircase And you somehow get an angle on it. You shoot it from 10 feet away It’s not going to blow you back against the wall in in theory Okay, and battle chatter, they remove the ability for enemies to hear when they’ve been called out by the opposing team This was a big one. They’ve also adjusted the enemy call-outs so they are never your Operator enemy call-outs now use a more restricted cone at the hip and even more restricted in Aim down sight mode when calculating whether not to trigger will continue to moderate and make additional tweaks to battle chatter That was a big one as well. All right, let’s move on to mounting perks lighting in footsteps They slightly increase the recoil to mounting when I say mounting I mean mounting like mounting on the side of a door mounting on a window seal mounting on a box and I think I’m gonna predict now I think it’s gonna get to a point where mounting isn’t even viable and they’ll look back and be like Why did we put it in the game? That’s just my personal personal thought on it okay perks the only perk they did anything to was yo D it now clamps damage to a Non-lethal amount assuming the player is at full health lighting. This is big a big age big issue You can’t see the enemies there’s so many corners and nooks and crannies to hide and they said continued updates to player visibility in dark windows and dark areas and then one of the biggest issues Footsteps, we all sound like we’re an 800-pound elephant we’ve increased the occlusion percentage to filter footstep sounds behind geometry and adjusted footstep volume at a distance We have another large footstep change coming in the next update which will make crouch and 80s movement significantly choir stay tuned I don’t that one may be good It may be bad because everybody’s walking around crouched with the 725 right now and if they’re gonna be even more quiet that could be a tough one, but they are working on the footsteps and how loud Everybody is so it’s good. It’s good. Okay challenges progression and rank Daily challenges and active missions are getting a full sweep of testing and fixing we’ll have more updates in the future They fixed the bug where the infiltrator challenge wasn’t tracking they fixed for launchers not giving XP when shooting down kill streaks makes the bug we’re planning or defusing five bombs and cyber attack or SMD was not tracking Camo challenge four kills after a reload didn’t give the player enough time to acquire a kill so they increased the time limit on that One and they fixed a bug where your XP required to reach. The next rank was higher than the value Needed now the big one the one that most everybody focuses in on weapons Weapons weapons weapons. What did they do? To change the meta of the game Well, the 725 shotgun was at the top of the list They increased the ATS and the hip spread they reduced the damage range It will not do it will not be as effective at distance as it was and they increased the ATS I’m assuming the aim-down-sight time and the hipfire spread so that is a true and true nerf there all three negative aspects towards where the 725 What so my question you guys is do you feel it get in there use it? Let me know what you think the other one that is the most popular cut in the game right along the shotgun is the M4a1 assault rifle and they reduce the damage range on it and they bumped up a small Recoil increase once again two nerfs, no positives Let’s see if it actually makes a difference. It gets people off of these two guns then assault rifles They increased hipfire spread to reduce effectiveness So close made them where they’re not like smg’s less damage at long range for full auto five five six rifles That’s a nerf SMGs. They increase the movement speed they increased ad S movement speed and a small reduction in sprint out time So basically, those are all those are all buffs three buffs for the SMGs. I knew that was going to happen I even called it my last video. They were gonna do something to the Uzi And guess what? They did the Uzi SMG has increased damage Branch, there you go. Let’s see if this thing is viable for once in its life Can the if can the Uzi get to the top of the meta the mg34? LMG They increase the hipfire spread damage range reduction small ATS slowed down the m91 LMG same thing increased hip spread Small damage range reduction the PKM same thing but a medium damage range reduction in the pistols They increase the movement speed reduced sprint out time increased damage range. Those are all buffs They want the pistols to be a viable Crouch and prone to longer adjust recoil That’s actually probably the biggest thing out of all those notes right there They also updated rule sets for CDL competitive mode And then we get into a little bit of cyber attack in ground war They fix some bugs where people were you weren’t able to spawn in certain places in that tak insert That would have you spawn on the enemy home base, which I actually put a video up about them I’ll get in spec ops That’s how we’re gonna end this pick up Intel and the operations explore for dance to find additional backstory blah blah blah fix scoreboards for displaying incorrect data XP adjustments in general back in fixes various fixes for out of bounds and parachute exploits the respawn timer no longer stays on the screen After teammates are revived fix for an issue where the munitions were not usable after respawning fight gunship they fix for losing your weapons when picking up in Coraci vets can now be unlocked in CP and fix for issues where players could Spawn with their weapons in the downstate it picked up a minute munitions no longer carry over match to match and when responding via the gunship you will no longer be given the tank role selecting a Allegiance operator or allegiance as a favor faction will now properly assign a voice and then some operation crosswind pallet and stuff They fixed they fixed a bug where no UI or indicator of where to go or how to finish the objective is there And finally, they fixed a bug where the default weapon was different than the weapon a player would hold in last stance So all I care about on that one just make it where the game doesn’t crash for me and then we’ll go from there There you have it my friends. Those are the complete patch notes for modern warfare It is a huge huge patch now. Let’s jump in the game and see if it actually did some good you guys Let me know your thoughts on it and I’ll see you soon


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