Muslim-Dalit form militia, Promoting enmity or securing citizens? | The Newshour Debate (22 July)

July 25, 2019

to our debates number one tonight in counties land is gun being promoted to just ward off any threat to life ladies and gentlemen a Muslim trust accompanied by a Muslim lawyer yesterday held a press conference to highlight attacks on of minority communities in India however during the press Keith's briefing came a shocking call for violence mr. muth Parata openly urged minority communities to pick up arms with an objective to combat incidents of mob lynching and violence against minorities claiming it's the only way possible for minorities to defend themselves the lawyer said that they must procure gun licenses at any cost legal and constitutional method which is available communities which are belonging to shuttle castes shall we try in that preference only minorities he's right to self-defense which is provided under sections 96 206 of the Indian Penal Code in fact the Muslims asked families who can't afford a gun license to sell off their property gold and life savings but ensure that they had access to arms minorities Kelly unlock I would say dividend carrying a key ABI Haruka is a verb HK big Hakim teaches every bitch get a B janitor Johanna so subsystems are Ruthie a cake in which is a bitch heavy whoa of need license is a prank right mr. paratha also said that they would start training camps in Uttar Pradesh from 26th of July to teach those who weren't able to figure out how to get a gun license and give them all the legal aid possible training camp to teach people these people who are how to fill up the forms we have to train them that they never crossed the boundary set by law there are no one is denying that there have been cases of attacks against members of the minority communities and yes the state governments have been found lacking in many of these cases but can every single citizen belonging to a minority community pick up guns at large is that really the solution 44 people have been killed in incidents of so-called mob lynching in at least last three years compare this to the rate of crime against women and an average of 3.1 1 lakh cases of crime against women have been registered between 2013 and 2015 does that mean 50% of the population in India comprising of women should also all pick up arms to defend themselves and that brings me to my legitimate question tonight promoting enemity or securing Indian citizens what are these Muslim groups now trying to do through this idea that they have propounded that's the story and that's the big debate that's coming up Muslim Dalit militia that's the hashtag ladies and gentlemen and the debate on the other side you're watching the news hour at night debate number one at times now a super primetime and joining me tonight dr. Suzanne Cho Trivedi national spokesperson of the BJP Ratan Sharda author madhu quichua editor minutiae alia sheriff routine islamic scholar Mehmood Parata lawyer Reuter draws human rights activist but tonight on the standpoint it is dr. Sudan – Trivedi was going to take on Mahmood Parata and Mehmood Parata my first question goes out to you you are a learn it man not only are you a scholar you're also a lawyer who's well-versed in the law of the land that's the law of the land mean that everybody should take law into their own hands and we should have mass arming of people in the name of self-defense mr. mammoth Parata is that how we are going to educate the citizens of India are we going to provoke them now riccati you are trying to twist my appeal which is totally based on legal and constitutional provisions in a different manner but that's your outlook I stand firm in my appeal because whatever I have said I have said with a very heavy heart at whatever I have said I have said it as the last resort when the constitutional and statutory authorities are not performing their duties then our Constitution made by Baba Saab dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar still has got the power then our rule and the law has got power to empower the citizens to save themselves that is what I am saying and I am only asking them to know their law and legal rights and that is they can apply for licences I fail to understand people who to our oppressors people who belong to a particular ideology they are openly threatening people with rituals live with guns they have licensed guns nobody is finding fault in them when I say I want to ask not Muslims but first of all before Muslims Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes and then minority there are other minorities also like six like Christians like BOTS you want to twist it into a Muslim Hindu shoe that's your outlet but what I am saying is also approved by the Parliament Shahrukh a schedule tribe rules rule three one five makes it mandatory or directs the government to give licenses of arms to schedule caste into two types if there is a need now Prime Minister may move Parata so let me get in dr. Suzanne Cho three body dr. Sudan true three body is what mr. Parata is suggesting constitutional is this how law will be followed in this country should only shed you'll catch a dual tribes and minorities carry these weapons for self-defense what about women is that the way to make these citizens secure now recap first of all I would like to say that mr. Mahmoud Parata had no business to talk about as CNST because he he symbolizes those forces where we snatched the right of SC's in a legal Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamia so they are trying to have a fig leaf cover now I would like to say that he has spoken a certain thing he's talking about the Christians six the six have any fear they are a 1.8 percent minority the most Christians 2 percent minority gens 1 percent minority the Parsee is 0.5 percent minority they are not having any fear and the 20 percent the huge minority majority among the so-called minorities is having fear and I would like to us mr. Perrotti ah you are a lawyer and you know that the Constitution is not having the provision of arms it is arm sack from the British time but it says that anybody who's having apprehension or threat of his life can be given a license by the district magistrate so how you will perceive that anybody can have an apprehension of mob lynching can be given it can be on the personal animosity and the personal threat then how can it can be given out mob lynching this is a pure technical aspect which I am asking and if I remove the word legal from your statement it is having exactly the same appeal as eius eius was having in Iraq Syria or Iraq and the Taliban was having in Afghanistan and unfortunately the people are the people like you symbolizes these type of thoughts have taken to this situation in Pakistan Afghanistan Syria Iraq but yeah garbage Oh or at the are corrido or a cubed Unni Xavier oh say kymaro your hands going up and I want to ask you dr. Suzanne Cho three babies charged you are you trying to raise Taliban Isis within the boundaries of India is that what you are trying to provoke people to do since mr. Trivedi does not have anything legal or logical to say he will go on rhetoric I am now telling mr. Trivedi his about mr. Raj not saying there is a him attack started by Delhi police in 2015 for women and this answers your question also no other person then mr. Raj Nath Singh distributed pepper spray to women who completed self-defense program this is what is in principle agreed by Raja and you my dear friends between pepper spray gun and licenses you find no difference between pepper spray and guns listen to me this you know if you had suggested pepper spray me would have loaded you the convey wouldn't know we would have loaded you if you had held some classes for self-defense training to people not because you know ancient yule car said you'd rise and the minority community for what you are suggesting and speaking of of your arms you're suggesting picking up of arms sir no this is not painful sorry I hope you know the different between you 1 go 1 ba and pepper for a keep on speaking and suppressing what I am now I'm now I am saying I am making this call now right away all se Estie and minority people should start carrying pepper spray from tomorrow all right from today you know let us come to Milwaukee motto issuer is insanity changing the victim of law and the Constitution you can't get away with because this widespread you know carrying of ours as he is proposing the changes between one minute one minute mahabharata– from from glands to pepper spray from guns who are you who are you what you said was it about the man is lying is you know everybody is seeing this right played out your comments and the press conference and you laid out your comments outside you listen to Madhu case were randomized I'll have to Louis Rita calm down listen to Madrid yes miss LeDoux casual or my I know that's the only weapon you are that is the only weapon you have yeah I'm glad I'm glad I'm not shooting you shoot Kelly up Kanye at saqqara Nova pop you go okay LFO yes yes yes that is welcome Malika because location this man will not let us speak no we'll see will you please ask him to calm down mister it's my mood barrage calm down mister Mehmood Parata nobody is lynching you nobody is lynching you calm down when you talk of pepper spray it sounds reasonable but when you talk about guns and arms it doesn't you know you can always say you can always say it was an error of judgment yesterday and today you have shifted the goalposts and made it pepper spray nobody is going to nobody is going to gradual that mr. memmer pirata not what I you so what are you saying and so what are you saying so what are you saying now are you sticking to your call for guns are you sticking to your call for guns yes yes okay all right no I have made call for people to apply for licences yes okay all right Richard auction Madhu Quichua what he says he says because first because he is asking people to get licenses it is constitutional respond to him miss Madhu Quichua na Vika this constitutional lawyer is Gina Marc – who was also a constitutional lawyer and precisely with this kind of sinister narrative of victimhood fake narrative over timid Islamists are famous in fulness for creating fake narrative Takia is even legitimate in Islam you lie you cheat you do whatever you fall in that trap when you count 42 mob lynchings to justify or is rage saying they are insecure if you count the number of crimes against Hindus and Christians and Sikhs that Muslims are committing their participation in the crime rate is much higher and in case even if it's a road rage case or a length landlord-tenant dispute they will make it into a case of victimhood narrative even when they are on the offensive so this jinnah narrative of victimhood please don't buy into it if you see their participation in crimes against the communities and the brutality as far as the Muslims are not talking of picking up guns shut up for the mr. Elias roxo Dean I want to I want to give out a few facts now I want to give you a few facts mr. sharafuddin yeah and may I tell you what the Supreme Court has decided in many cases there was the Ranvir Sena the militia by upper caste boonie our landlords its aim was to counter that it's Naxals and the left organizations it was banned in july 1995 the Obinna Bharath also a far-right Hindu group to save Indu isms in aim was to counter aunty Indu forces has been accused of saffron terror a ban has been sought on been a pirate as well but rather than man has been sought Salvage to do the state-run militia part of the anti insurgency ops was banned by the Supreme Court in 2011 and you will remember the rather cards of Hyderabad band disbanded after 1948 so miss Aurelia tcherepnin this country has seen such armed movements mr. Lilley Ashura codeine and all of them as per the Constitution do not have any right to exist today mr. are you trying to provoke me nor here and a driver Gaston in South India don't follow peaceful Joe that was the Queen to therefore this town is Lynch's them oh yes nonsense all your priorities destroyed your argument has destroyed India rotten Shivaji you know mr. dvaraka Venus completely silent on Muslims are attacking Hindus all that he can see here show that today India is my interpretation of the lines that are happening in various parts of the country of the Java be the queen let me begin by putting it very bluntly that this is a call for civil war this is the kind of civil war they hope they win or you can call people mean I'm sorry this is the parliamentary debate we will not use that parliamentary language and mr. sharafuddin you bad you say now please have the decency to listening to mr. de kinshasa as well then you owe him that much voting for BJP a woman husband was beaten up because his wife of eight is my Muslims these are frightened Muslims their maid said you'll catch Idol tribe women in Assam does naked and there is an each celebration art afraid so they are talking of atrocities on sc/st by Muslims and you have got 25 cases since May 23 of lynching of Hindus there are more than hundred cases of attack on in those more violence what do you want to listen they will attack bullets they will attack foolish ways they will attack public property all in the name of right and Muslims they are having a narrative like intolerance 2.0 and here you are new genus getting you know born everyone from some of the other first over supported there if this particular designation now Ebert's a designation how can they ask for their taki of RSS in Jammu Kashmir the guns are given to all all the people are ready to fight terrorism in Jammu krishna district and valley do you want to go and fight there go fight terrorists get your gun so don't try to improve you know a bring in RSS when you have your own vested interest in creating unrest this is a very beautiful design by them to create an atmosphere of hate and violence so they can go to the world saying this country does not deserve democracy they will keep silent till they have they have their own dar al-islam so till then they will keep mr. muth barrage on when it struck me mood where our child I don't know I have a humble request mr. Bharat I have a request for you mr. Murata so instead of spreading day instead of spreading hey you know statistics can be reeled out by both sides Hindus can reel out their statistics as mr. Ratan Tata has just done and Muslims can reel out the statistics as they see it here are people people will see the world from their own races so mr. mammoth Parata I want to ask should we may actually increasing harmony between communities and his creation of how many possible possible through the formula that you have suggested that people or mass start applying for licenses for guns is that going to promote harmony in this country yes if it was received now because my party party Emily said in you peopIe caught in those shopkeepers imagine if you if the Muslim allow me to be here in 2002 they are inviting trouble corner inviting one and you can only suppose you know that I don't I don't think I don't think we should I don't we should incite anybody at this point by trying to reason out I'm trying to reason out with my mood Parata and mr. Mehmed Parata you know a sincere effort is being made out for you to understand maybe there is an error of judgment on your part by asking people to arm themselves Navi Kaji if you give me chance you will accept with my proposal I am and mr. Sharda has already accepted my provision what what proposal I have made in principle he's saying that in a particular situation you can arm the common people to fight terrorism so this is another kind of terrorism that is exactly what I am saying and what I am proposing is absolutely legal C whatever what is happening today is that it is not common which we are talking of which is in India India India India are you saying in India everybody almost sending that selling their property sending their jewelry and buying licenses and house and Su what will different this and if you can you call that a suggestion or logical suggestion dr. Sudan truth remedy is that a logical suggestion javacard doctor Sudan 2/3 by the evil eye really if you are not the only logical point but use number one because you dry mode you know Roger is not replied that where is the constitutional provision in which any person can say I belong to so-and-so community I am having an apprehension of mob lynching so I should be given license no provision now if we agree I will ask a straight question to him I will the biggest and most dastardly culture of mob lynching is started when a mob of thousand people comes with pelting stone on army you say there should be a fine [Applause] you neither can you recommend to people and I want to get in mr. Roy Dhanraj mr. Roy Dhanraj you are a human rights activist mr. Roy Dhanraj you can can there be a provocation of the kind mr. Mahmud parasha in a press conference has gotten into in fact he was accompanied by a cleric of the modulus say Allah my in Maulana calpads Awad who also sat down shared stage with mr. Parata and said let's ask people to sell their jewelry their property so that they can get licenses and arms and begin to you know defend themselves is that how the rule of law operates in any country mr. Roy Dhanraj and by that yardstick what about the human rights of women in this country who may be the most vulnerable section of the society so do you think 50% of the population of India which is women should also pick up ours through a licensing method please don't don't don't complain Ching fucking India with lynchings elsewhere America has many now I'm speaking you're missing patiently to me yeah the question is to me and so I have the right to answer – well another spread over the country the way water put on was the way that it was presented was something which is not right but I say I do so I do support it that how long people let me complete now because when there's a issue with people so that license being issued now what is license being shipped to others why do people carry license to hold a weapon because of safety of security when we have seen lynching happening people being thrashed in the presence of when you're surety of a sonority community you are talking about eighteen percent or 90 percent Muslims you're talking about 2 percent Christians you're talking about 1.8 percent you want 20 to 25 percent of this country to pick up arms even in their license so do you want God gun culture in this country do you want do you want the police stations the you know all the anteater establishment that exists all that will shut down and people will stay in decide themselves how to protect themselves you see so you're saying no police is required what do you want to do you wanted to put ahead and kill me what dr. cilantro Trivedi I I just want to read out a few facts about what the Supreme Court has said the Supreme Court says that militias are unconstitutional and this was stated in its salvager dome order in July 2011 when the salvager dome was banned the first observation the Supreme Court made was that militia endanger the life of others observation to effectiveness of militia not yardstick of constitutional constitutionality observation 3 ultimate rule of law responsibility of every organ of state and state is obliged to provide security to the people of country so dr. Sudan to Trivedi on this I think I think the owners also lies with the state to make its people feel secure otherwise you will have absurd suggestions like the one Mehmood Parata has made that will be made and that will lead to the end of communal harmony in this country you have raised a very appropriate point the logical thing should have been they should have suggested if they are having any idea in the mind that using the modern technology and other things like the developed countries are having and we are also trying to bring it received GPS system and in the advanced cities like Delhi Mumbai you the police is having these type of things should be there on the highway on patrol on the medium level cities so that the police can reach and the shortest possible time to avoid any crime rather than if you are trying to project like this we do humility I would like to us by year bata a job Kashmiri Hindu opet Agatha katana lights and CJ Harrah's epithelia Bo are cannabis are like 18 lakh Maharaja job this Coca massacre Ageha being killed to count mezack you see apologizing simple and very much my cure but I am Mumbai but your muscle monogatari so Toronto it makes sense of Ikea I do not know but what well well the Supreme Court has given its wording and malicious something that the Supreme Court has not found any logic or constitutionality in but ladies and gentlemen should there be a provocation of this nature by those who follow the legal route to actually provoke people and try to fear monger and instill a feeling of insecurity is this really about spreading that kind of fear or is it really about calling out those who are trying to mislead this country where do you stand on this debate is arming Dalits and minorities the solution to find communal harmony or should those who are suggested this be penalized for trying to provoke a society that's looking to continue and maintain communal harmony in this country think about it and ladies and gentlemen before I go and call it a day to day the ruckus continues in the Karnataka assembly while coalition Emily's launched protests in the assembly coming down to the well of the house the BJP is insisting that the floor test be held today the speaker says that HT Kumaraswamy must face a trust wart today but at the same time does not bring the house to order as the heated debate continues also also with fake letters of HD Kumaraswamy is a resignation circulating the drama the Nautica in karnataka continues unendingly will the scene shift to the Supreme Court tomorrow or will we be back in the assembly ladies and gentlemen people of Karnataka don't know because they don't know whether they have a government or not what do you think about this style of democracy good night Romi Padmaja up next with the big Karnataka debate don't go


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