My Navy Separations Experience

July 23, 2019

hey everybody how's it going I'm Jordan I'm going to be talking to you today about what it's like to be separated from the Navy while you're still in basic training there are a lot of youtubers out there who put out a lot of good information about life in the Navy what certain jobs are like in the Navy was like after the Navy people like and Nicky mgtv JT suits people like that are great resources but I just wanted to share my personal experience on being separated from the Navy while you're stoned basic training I was I joined the Navy February 23rd of 2017 I was separated I departed back for home April 4th of 2017 so this happened fairly recently so when you're separated as far as medical separations ago because that's what my experience is I don't know much about the other processes before going to the separations division but as far as my separation goes you go to medical for whatever you're going to go to medical for for me it was because I hurt my back during PT really badly to the point where it hurt to stand that's because I have scoliosis which the Navy already knew about I went to medical they recommended a medical separation so at that point I when you go back to your division and you explained you already sees what the corpsman at Medical had said whatever it was they give you a piece of paperwork telling you that you're being medically separated at that point you're as mopey Oh which is a member of visional staff we'll go through a checklist with you they'll go into your rack you'll empty all of your contents of your rack into your sea bag and in year one and in your backpack they'll go through a checklist with you of every single item you've been issued the reason they do that is because some of the items that you're issued don't end up in your rack once you get to your divisions compartment for example your neckerchief for your dress blues and dress whites all get put into a pile in the center of the compartment on one of the tables and you don't get those until you get until you need to wear them you also have your laundry pods taken back and you have your soap that goes into a in the head so you get all of those items back you put you go through the checklist and make sure you have everything that was issued to you and then you carry all your stuff well the ads mo kio carried all my stuff because I couldn't carry anything because I was limited by duty because I hurt my back to ship five which is the separation ship it's also where temporary holding unit is which is the people who have already graduated but aren't leaving Great Lakes for one reason or another of what they don't have orders they have last-minute legal or medical issues whenever you'll get there you'll check in with the Yeomen at the front desk which is one of the members of temporary holding unit they'll check you in and then you'll go back up to you'll go up to the separations division whenever you can so it could be right away after you checked in after you make your five-minute hey I'm being separated phone call to whoever you need to call or it could be hours for me it was a couple hours because my division was at the Navy exchange asset for the separations division wasn't maybe exchanged at the time that I arrived so they couldn't bring me up there so nobody was in the compartment and nobody can be in the compartment if somebody's in there standing watch so you go up to the compartment and then one of the members of divisional staff known as a uniformed petty officer goes through all your contents of your seabag and everything with you again and take everything that you're not allowed to half-witch into it while you're in separations so that's things like your neckerchief that just got a shoot back to you they take it back again one of your sets of NW use you only keep two and you'll have had three issued you your dress uniforms if they've been issued to you at the time of your separation and sharpies selling kits just random things that you're not allowed to have we're in separation they'll take those back from you now if you're separated while you're in P days and you don't have your NW use yet you will be issued NW use from the uniform petty officer they'll take you down to the sea bag room which is on the first deck and it's where we store all of the extra uniforms and they'll issue you temporary NW use including boots blousing straps shirts everything you need because when you're going around base as a division you have to be NW unless you're departing in ubardi vincit you've already had all your items secured for departure because at that point you turn in your other end of use but at that point they'll assign you a rack you'll go put everything back in your rack you'll stow it the way that you stowed it in your division you can't just throw everything into your rack you stow it fold and stow it the same way and you make your rack the same way and at that point it's basically like being in basic training but very watered down so everything is basically the same you still have to make your rack every day you still revelry it 0/6 every day sometimes 0/5 if you have to go too early Chow you still have taps usually at zero-nine or a twenty-one not zero mind but it's way more laid-back so like whenever it's time to hygiene instead of having like thirty minutes for an entire division eighty-eight person division hygiene you typically have like an hour and there's more people in separations and Bravo steps such as I was and there was about two hundred and something or three hundred something but there's way more heads it's a way bigger compartment so you can kind of take your time a little bit the shower you don't have to rush like before they're still divisional staff so they're still head pio so people still to clean the head you're still going to clean the compartment three times a day it's just like being in basic training but watered down like I said so some of the things that you are allowed to do obviously you are allowed to sit which is not something you're going to be allowed to do when you first get to your division while you're in boot camp you'll have to sit whenever you're not doing anything else you're allowed to stand around and talk because that's pretty much all you're going to do while you're there there's not a whole lot to do while you're on downtime referred to as carrying on or you're in separations you'll be allowed to watch movies there's TVs there's movies there's couches you can chill out watch TV write letters you'll still be able to write letters and everything like that the business day after you arrive at steps so let's say you arrive on Tuesday the next day on Wednesday or if you're out on Friday on Monday you're going to want to go to what's known as a in doc brief so at that point they're going to explain to you what the process of separations is what your options are for when you leave the Navy and they're going to commend you the different re codes but you're not going to know your aria code yet and then you'll get a form that's stating hey this is so-and-so I'm being separated this is my new address where you can mail letters and you're going to mail that home so that way because whatever somebody writes you letters to your division you're not going to get them anymore I mean you will but it'll be delayed because somebody will have to bring it over to chef five so you're going to send home your new address that ship five so people can still send you letters because you can still can't just go make phone calls and texts and everything whenever you want you still don't have your phone or anything like that so you're still writing letters after in doc brief you're going get a 20-minute phone call you can call whoever you want as long as you have a phone card if you don't have a phone card somebody else in separations will be more than happy to lend you theirs it was very easy for people to get some phone cards you'll be you'll get about twenty the phone calls you get to talk for a little while and then you'll go back to the division about a week after you go to end off brief sometimes longer but usually a week you'll go to legal so at legal is when you'll sign all your legal paperwork that has to do with your separation you'll receive your re code your reenlistment code and there's three different types of reimbursement codes you can get you can be an re3 which means you you can reinvest in any branch of the Armed Services you don't have to get waiver you can be a excuse me you can be an re8 which is what i am where you can reenlist after six months six to twelve months with a waiver so you have to get a waiver they're really easy to get from what I understand you just have to submit your medical documentation from separation and they just want to make sure you're not going to die if you go back to boot camp re hurt yourself and then there's also re four which means you can never reenlist in any branch the armed services ever again because you're a up and that's why you got separated or you hurt yourself permanently and you got separated or you have a mental illness so after you go to legal it's pretty much going to be a waiting game you'll usually get a phone call after you go to legal but it's not guaranteed at legal is when you can decide whether you're going to fight your case or accept your separation most people accept their separations for the simple reason that the process of accepting your separation and relisting is usually faster than fighting your case it takes months to fight your case and you just sit in separations those in all those months you still get paid which is good but you just said separations and wait for your case to get fought you don't really have anything to do with it and I know people that were there for months I know one guy who was there for I think 200 something days he was there for almost a year I think he was awaiting Catherine's mask though I don't think he was fighting his case and just because you're fighting your case doesn't mean you're gonna stay in the Navy they can still say no and kick you out so after legal it's because it's going to be a waiting game you're going to sit in your division you're going to field day three times a day which is clean you're going to do everything you would do normally in a division go to child three times a day and other than that you're going to chill out in the compartment on you will have some you will have some recreational time that you didn't have an obviously and a division on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays for the males and Tuesdays Thursdays and Sundays for the females unless exchanged you will go to the lounge which is a room on the second deck or two rooms on the second deck of ship five that has like arcade games computers vending machines with like snacks and energy drinks and sodas a weight room TV with like a movie area that you can just go and play arcade games and eat snacks and drinks and hang out you can't bring any of those snacks and drinks up to the compartment the horrible idea there's these random inspections called health and safety inspections where with no warning a bunch of petty officers will just come into the department make everybody stand on the toe line and and toss everybody's racks and make sure nobody has food and it's a bad day if they catch you with food or if they catch too many people in the division with is a bad day for everybody so at that point or I'm sorry on and then on Tuesday Thursdays and Sundays for the mails and Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays for the females you'll go to the Navy Exchange or I'm sorry Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays for the female squad oh no I'm not a female you'll go to the Navy Exchange which is basically you know the convenience store on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the male's you can only go into the necks or the phone room and you'll be able to make phone calls if there's not another division in there usually you'll have about an hour to make your phone calls you can go into the next and by hygiene supplies don't buy uniform items don't buy the Navy pride gear like all the stuff they sell for graduates that says like hey I'm a Navy sailor or I'm a Navy dad don't buy any of that stuff you're not allowed to because then you can disguise yourself as a petty officer but by just wearing regular navy clothes because they walk around the base like that sometimes and you can go do to everyone and you'll get a lot of trouble actually it's breaking UCMJ I believe to impersonate a petty officer so you'll go to the next you get the one thing that's different from being the divisions you can buy snacks and drinks and on Sundays you can go to recruit heaven which is a big arcade that's in the mix it has like a snack bar and a movie room and a bunch of arcade games and computers and it's pretty awesome you can see that on Sundays pretty much every Sunday unless your division fuck's up and you lose that privilege and then on Sundays you can still go to Chapel you can still do all the same thing you still have holiday routine so you can still pretty much hygiene whenever you went throughout the morning instead of having a certain time to hygiene which you can still only do that on Sundays you can still pretty much be in whatever uniform you want during holiday routine instead of being in the uniform of the day unless otherwise told um you will be allowed to change as a PTA or if you're going down to the lounge any day because there's workout machines down there so you're allowed to change to PD here before you're down there but you'll once of these you can sit at a chapel you can still go to whatever chapel service you want while I was there well as in separations I went to Chapel every Sunday and I played saxophone in the chapel worship band because it passes the time but like I said after you go to legal it's pretty much just a waiting game so I recommend going to Chapel enjoying yourself a lounge doing whatever you need to do get the divisional staff job because if you can because it helps pass the time because you always have something to do because you can be from the time you go to legal to the time that your paperwork gets signed by the commanding officer a burger Training Command or can be it can be a week or it can be a month you just you if you never know for me it was only six days between the time that the captain finds my paperwork and I went to legal because I was lucky but I still got a divisional staff job to pass the time I was a uniform Petty Officer I explained their job before I was actually a damage control petty officer so I actually fixed things and then I became a uniformed petty officer but get a divisional staff job they still have all the same divisional staff jobs you have in your division you still have our clock a rock MA several yeoman actually there's several mas and then there's one hand ahead MA and then you'll be able to pass the time a lot quicker but once you go to legal and then eventually your paperwork is going to get signed by the commanding officer and you can say I approve of this separation everything's in order he sends it up to the commanding officer or the commander of Naval Service Training Command usually a Rear Admiral write notes I think Rear Admiral Evans and then from that point the day he signs your paperwork you will depart seven days after so if he signed your paperwork on Friday you'll leave on Friday if he signs your paperwork on Monday you leave on Monday the good thing about him signing your paperwork on Monday so which he my paperwork was signed on Monday I was lucky the day before you depart you'll go to departure brief which is when you'll receive your plane or bus ticket you'll receive your dd-214 all of the copies of them and you'll sign your dd-214 and you'll receive all your orders for going home and you'll be to briefed on the process you not only that happens the day before you depart or it's a business day before you depart and so if you leave on Monday it happens on Friday so you get that phone call and send it when you're the next you can call and be like hey I'm coming on Monday but you had also called on Friday because you get the call after your departure brief to tell them you're coming home so it makes it really easy because it gives them a couple days to like make plans to come get you the airport at the bus station or whatever now going back to that sometimes you will fly because you everybody flew to RTC RTC pretty much excitin less you live in Chicago but not everybody flies going home when you're being separated some people get a bus it just depends on which cheapest for the military to do so if you live if you like me and I lived within an hour of the airport and I flew flew out from the airport that's right about my house I got to fly home also because I lived in Texas and basic trainings in Chicago you can do the math there but if you live within two or three states of RTC you're probably going to get a bus home you're probably not going to fly so it's going to be a long one and when I say boss I mean like you they're going to give you a Greyhound bus ticket and you're just on a Greyhound bus for like a day now that can still happen sometimes if you live in a really rural area even if you're really far away there was a guy who was in separations with me you left before me who also lives in Texas but he's several hours from the nearest airport and he got a bus and he was on that bus for about two days before he got home so that can happen fair woman but other than that that's pretty much the process of separations it's just basically sitting around waiting advice for you go to Chapel get a divisional job do something like that to pass the time make friends and separations because it's pretty much like Jail but you don't get visitors so it's really good to have friends otherwise you're going to go crazy take advantage of you know being able to watch TV and things like that and don't lose it so keep your compartment clean don't do anything stupid don't get in trouble and it's going to be a lot better for you that's pretty much all I have on separations if you like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe hit that Bell to let you know when I post more videos whatever it's called let me know what you want to see in the future I'm going to be doing probably some more videos at least on the process of like joining the Navy what P days are like because that's what I have experienced and I'm also going to be doing a lot of car stuff because that's what I like to do I just don't really have the content right now cuz I don't have a car or really go to car meets because I just move to somewhere that I don't know anything or about the area but anyway subscribe like thanks for watching have a go


  • Reply Spooky Skeleton July 23, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    my time in seal team seps – 1/10 would not recommend

  • Reply Leslie Brandt July 23, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    also what was your rate going to be?

  • Reply Leslie Brandt July 23, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    where did you go to legal at? where were the separation briefs held?

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    Female SEPS is now called Orange Is the New Black lmao

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    Almost two years I'm still wishing I was there… Wishing o could have gotten through without being seped wishing I was a soldier… In college now…still believe I belong in boots and nw2 out there in the sand box. I feel like I'm a coward a failure, I know not to dwell on the past but it will never leave my memory, what I could have been. Soldier or not id die for my country and country men and women in a heartbeat

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    I was in seps for 3 weeks. It sucks but I kinda miss it

  • Reply Josh Sparks July 23, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    Seps in 2010 was the most boring 2 weeks of my life. Full metal jacket was played on repeat everyday

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    I was Yeoman in Alpha

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    Did SEPS have a blue flag #?? what was it

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    Seps was horrible and cough drops were gold there 😂

  • Reply Trey July 23, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    As for your RE-4 comment, not many people know it, but you can get an RE-4 Waiver. That's for others in this section who may have received RE-4 Codes. Many prior service recruiters may not mention that, but we do process those.

  • Reply Trey July 23, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    I was in Ship 05 when I went through RTC in 2007. The Roosevelt becoming Med Hold must be a fairly recent change.

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    Hooya seal team seps any alpha boys?

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    My son is there now, your video helped me understand what is happening with him a little, it helps! Ty for your service!

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    when i was there the bathroom PO found some suprise jizzzz all over the shower floor. No Tv's for a week bruh. Hell

  • Reply RadioLaPrincess July 23, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    I found this video and it reminds me of when I was separated back in 1989 due to medical reasons. Back then they sent all women to Orlando and yeah I looked for things to do. I was restricted from doing the galley but otherwise volunteered for many things. I wish I had been able to go to Great Lakes as it's about an hour and 20 minutes away and I could have had my parents pick me up. Someone asked me if I tried to re enlist and doubt I could have being I have arthritis. It hasn't affected my life really and rarely talked about it until a few years ago I started explaining.

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