Mysterio Rank up, First Impressions & Gameplay – Marvel Strike Force

July 23, 2019

hey old Tony Bing here hello and welcome back to another foster impressions video from marvel strike force now then our Sun star sex character to look at tonight free start unlock the steam and it has misty neo saw and the video what we'll do first is will woken up some orbs for them will open up some red star orbs and see if we get lucky the air once you've done that will rank them up have a quick look at his abilities and treats and stats and then at the end of the video will show awesome animations and then we'll jump and against Optimus and Nexus 5.9 a great like taking new heroes up against time just to see how they actually go on so let's jump in and get these or absorption first so we have eight of the Mysterio orbs to open a name once we've done that we have 10 of the red star orbs so here we go keep your fingers crossed for a purple here we start off with 55 shots for the pack because rather than being a twin fight punch pack it was ice that 50 pound pack because it's a three star heat oh right crazy amount next to go altameyer lines free for the same place yeah pretty crazy let's keep going anyway usual luck here absolutely horrible bluish as a team we need 45 what was I know saint 145 frozen gold or died I've seen that and the middle to be honest there we go we've got 74 shards and guys probably praying law when you look at average she's there so let's jump in and open some of the red star orbs now it's 10 of their red star robson let's see if I get better luck than I had a moment ago if I'm looking for like a proper came to the wrong place open the knees by the guy a to start by getting out somewhere 5% bonus anything less than 4 star really not much of an upgrade in once trusty there I am first that's a sleigh upgrades that it's nice thanks for 5% knee I've gone up at tier 15 and we go free star former studio no to to open let's go for the final one 5 star star-lord that's nice he was free up to 5 he's tier 15 as well so is the prey a nice death so Waldo know will jump an and more rank up the studio just before we do go in and level them up then we'll have a quick look at their stats and the tree snow for the tree it's it's felons sati ticks we yes that tag once again controller spider base and also sinus – sex so it's just Photoshop to go and we'll have the filled 5 members of that team and regards to has that says hail friend I put into the spreadsheet Comeau and he Dayton has damaged would be an years whale you think got his armor which is on the higher side pervading and wash some so buy an ability that has a be focus and resistance are both negative so we both come out at irritants that's important for our controller and then finally you've got the speed which is a flat hundredth which comes out delete and so what we'll do we'll go and more crumb here model for them looks really nice as always rough exception of ultimate green goblin it's the whole looks pretty odd here we go where was sex I've got a ton of gold Savin up for the mail stones and actually Mysterio I don't know where well be a milestone mechanic divers looking forward to Cyclops or Coulson but it's miss DD or again but as free shards and I we so I won't complain no what we have to do from here is upgrade all their gear so let's quickly skip fast this part so to come up all the way to T and name have got all these abilities our sex with active ones and for for the passive sword jumpin and actually look at the abilities no no they're basic we start wife this is the old one too so I've only got a little sex but I lied up so you can see what it would be at level 7 so if you were to max out your cleaning three positive effects he's got his exception how focused so that'll really help out and that's from a primary target and then you're also attacking the primary target for two hundred and fifty percent damage there we then have mastered of illusion for Thomas to charge you can use it ton number one so this one here you're applying blank to primary target you're getting an assessed from our random sinister sex our line max though you always gain an assessed from a random ally so it's about like they're the star Lord Ultima and then you'll fight off this girl and then you follow up with two attacks after that if this is well if their target is a set e Edel max don't you have a hundred percent chance to ability block them know this go straight away I'm an N and look that the speed on Punisher has speed is ninety Mysterio will go before them he won't blame them you don't actually want him to ability block him because what will happen then is it means you're weak told ton number two to actually use hairs ultimate so when are we it's almost conflicting with each other the the blamed inability block after you use us in turn number one wife we see you against the Punisher the way I'm thinking from what I've seen of vultures cat you can apply a fence down and later on we'll see that Mysterio can apply the flakes or looks like you maybe want to use their offense down and deflate first and maybe even save that's the ton number two but wanted to test that if it wasn't for their ability block then you would almost certainly be using a ton number one the next one we have is the ultimate five times the charge comes fully charged so we've got the option using a special about time at turn number one this year you're attacking all enemies it will be for three hundred and fifty percent damage and you apply he'll block to all enemies as we're also not sure we really of nullifying iron first there so I could be useful ton number one actually finally we have grand masquerade which is that passive so that's one here on spawn you play to deflect the sale for no sinister sex I like so again is mentioned alongside votes Alaska twee the ultimate on Punisher also wife – you gained 20% focus for sale / spider-verse online so it's an Cheston aspire the verse and not sinister sex there so that would give you an additional 80 percent so you're gonna have an exception high chance of any of your cleanses or debuff essentially working finally worthless is where you got a spider Versailles lines can gain 20 percent focus and then an interesting mechanic here on deaf you summon two metal energies let's see if we can see them in a damage don't do it yeah we 260 percent of normal damage and health doesn't appear they jumps up a level 5 so health would be a hundred and fifty percent of normal healthy lucify cuz never actually really make sense and I said some fun we're creating at the moment watch City bro so I'll let you know if we do get an answer but I saw the abilities there you can see as a character SEP to come to that they're setting heroes in the game that we're told back or nest team more comin out so with that done let's jump and now we'll check out these animations once we've done that we'll then take their sign a stuff sack steam as four characters we've got so far up against Alchemist but let's check out the animations first so car use your Nexus Nord here this isn't the shortest reign for the character at all it's just purely to show off the animations first one here the ultimate we've already seen and some promotional videos and looks amazing here we go look at that one of their face look at ultimate in the game of it see next up we'll go for the spatial here so you're applying blind with us this is the one of the chance for ability block as well there we go as a blind curious if you fly around them more when you actually apply that ability block or you are playing ball for the same time need to see that we can get a few more opportunities – the castor but I've got the BC carton next cast on cyborg spray a nice animation no I actually seem far from home yet but from what I can see here that looks quite similar that you're stable so that's really nice let's go for an OB see if we gain two from different here I'm not sure if that was a slight variation there it's great hard to tell with a slightly different camera angles let's go once again here here we go that's a definite one I like that one that's similar to the trailer I believe far far from home and he doesn't move any it flies around fine the beam so go for the Ultima again we've got the spatial to follow up and then we're almost done here animations do always look great really except for when sometimes that here's the my suppose I just fought a rhino there but by and large the animation is build it really nice there we go we use the basic one of two more times here and then we'll jump on off a sinister sex inspire the rest team against Optimus and see how we go on there we go there's that same animation again it's a nice one final attack we'll make it here I'll see what we get okay very nice not a new animation that one's pretty amazing so we're funny Sean not so let's jump into Nexus no no show off the team or use first so here we go they're maker for sinister sex Kaieteur see that shocker green goblin misty Lorraine oh and they eventually you have venom and the back that it was venom our car need you don't have the sinister sex tag but they have this by the verse tag so let's jump in here so puzzle I pray badass having all these characters well they met that looks really nice seen them all together there we go there's your deflate there so we drop an invoke sure and place a venom imagine when she comes out he's coming out and I blast maybe next week or the week after see if we can take down Optimus before by the for tons here start off with this we've got a fence up not maxed out but it's one that if you're gonna run the Sinister 16 you definitely want it max oh yes Hulk okay now I'm sort of messed up there seventy six thousand damage so let's see we've got the heel block we've got the blind let's see if we can apply it with a high focus yet we managed to get it there not really help out she's pretty slow she's next attack is gonna mess we've got quite a few assess it as well actually I was wondering what was gone for a moment there let's go for the ultima on shocker has in-depth reviews coming the exceptionally soon so keep an eye out for that my school for that ability block and the bleed I know it's slightly wasted by the blind here but we'll go for anyway and we'll turn up on rain'll 50,000 that's decent to be honest here we go Green Goblin you Donna damaged when he cast his ultimate because it attacked some filming five times and there's only one target here so well attack a same target multiple times the next stop we're going for the heel block on Optimus just really so we can see the animation again here here we go nice looks really great that go for this here not sure if I want to manage the tikka no it's gonna be pretty close Green Goblin actually you could swing up in a moment here we go that's what's XD foes and damage you'll be turn look at that incredible there's rain all gone don't think we're gonna take them down but it's still fun and see all these characters to get it anyway here we go one more round as long as you don't get beat in here actually opt over spray law let's go for this again here fence up onto Mysterio and Bing Goblin it needs to get that fence up on Green Goblin when you actually cast that ultimate I would be really nice building it lanes up rate timing wise door and as operative don't have think unfortunately that right machine field yeah oh dear so I hope that was fun to the see misty own action alongside the sinister sex once the boat shows out and we have the Phil sinister Sexton then a well take them entity late bless and go up against the defenders and see how we go on and see if we can smash them but as always hope this video has been helpful once again with the YouTube analytics they are still being a little bit weird of the YouTube recommendations even though I've been a lot about weird so please take the time to had a like button leave a comment share and subscribe and thanks for tuning in and I'll see y'all again soon


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  • Reply danilobrrjni July 23, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    Nice to see a character with new animations and powers after phoenix and rhyno having copy and paste animations. He looks really cool. Sinister looks cool they dont look OP and i like this and also look interesting but i dont know where to use. Do you think they have a place in the game ? Im looking forward to use S6 with kingpin.

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    aren't a lot of the sinister 6 guys spider verse though?

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    He looks great, design and animations. And watch the movie, man!!! Keep the epic work

  • Reply LycanVonWolf July 23, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    with prices like that i have to wonder why companies even realize regular games these days when they can just ask full price of less than 1% of a game

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    Thanks for sharing. Glad I saved my money. Not worth the buy imo. Useful verse defenders but there are other counters that donโ€™t require $50.

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    I unlocked him last night since I've pulled RS on Shocker and Rhino. Hopefully my luck continues and I can RS the whole team. They actually perform better than I expected. Should be a fun group. I ran Medic with them. They don't seem to have a good heal mechanic.

  • Reply Rollan000 July 23, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    I'm sad that they made him tech. I was gonna try putting him in my mystic controllers team.

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    Tony, it makes me so sad to see you buying these ridiculous offers and you literally get the worst drops from the orbs you possibly can. Such a shame

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    Great video!
    I was not feeling blubbery.
    I had to pass on this guy this time around.

  • Reply Ketchup Mustard July 23, 2019 at 12:00 pm

    I personally think that Mysterio is the best of all of the sinister six because he has the least amount of city hero anti-synergies, so you can slot him into more teams.

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