National Guard called in to help with Cape Cod tornado cleanup

July 26, 2019

like we're putting a good dent
into it. Two days after twin tornadoes… the Governor… brought in the big guns. National Guard… clearing
trees… block by block. 10:09 we were given a section of
the city and we just go road by
road. 12
11:09 makes me feel good. this is why i joined the guard. Roughly a hundred guardsmen… hit
the Cape… Staying until the job is done. Kindness met with kindness. 12:04 we had one lady
come out with a box of cookies. said she didn't have much but
was willing to offer whatever
she had. 10 That was Nancy Patterson. 15:43 oatmeal raisin. 14:00 leftover from my mom's
birthday party. 05 14:10 thats all i had. i couldnt give them beers and i
didnt have
anything iced and cold so i had
these leftover cookies. Folks… grateful for whatever help
comes. 500 extra
boots on the ground… Including inmates… Helping to finish a week of
recovery… in days. Godsend. i would
go and buy them a keg of beer if
i could right now The
Governor… touring a second day of
cleanup.. Seeing progress came faster than
expected. 55:29 neighbors are helping
neighbors, they really
appreciate all the hardhats and
yellow jackets that they see all
their communities. 35 1:09 just
overwhelming. the kindness of
The Lt Gov… will be back here
tomorrow… to check on progress.. Hoping for federal disaster
money… And for things get back to
normal by the weekend. Live in
Harwich.. SC WCVB NC5.

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