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National Veterans and Military Families Month

November 8, 2019

(playful harmonica music) (camera shutter clicking) – There was a lot of times
that they would see us coming in and we were
fired on, definitely. When flak is coming at
you and my pilot is moving and diving, yes, there
was many, many times I said, “Lord, you gotta
get me through this ’cause I wanna go back and see my wife and all my children.” Those are the things
that go through your mind that take away some of the fear and so forth that you’re in combat. If you didn’t have that type of feeling, if you were not married or you didn’t have a girlfriend or somebody
back there in the States, a lot of people really suffered for it because, you know,
mentally you’re relieving a lot of pressure that way
and it does you real good. – And then the last
thing, I know you said you kind of forgot how to play. – Oh. (laughs) – But if you could you
just play around with it, mess around with it. – Oh man. (harmonica music) 71 years. And you think about my
life as a photographer, you have to give the credit where really is credit due is a wife of 71 years. November 25th, 1943. My precious darling. Maybe I don’t have you
here to be thankful for but I’m very thankful for having such a sweet and loving wife and
what more could I ask for? Of course, it would be so nice to be home and have you and the baby in my arms and cook me one of your lovely dinners. I hope you have a very lovely and happy Thanksgiving
and the children are well. Take care and I hope to be with them next Thanksgiving. We had cold dinners of Spam and spuds and cold tomatoes. Tomorrow you’ll have your dinner and the home is lovely. Love, Joe Renteria. – [Interviewer] If you
could send her a message, if you could talk to her right now, what would you say? – [Joe] Honey, wait for me. [Interviewer] And what do
you think she’d say to you? – [Joe] Hurry up. Don’t waste any time.

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