Navy Chief accused of traveling hundreds of miles to meet minor he met online that same day

July 25, 2019

an active duty Navy chief is accused of trying to lure a fourteen-year-old girl to have sex with him Travis deal is assigned to the USS Philippine Sea at Naval Station Mayport Action News Jax is working to confirm a picture of the sailor detectives say deal met who he thought was a 14 year old girl on an online chat group but it was really an undercover agent the report says he told the teen he quote never did anything like this before especially with someone your age and said he was nervous he could get in trouble detectives say it didn't stop deal from driving more than 260 miles to Sarasota which is just south of Tampa to meet up with the teen for sex deal admitted to investigators he sent a nude picture of himself knowing the girl was 14 Action News Jax tried stopping by deals listed address but he lives on the base so we couldn't get to him

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