Navy Day celebrations take place in St. Petersburg with an opening speech by Putin

July 28, 2019

shit comrade sailors enough was earlier was not happy [Applause] comrade sailors and officers happy navy day [Applause] rasuu generation was drawn a was young for universe go a floater stress regeneration masala was young oh yeah Namaskar floater [Applause] stress to generation Australia was young why animal school floater [Applause] this shape has modern artillery and torpedo weapons as well as high-tech the communications equipment and an engine which allows the ship to go as fast as up to 30 knots it's fully autonomous this main weapons are the the 500 basil missiles Moscow and Barak these two are the flagships of the two navies of Russia now we are in for the Navy aviation coming in they have started from different airfields standing on the weather they are to arrive to the meeting point same time at the same place showing their supreme skills and competences so the very responsible work and a very hard thing to do such preciseness both president of Russian Federation on board ace dark King [Applause] well at ease but what girl gives horribly I love the st. George flag of the ads of battleship it's about to be presented and center square sees the Asian the historical relic of the Russian Navy send Georgia slag of the battleship is off battleship as are banded by captain first rank Lazarus claimed brilliant victory over five enemies ship it was written in he knows memoirs like the whole hell broke loose during the battle Oh equipment no impossible Eastern was almost destroyed completely however the shape claimed the victory and Hema from booty now tannins is a special merit during the battle after the one Crimea these three were to command the defense of Sevastopol according to the decree issued less than the battleship as of was awarded with the st. George's flag for the utmost audacity and Ravello for sailors and officers now this is a symbol of courage perseverance and tenacity of the Russian Navy the honorary guards are approaching the Western power of the Admiral and Fortis today these flag of the as a battleship will be again flying high above st. Petersburg in memory of all those who sacrificed their lives and devoted their lives defending the interest of the motherland well at ease President of the Russian Federation Supreme commander-in-chief of the Russian Armed Forces Vladimir Putin common sailors Makati officer Midshipmen officers and admirals dear veterans citizens of the Russian Federation today we celebrate the Navy day of the Russian Federation this day is celebrated by the whole of our country today we pay tribute to all those who throughout our history serve Russia serve Russia today near our borders and far away in the FARC's we have similar parades several more scleral stocks Sebastopol astra hun and baltic and of course st. petersburg right here it was here that the young russian fleet first appears for his first battles that was the point from which the explorers of old said after to explore new lands and this was the place where many of the great commanders were born many of the incredible discoveries in biology geography were made the Russian Navy contributed a lot to the development of the Russian science and today among the first eight week where new hardware developing their world military and engineering machinery only this year the Navy is to be supplied with 15 boats and ships coastal forces and navy heavy we equipped as well as the naval bases had been modernized texte yes chief paradigm star you Navy ship today the newest frigate Gorshkov has spent five months crossing as many as four oceans traveling around the world our Navy ensures national interests security of the Russian Federation is capable of giving response to any kind of hostile actions the most important thing here is the training the skills and competences of our seafarers who are truly devoted they are standing until the end all the challenges they are ready provides their life for their ship for their people and for their motherland as it always was true for anyone to billion the Russian fleet with Mercury 19th century when they face the the wellmy forces may be defeated they never bow the Slava and the waters of the 1917 capital of Russian Federation during the Second World War I remember as well as the k-19 Korea who save the world from terrible tragedy in Soviet times and this happened today with the so in the Lawrence in the barren sea people will remember always the feet of the Russian sailors and officers address every member every Navy sailor and officer I would like to thank all of you sailors Midshipmen offices and admirals for remembering about our traditions and about the way it has always been done here thank you for your tenacity courage bravery your valour thank you for serving the Russian Federation you're our motherland the shipbuilders skills of officers and admirals brought great honor to the Russian Federation we'll do our best to maintain that high status usually our best to work for a long term perspective building the kind of fleet that would be strong which would best fit a sovereign state of Russia I have no doubt that this will be true and we have what it takes to guarantee that we have the people and we have the capabilities to look into the future as more than eyes trained personnel we are ready to go full speed happy Navy day and glory to the Navy of the Russian Federation hooray [Applause] and the sheep's already entering Navarre a couple of minutes they'll be parading through the river of Navarre this is one of the greatest and most beautiful rivers of the Russian Federation at the same time his most unexpected River full of surprises for any ship willing to sail through it yes different with speeds of the current and the weather here in the Baltic region is also changing with Somy winds changing directions all the time that creates a whole new environment for navigation in these difficult conditions the parade is going to take place these ships are different in size in speed in the kind of engine powering them as well as in the way they are navigated here we have a number of diesel-powered water powered ships they differ in their specifications and in the light of all the difficulties such as the bridges and the twists of the river they will be traveling at a set distance all according to the schedule through the river of Navarre there only time they have to correct any possible error is seconds milliseconds which demands high professionalism and atma skills from every crew member of every ship and vessel and the new part of the parade is starting the anti sabotage boat Nahum Ovitz with the Russian flag on it with the yarn now him of Scouts on board named after the great commander naval commander and the flag of the Russian Ministry of Defense is carried by the end tie sabotage boat with the members of the patriotic club on board today in Russia hundreds of clubs like that united by the devotion to the motherland and the next shape in line is Billa Moria keyring st. George's flag named after this saint a pistol under the first chord this flag is a symbol of the chivalry of the navy it reminds everyone on the Seas about the long time traditions as well as their duty to defend the country this flag is supremely important for any ship it is born with that flag flying high and it dies with that flag flying high the historical part of the parade is opened by the Peter the Great's boat this small boat was the first boat build in Russia it gave the start of the whole of the Russian fleet many great geographical discoveries as well as breakthroughs in geography and biology start it with that boat all of it started with this boat and the next ship its smell type our to the regime they belong to the Caspian flotilla the artillery ship with the 15th God's flag flying high approaches the stands and the 71st separate honor regards fire caring ship this brigade was the first one to award it will be status all the special honor regards flag who the layer dream command and military feats until remote coming next on the novel seas to the black sea fleet this brigade was first created 1942 they participated in the defenses of Kerch navarro seas they participated in the liberation of Romania Yugoslavia Hungary in other countries they stopped only one we reached drag and the next boats rapture type boats are commanded by captain second-ranked and let's say our ending first patrol boats are coming along distance these units fought in the defense of Stalin garage their motors they helped to eliminate both memory hardware and personnel of the enemy but second [Applause] and the best crew of that boat is now carrying the next flag of its regimen the creator of the anti special of boat now coming along that belongs to the Northern Fleet and the next sheeps coming through other boats which are used to help both vehicles and personnel to land on land this capable of traveling as part of the 30 knots on board the ship there is the main unit in the ranks of the Russian Marines and not armed vehicle btr-80 the next boat is carrying the self-propelled artillery unit these units important many military conflicts proving their high capabilities and profound pacification they can destroyed by military vehicles and fortifications alone an S part of larger units or regiments right before it the anti-mine boats are coming the experience ii volvo showed that any fleet which is wise to be powerful needs many anti mine ships modern ships of that type are equipped with the best kinds of rules and sentence and raiders also they are carrying 30 millimeter jewelry pieces these shapes can detect all kinds of minds at almost all kinds of depths Pawel tariffs shape is next in line it traveled over 15,000 nordica mines and was named after head of the first – division pavel henna who participated in the battle new crunch that that man saved over 200 people both military and civilians before in the defense of legend ago at 2:00 the next of the parrot line is the ma anti-mine boat of the new generation called uber hub was designed by the Elmer's Bureau captain my silky Pasha dive this shape opens a new page in the history of Russian anti-mine activities it's equipped with view man and an unmanned capabilities which allow the ship to detect and destroy mines even before entering the mined area and the store mines both in the water and on the sea bad it is unparalleled in terms of its facial features and specifications this man to be used near the naval bases at a distance from the main from the mothership as the whole body built of composite material and the first serial ship of that kind even Antonov his next in line it's captained by Sergey pivoting it was named after the famous sniper of the Baltic Fleet who fought in second world war hero of Russia even and torna this shape is a component by non men boat which expands military capabilities of the anti mine boat it has already passed all necessary tests and after the parade it will be transferred to the Black Sea for further service the crews of the anti-mine ships train on a regular basis almost every day to hone their skills and competences and the next shapes the missile ships of the Baltic Fleet headed by the missile ship motions Monia type blood into the first division of the missile ships captain of the ship is Sergei Boris and the captain third-ranked it's meant to destroy enemies ship transports and personnel vessels as well as boosting the air defense capabilities of Navy divisions Russia is the first of its kind country as regards building small missile carrying ships which has revolutionized the way maritime planning of strategic and tactical is done the next shape the son captain of the shape is Vladimir present sir these shapes are between the small missile boats and large missile ships osa aim the air defense capabilities are used to defend with shape any kinds of incoming threats it took part in over 40 operations was on duty traveling across the waters around brochure participating in many exercises and military games and the last shape in line is the first cereal small missile boat Soviets which is a new type shape constructed and designed by the Alma's engineering bureau on board the ship there is an adapted version of the unmanned aerial vehicle Orlin tan captain of the ship Uslan your cart is equipped with the high precision vertical launched caliber type missiles capable of targeting both Navy targets and ground targets it's also equipped with air defense equipment this is crunch start place truly symbolical for any Russian sailor the whole history of the Russian fleet is connected as tied with the city the parade is open by the strike group of the missile brigade of the Baltic Fleet had all the information is true Vasya ship captain of the ship are JumpStart cough captain third rank this boat is meant to destroy ships transportation and personnel carrying vehicles of potential enemy and the next ship at a small missile boat leaving captain by Alexander rising full speed is 35 knots the distance allows it to travel across all of the Atlantic Ocean which is four thousand miles on board of this small shape they're up for launching shafts for missiles throughout its time of service it participated in 35 expeditions of the Baltic Fleet hearing out over 60 mildred using expeditions excelling and every military exercise it participated the next shape our or enjoy headlight konstantin karpov Kazan is headed by Alexander larger show these sheeps are man to find submarines and destroy them independently or as a part of a larger group ensuring anti-submarine and the new natural shapes are coming in line added by Natalia Kazakov this is the main shape in its line 2017 we joined the Black Sea Fleet this boat ship is meant to patrol the territorial waters of the Russian Federation tolling its exclusive economic zone preventing any pirate activities helping those who are in emergency as well as it can be used to convoy ship groups is capable of caring here in helicopter them doctor the hero we socialize labor beep up this group of shape is represented by the top of the line which shapes I started at the northern shipbuilding Enterprise URI some of out of the first shape in line this is the first new shape designed and constructed for Russian Navy by using the composite materials which help to enable Stiles capabilities this way the ship is almost invisible homing systems carries both Tillery weapons air defense systems which are capable of targeting as many as 16 incoming missiles this is the most advanced air defense system I was kind in the world this multi-purpose misael line several mores these are the anti-submarine ships capable operating both near the coast and in the oceans these large anti-submarine ship similar mores served in the northern parts of Atlantic Ocean the Indian Ocean part of the aircraft carrier who also participated in the determining and operation near the coast of Syria launch personnel carrier added by Antoni pooling these large personnel carriers are the main parts of the Russian fleet that particular kind is meant to transfer personnel hardware and cargo those that can be used to deploy mines to carry humanitarian aid helped you evacuate people from emergency areas can carry as much as 700 tons of hardware several hundreds of Marines and the last but not the least large diesel powered submarine for lollipop das these type of submarines a man to target both submarines and surface ships well as they can deploy mines carry out we can use since activities low noise submarines most advanced to the communication equipment is capable of going the speed of up to 18 knots the depth of up to 350 meters and the next shapes to join the parade are the shapes of the Chinese Navy first shape see on asteroid movie Pacific Atlantic and Indian Oceans arriving to st. Petersburg to participate in the main naval parade Russia this misael miss Sora has joined me northern fleet of China 2015 this is the sixth hip in its line carries in artillery weapons as well as vertical launching the shops anti-ship missiles its air defense systems are capable of targeting any kind of incoming new Silas it's speed is up to 30 knots the next shape is Indians privet called zircons these figures was the fifth one of its kind it was constructed at the entire shipbuilding facility the captain of the ship is captain first rank schottische was a dare his biggest carries all the necessary beep abilities such as vertical launching parts brahmasmi styles they were designed jointly by Russia and India traveling to the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean to come here to st. Petersburg in a couple of moments the aviation is to arrive they may be air forces are being actually modernized these a crowd disobeyed in many traditions and music exercises training and protecting potential enemy submarines ships in the aircraft and the air forces are starting their part of the paraded this part of the parade is opened by the transport helicopters me8 NTT the next helicopters and the aerospace about the parade are the ship based helicopters Kate a okay 8:28 major Alexander do love changes had of these three helicopters a group of these three helicopters these are the legends of the name air force's anti-submarine feel time aircraft Konstantin harder is out of this group of three and the tactical group on a patrol aircraft a 15 who competent by three highly maneuverable Vitus su 30s and the tank Aircraft Company I see you 30s and fighters now above the parade and the last but not the least by the anti-submarine aircraft dude 123 component by as he 33 belonging to the Navy Russian Federation these are the biggest strategic turning purple airplanes of its kind mounted from fighters meet 29k these group of aircraft headed by major barking frontline bombers su-24m belong to the baltic fleet equipped with new targeting systems out of the group evgeny cosmos the boys key and the last part of the line su-25 colouring the skies in three colors of the Russian flag the main parade 2019 is over glory to the Navy of the Russian Federation wandered guards interest Russian Federation in the country and the people themselves prey you liked it i know god yes another nice day maybe I'll visit you later goodbye and have a nice day and you T happy navy day at the navy day at the Navy Day


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