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Navy sub officer thrives at Olin Business School.

November 10, 2019

I was in the Navy and one of the things
I needed to get done was go get a graduate degree and I started looking hard at the kind of graduate degree I wanted to go get and in researching it I kind of thought that
the best transition out in the civilian world would be something that would give me
some business skills. I looked at the business school rankings and Wash U is uh on the list and getting higher every year. The Yellow Ribbon program was 100 percent so it covered the
entire tuition with the G.I. bill. The other thing about Olin that I
really liked was the class size. I had 140 people my class uh that’s the same size as my last
summer in-crew and I almost spend as much time with these folks as I did with the folks on my submarine. I think one of my biggest concerns about leaving the military was the fact that I was delaying my job search for two years. And, that couldn’t be further from the
truth. I think that uh everyday has been part of a continuous job search. The Olin Veterans Association reached out to me right away. We frequently meet over a lunch with a local business leader and they tell us about their business. They tell us about job prospects. It’s a great networking opportunity. When you come to business
school as military officer you have all that leadership experience yet it’s kind of humbling to walk in with the
folks there here’s the school because they’re all exceptionally sharp people and most of them were a lot younger than I am but they’re all great leaders in and of
themselves and I’ve learned a lot from them. I wanted to go get an MBA so I
could further my career opportunities. It has broadened um my opportunity
significantly of the internship that I have it’s a job that I would have never even approached if it hadn’t
been for business school. So, I think that uh MBA is already a value add. That
understanding of a business and how you know how you make money uh and how you conserve money is is vital and so the MBA was a good step.

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