NEW 2019 Russian Military Ration Review Things Have Changed !!!

July 29, 2019

I was going guys Nathan made this MRE and stay with a very special ration this is a Russian I was told this military ration but I have my doubts about it and this is a individual diet let me back up a little bit individual diet food it takes a second here she takes a second in daily ration and then here's the manufacturer and everything is in Moscow this is a little bit different camouflage just has like a digital camouflage don't have not but seen this actual ration before this is produced in 2018 I'm not sure the month on that it is many number one you can see here a real quick assessment of it or option number one and the seller or the personnel here we go here we go so 115 2019 is made in January so that 2018 does not coincide then we have 115 in 2021 so this is produced this January so overall pretty fresh should be very interesting it has a few different menus in it I was just translating on the back of it and I can't wait to get in it so let's see now this particular one does not have the resealable seal it does have a tear notch on the bottom which seems to work pretty good hopefully this thing is okay and nothing's busted it that's the only worry with any of these type items and something is busted in it that's not good that's not good and I getting the smell coming off of it that's not good so let's see what is busted that is not busted but it has stuff on it that is leaking something I'm gonna get a towel here and it does smell very rotten I'm not so sure this is the one actually leaking though I wiped a few things off here no I don't think it is smells like rotten onions to be exact yeah give her a little squeeze this is not the one leaking I see what's leaking first of all those crackers are still good let's go ahead and unpack the rest of that moist towelette which I have not seen that kind before which we're definitely gonna need with this one we have what looks to be some vegetable caviar I want to get the old how'd you get the old translator out here and swipe on this one because this is not normal I think it's a chicken pate we have three packs of crackers they're all unarmed team or moist towelettes we have three packs of sugar and here is the one that's busted and that is meat stew with potatoes leave that set right there we have some salt we have some looks to be creamer which is weird to see don't think it's gonna translate that weird to see one whose rations we have a drink I've not seen before this is a little bit different interesting I'll translate it some apple jam have a coffee have tuber tease I like so much three spoons definitely have to wipe those off if we use it we have some matches our little stove some pepper and let's go back over here to these and I'm gonna translate what this is exactly buckwheat with beef pearl barley kasha so yeah fortunately this was the menu that is uncommon so we'll keep on going here just gonna leave that bad boy right where it's at and we'll close that back up with the flip the napkins in it and that I'll take a quick quick trip to the trash can alright so real quick here let's go ahead and open these bad boys up or heat him up it's out here Gary thinks sanitize I usually use Windex on this head lies a little bit of mone and it usually kills all the bacteria without destroying the labels and that was the buck way with beef looks pretty decent yeah like buckwheat has a perfumey kind of smell to it once it starts getting some age on it it doesn't really ever go bad that has a little bit of perfume smell to it and uh this is the pearl barley with beef it smells a little bit perfumey I mean to eat that you have to be okay with that I'm perfectly fine with it but a lot of people is turned off by it and uh if anybody's even buckwheat you know what I'm talking about there's our pearl barley that thing smells absolutely perfect all right let's get these heated up let's get everything else assembled on the tray here and we'll keep moving okay so let's go do this drink and like I said I have not had this one before all the writings so damn small on it is very difficult to translate it and it might be the same lemony drink usually it is I'm trying to get it open here without spilling the damn thing it's really a package that brew the silly was telling me that all the Russian rations are not gonna have that de Xiang content anymore of the beef and this one doesn't have it I mean I don't know the guy said it was actually military so it's really hard to tell the smell on that let's dump some water and see our mains are almost done so we'll try to move this right along there's that for a go any further gotta sanitize interesting little napkins have not seen those before you didn't see the package really good there it is it smells like a little bit of alcohol some wiper utensils off first case you got TVs all being in that package on that bus it main I don't think they did but bumper little digits off and here we are let's go ahead and give this a little stir publish it a wipe pressure off the whole spoon offices the whole thing is in the box huh it's not gonna do any good and wipe the top of it off the bottom of it off there we go okay use the forum where we got comm bug even those rash and not come for them but I will solver tries for him sir coffee better hot water right here nice freeze-dried and our favorite tea a favorite tea that a lot of Russians I don't think like too much but us Americans do so it's different taste I guess I guess if you had it all time you might care too much about it some nice hot water we'll get that going and so grab the mains they're done all right let's start off with these mains first first we have the buckwheat porridge that's probably to go out to put on the tray will shovel some out of here and put it on the tray I'm gonna melt her down it's good enough out of here to taste none of this stuff ever goes to weigh something we always eat stuff putting the frigerator usually the neighbor comes over mom comes down here or whatever and uh if she's home they'll buckwheat porridge or as we call it kasha I'll tell you what it is very tasty the kasha is not very strong the book what he's not very strong yet the perfume level is pretty low it's very nice very moist heated will through but it's always better to have that to Shanker that beef juice to put on it and that's what we're lacking right here but as far as kasha this is highly rated I'm very nice all right the pearl barley I'm just gonna take a slab out here the moisture level is perfect on this ration and that's probably the freshness of it you can see there and it does look like kind of Honey Smacks cereal right the the grains of pearl barley in it okay all right it's a lot more milder tasting like I said the content the moisture content is right on on this very excellent very excellent recipe on this one well we do you have to add to it a little bit the vegetable caviar hello and we're having do that before we're just gonna be a little bit this action and not even risk it this one is a lot more orange looking I have one these before I had a lot more carrot in it and we're just give a little stir here and take a bite and see put a smell I don't know I mean this that one tastes weird to be honest with you that one tastes like it's full of onion I can't quite pick that out what is it taste on that usually they're different so getting from cabbage okay so that's the kind of weird sauerkraut tasting boldness to it um it's not a fan of that one I like almost anything but that's a little bit too pungent too potent then once you get there have a lot of carrots or zucchini or real mild real nice and here is our chicken pate good lower look at that it's like somebody squeeze that out of a tube but a clean spoon here but look how fluffy that is it's probably it's almost like whipped cream is so light a little bit of seasoning in it a little bit of salt and pepper maybe a little bit of Bailey flavor to it a super mild it's very very good and maybe some of the best pate I've ever had be totally honest with you that's bright the crackers are very nice see they're not really hard at all hmm [Applause] probably some of the freshest crackers have ever had to be honest with you they're usually they're hard and like no matter what they're hard right this one's not one thing this ration is missing is chocolate for dessert except this it's a real mild lemon drink similar to the older apple or citrus drink it's just super mild though this evening it's not hard at all it's more sweet and tart to be honest with you not too bad though not too bad at all let's go it in that one last stir couple it of some of this tea real quick and the tea's getting dark it's about time for the teabag to come out I'm still raging hot though it's a really mild nice tea nothing harsh about it whatsoever super super nice so here is some apple jam let's see if this is actually more the jam or more the apple butter formation here you can tell by looking at it we squeeze it out or get a piece I'll just ease up an apple butter will look more like applesauce and this is the apple jam she looks more like jelly the crackers are impressive though they're really tender very nice toasted very well hmm I mean overall the rations really good we got to try this coffee yet you know it's not like I haven't had this before and I'm not a big coffee guy but the Russian coffee is always very nice well not always that's what brand it is this one's very mild not acidic at all there's nothing worse than taking a sip of coffee and it's really harshly acidic this is not that way at all interesting very interesting ration it's gonna be it guys for the 2019 Russian IRP they classify this as a dry ration not really sure why that is if you have the chance to get your hands on one go grab one I can't even tell you where even buy one at things are so hard to purchase right now everything is upside-down I hope you like this video I really enjoyed it thanks for watching guys have a good day you


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    I really enjoyed this review Nathan.

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    Hey Nathan what is the Smallest Military as in personal and size have you gotten rations from.I’m assuming that the smaller the Country And Military the harder it would be for them to make their own rations without getting it from another country that has similar cultural taste and environment.

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    Nice ration Nathan. Damn about the third main. You are really into the tea. Thanks for reviewing that top secret ration

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    Great video. Looked appealing

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    In my experience the official versus the commercial the official has a chocolate bar and more cold drinks. That's about the only difference. The tashsonka was only one third meat, the rest was fat and grease. Very tasty though. I didn't get to try any kasha as raccoons got into my work shed ate every thing. I ordered six French rations and customs removed all the meat items but fish components. I don't see where basically a canned item is a threat to our country's plants and animals as it has been processed. I do know that fresh meat importation from a number of countries is not allowed as it is cheaper than the domestic meat. Profit protection. Nestle sells purified tap water from a city water supply for a dollar a gallon at Walmart and they aren't an American company. Alot of laws on importation protect our producers and not our consumers. Case in point a hundred percent tariff on French wine in the past. It was to allow our producers to get competitive. How ever losing my investment because of a law I am not interested in doing it again. I just was interested in what other soldiers ate. From now on I will be only a watcher and not a sampler.

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    Looks like cat food.

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    I’ve only seen those armiskii galeti biscuits in military rations, so it may be genuine. Pity about the beef and tater stew being broken. Also a damn shame they don’t have tushenka in rations now. Once you get used to the high fat content, it is delicious. Great for a harsh Northern European winter as a concentrated source of calories. That tub of pashtyet looks to be twice the size of the old one, and no cheese, either.

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    Does anyone know if those metal food containers can handle being submerged in boiling water and heated without the lids coming off and ruining the contents?

    I ask because I use one of those Russian/Polish army mess tins and while it's an option to scoop the contents out and use the mess tin lid as a saucepan it's less hassle just to eat straight out of the food pouch.

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    Thanks for the review!

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    I think Nathan should add a disclaimer, for entertainment purpose only, no food products for sale from this channel.

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