July 25, 2019

free weapon crate claim this free weapon crate for a guaranteed mk2 weapon from reserves and two other items all right suit we give man it's a free one it's a free woman see we get out of this I got the Koshka very uh yeah never gonna be able to use it on my count but that's cool I guess alright guys welcome back to another do on the channel so just real quick I'll let you guys know I'm running off an hour sleep so I may not be the most entertaining entertaining entertaining person in the world in today's video and hope you guys do understand that for just some reason I don't know why last night I couldn't fall asleep and just it just is what it is video is that being said we have a brand new melee weapon in blackouts four minutes took me an hour to copy the update but we're finally on the game let's check it out man we got this triple play bundle right here for 2,800 cob points alright so I just got the cob points actually purchased this so what you actually get this bundle is a homewrecker melee weapon you get a weapon crate as you guys seen earlier you get ten cases and then you also get ten tears I mean in the grand scheme you think it's not a horrible deal but for you guys that don't care about mailing it's just I still think it's worth it man the reason why I'm getting it is because my channel is based around melee weapons as I'm sure you guys want to see the brand new melee weapon in-game and I know a lot of you guys are gonna buy it so you're definitely be clicking on this video because of that reason but I just I honestly feel bad for the casual Cod players that don't spend money on this game like there's just like no chance of you getting this without dropping a shit ton of money on the game and that's just that's just a bad thing in general man so let's go and purchase it like I said in other videos I literally make my money back off of this it's not like I'm sitting here droppin 30 bucks and I make $10 off a video you know I give my money back on that that's why I buy it and plus you guys want to see me use the new new melee weapon stuff why'd you have to swat the mk2 Berrien okay so you have to automatically open these so anyway just go and put the demo hammer on our class and check it out man we'll just change his money bag class I guess you know it does look sick it does look cool but um wait I had the street race camel what did I get this I have the streamers for melee weapons what did I get that oh it's good stout on the demo hammer wait they gave me the street racer free dude I'm gonna take that shit trust me oh my God thank you oh my god to hammer his biggest shit oh yeah I forgot to say this um for all you guys that are wondering when I'm not playing bare bones it's because I want to make its own specific video on the channel there's a lot of changes when it comes to knife in that mode and I kind of want to test a few things out so if I'm making my own specific video on bare bones probably tomorrow so be on the lookout for that anyways this hammer looks badass I'm ready to smack the shit out of people with it okay that's the animation I'm pretty sure there was a clip where he actually unloaded ammo into this melee weapon wait what they explode what the hell can I even use this on my account bro you literally kill them and they explode into a million pieces bro that's fucking bad-ass no freaking away hopefully it doesn't explode and kill other people because that's gonna be pretty bad but hopefully it doesn't I don't know if it damages you oh okay thanks teammate for completely taking my kill that's COI yes yeah technically as since it's an explosion could it kill you that would make sense wouldn't it okay that time it didn't explode okay he definitely exploded into a million pieces bro this thing is badass this dude's using a farm shotgun come on get out of here man no nobody wants to do what you bro can you like reload is there any way to reload okay yep I despair to chicken on the wall oh shit he actually picked it up as some okay he's got his own okay I'll see you bro oh my god you just got you've down buddy get out of here but what this er kinda reminds me of is iw how they actually gave melee weapons perks like some would be like extra gory something like you know make you run faster stuff like that I think that's really freaking cool for melee weapons and this was kinda like do you know the extra gory one dude fire shotguns man I hear freakin shotgun so yeah I just left that last lobby um se side there we go try it dude see sighs the trademark of every single one my videos if there is at least one seaside gameplay it's not of these knives only video you know yeah I wasn't dealing with the fire shotguns in that Lobby that was just trash but this made the weapons bad as though man I like it I really do alright I'm sure you got the animation one more time to see you guys to see what it looks like what are the flips at around pretty freaking cool if you asked me okay he's burning the crap out of somebody no but he's burning the shit out of them alright see what you got me I'm glad they had a mercenary deathmatch mosh pit back I love this most probably my favorite mode in the game honestly come on bro oh my god my teammate literally gave up at this school over there oh my god so I was so cool ice feel like it's gonna be annoying with any like multi kills and stuff there's no way you get a squad B with this it's just way too slow at the Hong Ki that dudes hit he smacked this DS when I build on this hilarious oh my god teammate you're so bad bro oh it's died right there okay yeah at least you don't like calling your QA Vita stuff really slow then begin that correct with the melee weapons here recently you definitely see me get wet thank him oh my god with all these tags don't mind if I do oh my that fade away tomahawk though Argos not running thank you let's play ring around the rosey with them I just love it explodes and like turns me another 50 parts so pretty cool like sometimes it does that sometimes it doesn't you know and I really want to see if it has that you know splash damage on enemies because if it does then kind of that could possibly be bad for me using this weapon on my count oh my god that was pretty solid range right there yep um there's like 50 million trillion people over there I'm good I'm laying right here you guys got it all right we've got our streaks let's get those up in the air there we go nice little mohawk nope oh my god yo I'm out I'm out I'm out oh shoot me don't shoot me yeah I just got out of that I'm happy I'm happy whew that was close oh my gosh oh oh no what that I crash on let see much use a crash shit oh my god that's just so lucky nope cool thank you so much T pay for the crash I'm just getting so freakin lucky right now everyone attends there's no way I should be on the street right now I got definitely seen me there we go come on like that UAV up yeah there's just like no way of you getting a ton of kills in like succession with this weapon it's just it's pretty slow Oh almost died right there good stuff teammate I'm gonna pick up the tags is why not or seventeen and one that nice legit eventine KD he jumped all dweebs huh no I should have pushed that why the push that was so stupid man I'm so stupid alright so just real quick as you guys see in this right here he actually reloads the melee weapon and closes it how do you actually do that I've played a couple games and I haven't figured out how to do I guess I haven't really you know experimented with much stuff but I need somebody use this next game to kind of experiment and see how you actually reload it which be pretty cool code diamond – diamond looks sick on every melee weapon in the game there's every gun in general then dart do dark matter is gonna be nuts on this your whole screen is gonna be lit up with dark matter I'm definitely have to get a video that got the hammer is just so freaking big I just wonder what people see when they you know see me coming at them with a frickin demo hammer and I am chill confirmed it's gotta be funny I remember that teammate it's got the shitty mic there we go or good this should be the last game play the video unless we get absolutely destroyed in that case we might have to play another one but yeah let's test it out wait you can you actually reload it no I don't see any way of actually reloading it no I don't now there's no way you can reload this I guess you got a ton of kills with it you might be able to reload it I don't know I guess that would make sense oh that guy's just chilling chilling he was not expecting me though oh did that guy see me I don't care we're not gonna chase after nope he really tried to disrupt me with the EMP nade I mean literally no sense on his end go oh my gosh out lucky as hell mohawk he's looking for our teammates oh shit I just completely missed that teammate let me get him let me get him let me get a little bit get him no no oh my god okay the range now sucks on it I definitely should have got that killed my voice is like cracked like crazy we're not talking about that okay alright no boy okay I guess that's a thing you just to smack his little reactive core down in the meat Thrasher that literally ruins it but I'm inside dog on the inside I guess I got to go hide in the bathroom all game I he'll sit in this corner it's probably a still building if you have a student get outside can it yeah because my teammates inside right here are you kidding we're not worried about it though no pressures terrestres you're not gonna kill me the wrestlers are so annoying any lethal killas treat like dad's annoying for a knife for the I'm just gonna appearing giving both of these dudes just chilling in your camping I can't wait reload it at all no these are no way of reloading it okay that makes no sense in the trailer it shows you can reload and stuff I know that it's normal okay there never mind I think we're good yeah we're good good that makes no sense an enemy sniper's nest birla how are they getting all these shrieks I don't get it nope okay it's pretty slow when you go downstairs come on come on my brother's here we go no this is not resist got me I could have got the other guy too good got to come around the corner go yeah hey you had to play so nerdy bullshit hey you almost got me do I know you mez on another level he's playing no games why are you trying to melee me with your good there's two Wow nope game where'd he go oh my god where did I go oh my god oh so bad so bad oh my god I'm so exhausted I'm sorry guys I I can't focus right I'm so exhausted and they got another sniper's nest damn I mean we're not doing warbling 23 it's in duty Nate you're standing right beside him though like what do you bid oh my god this is the kind of nubs I get on my team who's gonna run out at this point there's just no point camping inside oh this is a cluster literally a cluster fuck with cluster needs involved knows is not a good situation oh my you just got picked in the forehead I were actually up 8 points and they've had so many streaks that's actually kind of crazy to think about you can just tell how exhausted I am by that get out of here dog what are you done I'll lead get that UAV in the air no shit oh my god I wasn't expecting that man nope my god I'll play it up date and I'll bleed oh my god that's ha my heart though that thing was beautiful no no bro why did it look I have to turn around and see me I'm tryin oh you always in the corner he's in the corner okay we're good we gotta we need 50 tags we need for more tax for 50 tags that will be actually insane this is gonna be the 50 tag no teammate I'll take it fuck only 50 tags here my tag there we go it is 50 that's 49 no good news I think that 50 yeah I got 50 actives that game dude 40 confers 10 denies 40 kills and 15 does okay that's a pretty damn good game wouldn't want any crazy streaks they kept getting like leak those all the time that was just just a cluster out here man a cluster fuck


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    I know a lot of you guys are outraged by this bundle and I completely understand ur frustration but like I said in the video this is my job and my channel is based on Melee Weapons so that's why I purchased it. But besides that it is a mad cool melee weapon that explodes people so I kinda don't regret buying it tbh

  • Reply zack Hendry conrad July 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    You have to pick it up to reload it

  • Reply PARKER STEWART July 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    To reaload it u drop it and pick it back up

  • Reply Grant Duffy July 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Keep up good work. Peace

  • Reply dazzrz tg July 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    The multiplayers version of the hammer in zombies

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    That was indeed a sick fadeaway with the tomahawk.

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    Ronan? Is that you?

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    I want a hammer you can throw and pick back up to melee with it again

  • Reply Miguel Gomez July 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Try scavenger

  • Reply xXSlip StreamYTXx July 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Soon as tko gets shot at: "no, NOOO dude!

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    A compilation of all these kills would be dope as fuck

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    You have to pick it up and then it reloads

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    This is 2019 and I am mad that I don’t get it😑😑😑😑😠😠😠😠😑😑😑

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    We get it, $28 is too much lmao

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    That bo1 background music though

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    They really added Thor's hammer to black ops……….

    . _.

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    It reloads when you pick it up off an ennemy or teammate

  • Reply Kakashi Hatake July 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Well in the video for it it shows 4 holes where you load a shotgun shell in so if you get 4 kills maybe it does the animation?

  • Reply Keysean Zaid July 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    TheseKnivesOnly using a hammer. πŸ˜‘

  • Reply Amy Gonzales July 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Bro to reaload it you have to pick up a persons gun and then pick up your sleghammer

  • Reply Michael Frey July 25, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Appreciate everything you do I have a couple of free 2nd song going through and liking all of your content I'm assuming YouTube doesn't monitor every comment πŸ™‚ good luck brother.

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    U have to pick the hammer up like from the floor so pick up a gun then pick ur hammer u

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