New Model Army "Never Arriving" Official Music Video – New album "From Here" out 23rd August, 2019

July 28, 2019

I drove his out through the landscape to chill of those medieval towns the cobblestones wish father father but martyrs is the last great splendid the true evil the hilltop villages baked in in the afternoon Sun the walls popped with old bullet holes and the iron is strong the from the people's backs every hour the turret our war is considered best never to disturb ghosts but it seems women always want to go straight to the heart of things and you have your reasons [Laughter] there was Tucker we used to go to weigh up on a park with news it's loud and the corners will talk he sits in those corners like some kinda Watchers come we were so young and brave always from trouble is easy to find it when you're looking for trouble and when take on all comers when no more wood – come children phone call came I was really so surprised I set up with good intentions but soon I was lost and the signs of repeating that comforts me [Laughter] and now [Laughter] you you

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