NEW Surge Guard 34951 RV Electrical Protection System

July 28, 2019

hey this is Eric at techno RV and in this video I'm going to tell you everything that you need to know about the surge guard 34 951 total electrical protection system so let's jump right in and talk about what this unit can do for you the 951 version was just released in January of 2019 so this is the newest model so how these work is that you're going to plug this unit into the electrical pedestal and then you're going to plug your RV into the receptacle at the bottom of the unit and then you'll flip the breaker on the pedestal and this units going to run a 10 second analysis on the pedestal to basically make sure that it's wired correctly it's going to make sure that it's got a proper neutral a proper ground no reverse polarity issues make sure there's no high or low voltage at the time of startup and if everything is okay then it will just cross the power over to your RV and it does all this in ten seconds so once the power is crossed over to your RV then this unit is going to continue to monitor for high and low voltage so anything below a hundred and two or above a hundred and thirty two this unit will basically cut you off from that power because that's outside of a range that would be safe for the electronic components inside of your RV it's also got a great surge suppressor so this can handle up to forty two hundred joules of energy and that is a lot it's the highest level of any unit on the market in this unit right here the other thing that this unit does that no other unit on the market does everything that we've been talking about that power coming from the pedestal that's called line side protection this surge guard unit also gives you what's called load side protection and what that means in a 50 amp RV is that this unit will actually be able to detect open neutral conditions and elevated ground currents inside of your RV so if you lose a neutral inside of your RV then you can have what's called accidental 242 where those two hotlines can actually come together and instead of having a hundred and twenty volts going to each side you may have like two hundred volts you know go onto one side like forty going to the other very bad very dangerous for your RV and your RVs electrical components this will protect you against that it'll also detect elevated ground currents inside of your RV I mean you really shouldn't have you know current on the ground line but if you this unit if it detects you get up to about thirty volts this unit will detect that it recognizes that it's a problem and it's going to cut you off from that this unit is also weather resistant I'm a full time RV R I've got this unit sitting outside the the surge guard units 365 days a year I've had them in snow rain storms whatever they are total weather resistant and so you just don't you just want to make sure that if you're on a low pedestal this just isn't sitting in water that wouldn't be good but just weather rain snow whatever it can handle it all also the cabling on this unit here surge guard is owned by South wire south wire is the largest manufacturer of electrical cabling in North America and they own surge guard so it makes sense that they would put their own electrical cabling on this unit so you get all of this high quality cabling on the surge guard unit so this is south wire cable this is a patented head with the the t-handle that actually makes it easy for you to pull this off of the pedestal receptacle it's also got a t-handle on the back here and what this does is this makes it easy then for you to grab this and connect your rv's power cable from this unit it also comes with a locking cable ring so what this does is it basically allows you to take like a cable lock or a chain and a lock and lock this unit to the power pedestal to keep those would-be thieves away so that is a very nice feature there for those that may be concerned about somebody taking this from the power pedestal the LCD display here is a dual line display and that's very nice so what you're going to get on this dual line displays it's gonna tell you that what your voltage is per line and it's gonna tell you how many amps you're drawing per line now the big deal about this new 951 model that's different from any other model on the market even previous surge guard models is that they've added a wireless adapter inside of this unit and that wireless adapter can connect to an optional monitor that would fit inside of your RV so one of the things that that we've been asked a lot about about these portable units is hey if something happens in the middle of the night your power gets cut off you know you would have to have to walk outside you're in your pajamas to kind of see what's going on on the display well now with this wireless adapter you can get this optional display that sits inside of your RV it's going to sync up with this unit outside and give you the data right here on this display so now here you'll be seeing a line one line two voltage how many amps you're drawing and if you were to have some kind of fault it would just tell you right on the screen so there's no codes to read with surge guard if you have an open neutral or a low voltage then it's just gonna say that in plain English it'll just say low voltage it's not going to give you some code that then you have to kind of go look up so I really like that about the surge guard too so that is one of the big deals with the 951 this year is that you can get this optional monitor and see the data from your portable unit inside of your RV now this unit also has the best warranty on the market it has a lifetime warranty with what's called connected equipment coverage what this means is is if this fails to do what it was intended to do and something in your RV gets damaged surge guard will actually pay the cost of whatever got damaged so you really can't beat that I mean these are units that are going to protect your RV and and you're just going to know you're protected because you've got the best unit in on the market with this surge goal guard 951 designed for 50 ant rvs now we've got these over at techno RV comm and so you need to go check them out there and we've got a lot of information over there for you to look at of course if you have any questions you can you can email us you can chat with us you can call us when you go to the product pages you'll have a few options to add items to this unit when you put it into the cart one is of course you can add the wireless display which I would highly recommend another thing that you can add is we have the cable locks in stock so if you want to just go ahead and and a cable lock that you can use with the included locking ring here then you can go ahead and add that as well the other thing we did is we just went ahead and add it thirty to fifty amp adapter so 30 amp male to 50 amp female so if you're ever in a part in your 50 amp ring and they only have 30 amp service then you need a good one and that's all again that's all that Southwire cabling the south wire head so it's really really good stuff so that's it everything you need to know about the 34 951 you can go right over a techno RV comm and get you one


  • Reply Roger Ward July 28, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    You do a Great video illustrating the product. I just bought it, and it’s great. I also picked up monitor screen, but I can’t figure out how to connect to the surge guard.

  • Reply Big AL July 28, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    Hi, could I plug in a good quality, 30 amp extension cord into the campsite electrical pedestal, then run that into my RV elect compartment, where I can store this type of device and then plug my RV 30 amp cable into this device sitting safely in a storage compartment. That way I can avoid trying to plug this big device onto the pedestal and needing a locking device for security.

  • Reply Sharon Daugherty July 28, 2019 at 12:21 pm

    Would you please do a comparison video of this surge guard compared to the newest Progressive Industries surge guard? Thank you.

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