NMC Ruling On ‘Militia’ Documentary – Newsfile on JoyNews (27-7-19)

July 28, 2019

you're welcome back this is news file it's your most authoritative news analysis show my guests are all seated and let me introduce from the one who was on time in time could you upon increment he is the information minister and MP of Wasi a year a B thank you for joining us could you thanks I'm so good to have you and also here in the studio in that order that I announce is a regular panelist and managing editor in chief of the new crusading guide newspaper Abdul Malik Kaku back home and after today he will take his usual leave so I have announced it don't come asking me every day wait coocoo waste quick ways because he would take his use your vacation he deserves some vacation also here is Samuel Okuda – a Blackhawk MP North Tong and ranking member foreign affairs in Parliament's Randy Abbey is host good morning Ghana on metropolitan television gentlemen good morning and welcome to all of you good morning right so let's get straight to the national media commission as constituted by the Constitution of the Republic Chapter 12 of the Constitution Article six two six six the Commission has what the law calls the settlements complaints and settlements panel and normally about six of the membership will sit and determine a matter chaired by its chairman of course and the government in much filed a complaint and the complaint was to the effect that joy had produced a documentary militia in the heart of the nation and that documentary about the DI group fast ah totally false and also misleading was untrue was utterly false and was misleading does the government petition the NMC the the multimedia also filed their response and insisted that it dealt with facts and that those facts were sacrosanct as the media Commission panel Committee to dismiss government's petition well they give their ruling this week and among goddess said that even though the documentary was in the national interest and the presence of those people in the castle was problematic and unacceptable there was some ethical issues with the production and it was misleading and sensational let's hear what guests have to say about this particular outcome and shall I start with you could you write so I've had you already but on news file let's hear you what do you say good morning good morning colleagues here unity of us on your listeners out there and maybe I'll start on a light note okay that in the spirit of your own objections at the national media Commission you should this was an adjudicative because you are so far interested party in this much divided occasion where is that is that is that is by the way here I want to start by correcting two things before we proceed the rare case you have just said that the government said that that publication was false yes was utterly false and that the national media coalition ruled that your documentary was in the national interest you have just said those yes but I want to submit to you that those are not correct okay those in themselves are misrepresentations of the facts okay the government of the government's case was that there were breach of ethics in that documentary that was put together that the narrative that was put out by joy news was a misrepresentation of the facts and was misleading that was the government of our case okay let me just discuss more you said the documentary contained codes offensive utterly false a product of gross misrepresentation of facts and wild speculation and codes and I've explained to you the government of argument right right and the national media commission ruled that your attempt to uncover what was going on at a Christian book castle was in the public interest okay indeed the way that all journalists do is in the public interest but it went further to make some very serious comments that number one indeed there were unethical practices in the package that was put together there were misrepresentations that were made and that a narrative that she put out there was misleading nobody will run away from the fact that there was a group at a castle known as the Eye Group which group ought not to have been there in the first place I think in the very first response that government gave yeah we consider that the ought not to have been there in the first place that's right and indeed your documentary makes the further argument that there were even attempts by government earlier to get them out of the place right so nobody would say that that in itself is false but it is the attempt to create a certain impression that there was what you described as a Malaysia group that was being trained from a security zone in Ghana and if you read the promos now were sent that there was a lack of a dual link to it that we objected to and we protested because essentially what you sought to put out for anyone consuming a tuna to consume and go away with was that while this administration was preaching against vigilantism and contemplating enacting legislation even having a Commission of Enquiry hidden in some secret assume somewhere in this country this administration was acquiescing or supporting the training of a militia when you put the embodiment of the various words and pictures and other things that was put out together as published we have the view that it was misleading it was a misrepresentation of facts we are i think clearly vindicated and we are not interested in israeli glue ting or going around town that we have one we have one way of all because we believe that it is rather a movement for super reflection super reflection because there's something that is happening in our media space as a result of the competition and technology it's something that is happening in the media space that we all need to pay attention to for example there's a difference between the fact that narrative and even if you choose to have an opinion how we go about it the journalism that we practice media media freedom and the guidelines and the regulations of journalism are things that are regulated by law they are not anybody's gift to us and you quoted rightly the constitution chapter 12 article 1 6 2 & 1 6 3 they are the ones that actually create or recognize the the media its independence and the animal we call freedom of media which we have an opportunity to discuss later today but the media is also a public trust the DVD national media Commission's national media policy which was published under the chairmanship of I think Tim aqua he wrote when he was chairman I want to read to you section 5 1 says the operation of the media is a public trust regardless of the ownership what that means is that all of us have the right to a media that we can trust that when they put out the fact it is the fact when they put out a narrative it is a reasonably deductible narrative from the fact not that they alone have a certain narrative of view the particular matter I want to force it down everybody's throat and even when they choose to do opinions they would ensure that as fairness and balance and the standards for opinion journalism are upheld and that is why you find that the Constitution sets up in article I think one six six four one six yes one six six one words the national media Commission and if I had a permission to read one six seven the functions of the Commission says that to take all appropriate measures to ensure the establishment and maintenance of high journalistic standards in the mass media including investigation mediation and settlement of complaints made against or by the press or other mass media what that means is that in the preservation of the public trust the people who can undermine the public trust are not just outside us sometimes we as journalists the way we go about our work can undermine the public trust to the extent that in the subsequent years people may have less and less confidence in media work and today you notice are therefore barometer reports suggest that confidence in the media is gradually waning and we have to do something collectively about it now what we raised as a major complaint was the fact that even though everybody will consider there's this group known as the Eye Group that operated temporarily as a Christian book castle later flashed out if you go out there and tell people that there was a militia being trained and operating there especially in these days when we are all working to fight vigilantism etc the narrative that you are crafting is misleading and it's a misrepresentation of facts and in ruling the national media Commission I think goes to very clear pains and puts it out one for example we have an opportunity to have a discussion like this and raise issues of fact narrative and opinion I believe that it gives all of us an opportunity especially those of us in the media space to introspect remind ourselves what the video star that's a and perhaps to go back to the basics and I'll give you a simple example if I'm driving at 90 km/h the journalists face job is to report the facts the hard-code fact that I'm driving at 90 km/h nobody will dispute it I may not even have opportunity to dispute it because it is the fact but we all know that because of competition etc sometimes you want to spin narratives out of that so he finally general is who wants to say that he is uber speeding the moment you now move into the carving of narratives there is a higher responsibility on you that your narrative at least by the test of the average reasonable person must reflect the fact so for example if I'm driving 90 km/h and this your file of a street and you see that time uber speeding the test of the average person we say yes indeed I am oh by speeding I'm driving 90 km/h and a Tamamo to me and you say I'm over speeding this narrative would be misleading would be a misrepresentation so I think for us what has happened gives all of us an opportunity for super reflection gives all of us an opportunity to sit back particularly those of us in the space and learn some lessons from this we took three prayers to the Commission to a granted one was not granted with a collects planation that by virtue of the fact that joy had published our rejoinder the commission deemed it fit and if you go into the National Commission act at 449 and that powers of the settlement Commission did indicate that the best route was to have joy published in detail the findings that they made accordingly I think finally what else none of your prayers were granted why is that I don't think they granted any of them okay let me say you say you want retracting an apology no let me take you through our prayers an apology I have a copy of reading or their retraction apology in the normal scheme of things at the national media Commission at the end of it they will always order a retraction and apology they didn't order one number two if the point is that and I can understand that if their point is that because a rejoinder had been published that was edge on them from the beginning when they responded went to Demi said Gavin brought a rejoinder it was publishing for so why are they again complaining let me read you our prayers yeah if you go to page six of our petition we said I want a declaration to the effect that then pew documentary it's misleading and constitutes a dishonest and deliberate misrepresentation of facts calculated are causing undue public apprehension alarm and panic and that's not media Commission ruled that the publication was a misrepresentation and was no no you go first said they said it was misleading and sensational where they use misrepresentation was in respect of the Iowa so photographs they said that use was a misrepresentation not a document if you go further it says that an order for the retraction of an apology to the government of Ghana on the contents and the center commentary' fara but when I've explained to you that the NMC then came to the view that a rejoinder had been published so they were of the view that the full findings should be published if you go to the Fed one we said further disciplinary measures as they deem fit or they may see fit right they went on like I said to mention that in their view what ought to be done is the publication of the findings that they made in detail oh the discipline course okay I had for example this other argument that we didn't complain about ethics so why were they talking about ethics it's here if you read the last but one paragraph of our petition since Isis in serious hope that this complaint will be seriously investigated by the Commission in accordance with generalistic standards because remember that that is their Monday published by the Commission as well as the ethics of the media profession and let me learn by just going to a few of the ethics of the GJ as have been published and which I believe will be an opportunity for all of us as journalists to pay attention to they zoomed in on the guideline 23 which says that you have to ensure that photographs and multimedia content adequately reflect the event and do not highlight an incident out of context for example when you picked this picture from the Nigerian Senate when the NSS was trying to prevent buccola sake from entering the Senate and he slapped the logo on it and the promo essentially that says that you have uncovered a militia in the heart of the city the test of any reasonable man walking around and seeing that would assume that wow this is going on here in Ghana that was impeach of the ethics later I had this argument that there was file for two dollars written on it in the promo as was put out and I don't really seek to really to get this my time the promise was good and put a time I'll show you see file photo on it but be that as it's me know there's file photo to guideline when what you present it to the Commission did not have file photo that was the one word I was put on over that was a Roman picked that directs from BBC no right no no so the fact that that was file photo was not I'm gonna contest this interpreter addendums I'm talking about your promo that you put out did not have file photo on it okay so not to not get into a by the wall really to get I'm saying is that what I'm saying is that the facts ought to be put out to be laid out yes and the NMC yes the NMC did not find that a promo online promo was use we didn't have file photo no advice no in fact they were asked the question once you put file for today is this standard journalistic practice the answer was yes so the question was asked so what is the unethical thing about it and he said he ought to have explained a little feather and I'm saying that's what I'm saying that when you put a promo you have said that you are labeled it as profit when you put a promo out that says that NPP militia group trains a security at security facility in Ghana with these pictures from Nigeria men in masks wielding guns there's nothing written here that is a file photo I don't want really to get this matter but I'm saying that there's an opportunity for us to learn from it go to guideline 22 says that you should ensure that even the headlines you put out are fully warranted by the contents of the articles that they accompany okay I think we can go through various examples even though even in this particular matter when you reported that the NMC says that your documentary was in the public interest by sensational that headline for example if we read the entirety of the report it's not necessarily fully warranted by the contents of the articles of their article so for me and for perhaps government this is an opportunity to learn to go back to the basics to ensure that we do more of what one of the celebrate a journalist an apology I talked about what matters is the news not what you think about it what matters is the hard cold facts okay and if you choose that you want to spin narratives please be sure that your narratives are in accord with what this test of the standard reasonable man will go by donors represent don't mislead okay I just want to ask you just one or two questions very brief and I want to try to do that now do you feel that you sought a vindication of the state or of the group as in the DI group not being a vigilante or militia I don't understand your question okay so that's degree you see the enemy sees the thrust of what he did was to say that there were new traits of violence associated with a group from what they saw so that's sort of give a Clarence if you like it a clean bill of health to the group I don't think that's my understanding of were they and we went to the NMC to say that you have misrepresented you have found a group of persons at the Christian book castle that is a fact nobody run away from it but instead of saying that you found a group of peasants at the Christian book castle can we find out who they are what they do blah blah blah you weren't fair that to carve a narrative out of it that this group of people are a militia training in a security zone in Ghana yeah well you said their beliefs are training and as both secret vigilante and militia under the guise of government and we petitioned the national media Commission that bad thing you had done was in contravention of the ethics of journalism okay because you have sought to spin a narrative that is not in accord so number ones number one and the LMC okay the LMC has come out to say that the fact that you recognize their and the narrative that you sought to spin and not in a court okay so I want this to be very brief because you've actually spoken for a very long time but I just want this brief brief so that we we have this here now my again is when you say it was a misrepresentation of the facts it includes the most important facts to you that the group is no vigilante or militia correct it includes the most important fact that that group of young boys and girls in black and white looking for work there cannot be described as a militia good thank you now what do you feel when you find that there are facts that remain uncontested no yet the the NMC so make this okay so number one is it contested that the group had used the castle and put on the address that the castle is their place or for preaching and had said on their website which they took down after the documentary that those who trained them are ex-military office official or ex security officials is that true or not and is that the basis of what you say it's a militia group good number two did they have any license to operate as a security entity as it is claimed that they may have been asked regionalist that's the definition of a militia group okay so all these two are facts number two before the Commission are just a major stand on this point before the Commission this is one of the things that was brought out that that that group illegally drove away national security operatives stationed at the avians cargo village at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra in 2017 and deplored it members in replacement and that it took it director of the national security Secretariat to conduct another operation to reverse this criminal act and send the National screechie operatives back to their lawful operational area unquote but this was not established before the collision this was not contested it was not established before the committee no I'm asking you a question it was not challenged it was not established before the committee okay it was not so once it was not challenged it was not established before the combat it was before the Commission the Commission remember that yes you went there and you said that your defense was privileged content and opinion and fair comment and the community all of those are bogus issues they are not interested they didn't say that but they did and it isn't that what they are interested in okay it's whether or not these guidelines of journalism as we know them to be have been upheld or breached and that is why they reminded you at a point that this is not a court okay for us to go through all of these things and they don't lean on that and in the end adjudicated a listen those guidelines of journalism the ones that we complained about are the ones that have been breached people have their issues with di group I don't speak with di group limited okay or I don't speak for them there are questions that you may want to address you know interest asking this small thing that's fine a group that had been day that's fine that's that has gone to the airport that is fine remove secret you operatives and when we said privilege you you attended I think once and you didn't come back no no but you remember a few like no wait you remember it's not fair oh that's part of it I attended once and I think maybe twice No No please don't misrepresent fact see okay don't mislead the public eye I don't want that – yes I don't want us to do this you attended more than twice please okay I was there twice okay as a when I was out of the jurisdiction my deputy only my state so I was courageous twice you attended once and didn't come attending no check this what I'm saying this this just more this way I'll move on what I'm saying is this once you put a pleading and it's not challenged and then the commissioning members those panel members were shown conversations private conversations between the author of the documentary and national security offices at the helm they were shown the conversations between the journalist and them no dispute was raised about the fact that they had gone to remove Nationals creature operated from airport a day at the airport and later it took an operation to place them back when they say they don't exhibit traits of violent predisposition a predisposition to violence are you happy with that especially also when your own admission is that these people were removed upon the Ted attempt with a joint military a joint police and national security offices what again are you looking for in a violent group can I respond yes we know for example you see that in your opinion the fact that this was not contest that makes it true I'm telling you I was there with you I'm telling you that the LMC told both of us that this is not a court they are not going to deal with what is contested or not contested they have no other issues to what they are looking at and in their opinion or the opinion of this constitutionally mandated body that is responsible for upholding the highest journalistic standards the ethics of the profession were breached when you mix these things of photos from places that had no bearing of or no bearing on what we're doing okay when you put out narratives that did not accord with the actual facts I frankly think that we don't have to split hairs of others sure and from the beginning please internally from the beginning we said we hold you in high esteem we think that in this particular instance the kind of narratives that you sought to put on this matter wear off and we have our opportunity to appear before constitutionally mandated body which had the GJ president on it we objected to it initially he was on it was a bright blue for example was on it yes the Chairman the G the G da president you objected to subsequently didn't sit on it he is not recused from any of the dishonest telling you even he's not the one who has to be sobriety was there I'm saying that the one you object mr. Critz blue of the G so I really didn't join the price all just to split but the Chairman we objected to continue to sit and this is not an executive chairman that's okay it doesn't have V – it's okay thank you so um all right so it's healthy it's fine but I I just need to place on record that at a certain point you are not present and when you are not present when we are not there isn't the facts the facts are the facts of day haven't gone to lab the ants cargo village chased out national security and taking over they told you I should not having done that fact was repeated over and again and discussed and it was never thrown away okay so look you have read the the ruling I don't know what you think what you make of it for second I was looking for the President or chairman of the joy of M staff [Laughter] Association quite quite quite heated but I must say that I have preliminary fundamental issues to raise the first one being that I will have thought that government would not have proceeded to the national media Commission that's my initial fundamental issue I think that if we look at the whole spirit and letter of chapter 12 of the Constitution which establishes a national media Commission to insulate the media from governmental control to guarantee press freedoms and to allow for the media to operate in an unfettered manner if I was in government my advice will have been that less sit with the management of multimedia and have a discussion I think that government went too far in dragging the multimedia group to the national media Commission of course government is well within his right I'm not I'm not saying that government has acted unconstitutionally or illegally but you see if you look at the history of our country and why the framers of our Constitution dedicated a whole chapter for media freedom and you come to consider the fact that a certain culture of silence which had permeated quite deeply the new constitution of 1992 set out to help all of us depart from that guided by the principle of what Thomas Jefferson said that the only security of all is in a press freedom F 3 million that's our only security that is why all the rights or the fundamental rights we all acknowledge that when it comes to media freedoms there is more Liberty there and it is it is the reason why this often quoted statement from John Stuart Mill which which found this way in the report of the Constituent Assembly says that if all mankind – 1 we're of one opinion mine cont mankind will be no more justified in silencing that one person than he if he had a power will be justified in silence in mankind so fundamentally I have a difficulty with government proceed into the national media Commission it creates the impression that and and and and I believed them to be true that this government is increasingly becoming intolerant and it is being overly sensitive so that's the first preliminary objection the second matter which we need to confront s with the entire tenor of the ruling and I agree with the media foundation for West Africa that the NMC s ruling is very very confusing in many parts for example when the NMC says that the DI group they found the existence at the castle problematic and unacceptable and leaves it there does not tell us why you find it problematic and unacceptable you leave us wondering because you are arguing the NMC is arguing that its activities are at variance with a vigilante group or militia as Ghanians have come to understand it and when we submitted a memorandum could you confirm that I don't know if you saw it – the constitutional legal Parliamentary Affairs Committee as a minority and as NDC we on the anti-vigilante so we took the view that vigilantism is a misnomer and it is our view that militia is more appropriate and that vigilantism is more positive you know as the dictionary definition suggests is you know a group of people come in to augment a law enforcement you know trying to help maintain the peace but in Ghana what these tags go about doing is not vigilantism so for the NMC to say that this group is not a vigilante group and yet finds the resistance at the castle problematic and on a scepter and does not tell us why you find the operations at the castle problematic and unacceptable you leave all of us in in in a state of confusion then there is also the issue of when the group was evicted the Indian names is ruling and I quote on the issue when the di di group exited a castle house the government insisted that a group was evicted in October 2018 the multimedia group insisted that it was after the documentary that the eviction was carried out then it ends day so we do not know who is right Gavin his government's claim right or is the multimedia group and we know when you watch the documentary that indeed the dates on Lessman also got the dates wrong that was even an end of year party and so this claim of October ok I was planning to the end of year party the end of year party we are explained to understand giving to understand er they had been evicted but they came to apply make an application to come back there to do their end of year party and the way grant the request was granted okay that's the explanation and that's does this furniture had been evicted but they were allowed to come back to with this explanation really I mean look let us be serious and let us Accord the people of this country discernment and intelligence the facts husband poo talk government itself has not denied that this group had no business being at the castle government has noted that this group was being trained by text military offices which includes a former bodyguard of the former president the government sorry the current president yes I what is it that the the former flag bearer at that time at a time he was bodyguard for the flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party government has not denied that this group did not have the lines from the Interior Ministry to operate the government says is unfortunate that the worth day and that they ought not have been there yes so you explained to you that the guy the former bodyguard was giving the as some office to do work for the state retrieve big vehicles and after that he continued to operate there and and use it for purposes that had not been granted so why I blaming the government why not blame the government is government's responsibility to ensure that assets think that and there is control and not used for such activities they created a website where they claimed they were carrying out all kinds of services they had a motto which says protection and vigilance interesting motto we are told that it was some recruitment agency and yet their motto is protection and vigilance very very close then you also have something the situation where this group manasa adduce evidence daily guide publication in 2012 where they had publicly announced that they were going to ensure that ballot boxes are protected no they didn't say that that that day they didn't say that they have said that they were an energetic youth of the MPP who job was to provide protection taken for the offices of the MPP the inside we are going to protect ballot box I would I would bring out their publication but but but but clear even if I am to go with this this argument you are going to protect what officers of the New Patriotic Party in an election is that not one of the features of these political militias what they carry out which we have all found against so something there is more in this matter then government will want us to believe but you accept it and that is why that is why I take the view that the government should not have embarked on this yes use you say government and you repeat that government should not have gone to the NMC yes in your regime you went to the NMC not once not twice about three times and I remember one similar of events while the youth on bus and I sat here and James ed enumerating sat where could your phone sat and ok I'll tell you their back issues today is laughing bent end and I engage again in watching in in saying that it wasn't right for them to do for you guys to do what you did at the time including you announcing publicly that you had sort of blacklisted and boycotted joy how can you come today and say they should have gone to an MC did I say did I have forgotten did I say that did I say that no government has ever gone to the NMC or we didn't go to them the denim sea I said yes on on this matter on this matter especially when the facts I mean it's clear that government was sleeping on the job it's clear that government had allowed the castle where you have six ministers of state operating for it to be used for these illegal active mind you that you insist that the fact that these ministers are dead and it looks like is an extension of the presidency still doesn't make it secure ok no more but we also defer to questioning who insisted Isis criticism yeah go ahead because yeah could you you you you know that where you do know as a minister of state that where ministers operate there is some level of security that there is it behooves on the state to provide ministers with security and that is why even outside the offices of ministers are provided with police protection in homes your residence there is police protection and all of that because it's the duty of the state so to suggest that a place where ministers are operating from as as as officials of state is this really no security there is not a security zone is not a security member of the public okay if if if I can conclude it is do please conclude in a minute you see there are so many lapses so many illegalities that is group clearly engage in that government should not rather be doing this to Manasa and the multimedia group they rather ought to be commended because but for that expose you had said that you even tried three times to get the group evicted that you had to take a joint operation of national security and gonna please service personnel to have the group evicted I mean it's it's it's it's curious that such an operation we require this level of intervention and yet you want us to believe that there's really no cause for alarm and that man si should be treated in the wheel okay thank you let's hear from Kolkata yes who what do you make of the event of the ruling of the ruling of the national media Commission settlement panel well I might as well also make some marry comments okay my name is fight back and I'm very happy that you re minded him not the minister of information under the Mel's administration teaching the national media condition well my Rhoda was not bold enough to accept reminder in its was troubling himself I'm sorry it's redrawn with apologies sorry I don't either no I'm sorry because I don't intend offending you and if you're offended please forgive me is read wrong but a treatment of my taste I don't know member fest 2010 the Dana minister of information John Tia petitioned the national media Commission enjoy FM you published it here this is enjoy publication ok this was when the mass rip saga yes and why I was saying that perhaps you were not being forthright was because you premise your submission on basis of the spirit of the Constitution then MCS a creature of law of the Constitution and the options for governments or ministries or anybody to go there stay so if you were talking of that spirit of the thing that spirit was told day in 2010 there's no point I'm making but I think that meeting okay so let me correct myself short briefly yeah the 2012 delegate publication here was actually headed vigilante group vows to protect ballot box protect ballots and it began by saying leader of the eye vigilante a group in the new petrotech party Umar Farouk aka to man has described the flag bearer of the new periodic party Nana at Lanka corridor as a pacifists human a personal bodyguard of the narco fellow said he had been close to the NPP leader for a long time stating that the presidential candidate frowns on acts that could destabilize the country so I need this to be also in Dec in the in in the context he made the remarks after members of the ashanti regional branch of the Ivy Delonte march through the principal streets of Kumasi last Saturday during a float formed in 2009 the I vigilante group is made up of energetic male and female at the be members across the country whose primary target is to protect the NPP against any attacks by lawless people so this what I wanted to cause I'm sure if you ask my staff for some powerful when is a proposition or his proposal to set up a ballot Berger did it he said you take no no that's extinct the ballot box protection village now you tell you does not envision a vigilante group you get my drift of course of course okay they have said so so we dealt with the first blimmin everything see tenancy is a creature of law as I said and it's in the Constitution we all fought for that their rulings are not sequester and as far as I'm concerned I have cooperated with the national media commission over the years it was a time I think the Chairman either koakuma duo effort priest the Luke rescinding idea then the crusading guide for S corporation a lot of rule is someone against us we actually retract and apologized and we did based on the situation that happened there but there was also an instance where I declined the invitation indeed with mr. Pratt on the two different issues we declined the invitation as a matter of principle and so the NMC dragged us caught we're defended by a goat wampa we want that case the court ruled in our favor there were not an object and obligation to accept yes I advised against any attempt to disregard them or not even to go by their rulings and so and I think that we're building a democracy I agree need to – solutions however we are disagree with yes I agree by that particular I just want to put on record that we without you into suspected them we declined the invitation as a matter of principle and this one record it went inappropriate for removers a court of law and the court ruled in our favor based on the issues at stake that's one thing that's worrying me the I group did issue multimedia they did it looks like they have a burden that we don't know no they haven't taking a next step after that yeah but it's their case in court yes they have okay I don't know they're released yes seeking because I haven't seen the paper but I read somewhere they had shoot yes they're saying they have been defamed okay I wish I knew that the items the elements of the Irate I don't have them but you see there's also one thing and I must be forgiving for going this route I was wondering whether it was appropriate for us to make this a subject of discussion in the absence of the NMC here I won't be participating in the disease I was wondering to explain themselves you mean yes he is the minister representing government I'm not it would be unfair to see you are representing moiety but he is inside wasn't they of course are the arguments I mean I think we can oh I will good that he's hosting disprove is my friend so represent of course I'm not direct I'm not out here to direct a Mickey my primary points so I felt a bit uncomfortable especially because when the banter going on between the two of you that's when this came to my mind otherwise I didn't come from home with it it just okayed here no I'd be honest with you but frankly I was trying very calmly to get him – yes it was of course I don't care to be whether it was an appropriate subject matter for us to discuss it within this context in the absence of one of the parties or two of the parties if you like so now what are the issues see I remember when this story broke we discussed it on this progress with it and I remember that I made it clear that my perception or definition of militia did not fit day by group I said so relate and I consistently repeated it elsewhere did not fit and at that time the short Commission had done some discussions of this matter and pronounced on its true vulnerable professor miserable zone but I stole such that I contested even the definition and madam missile kuzu are giving if you recall I came with such an report then his Austin's book on the CPP u P paramilitary groups and that they are conduct and actions and the scale of the violence and I didn't see any of these groups today set him into that description so in my view I disagreed with the description of those groups as militia that is the vigilante groups as militia by the Commission even do the commissioners accepted that and is in the report that has been sent to the president I have a copy of the executive summary and it became a very forceful argument and insist we should describe them as militia but I disagreed with that so I see the media Commission's ruling going variance with the definition of militia I side with that I don't believe that room was a militia if you play back the same the program we had here I thought it was terrible that that group was given access to a state facility the classroom it makes sense but due to some political connections they were allowed in there and we also made a point that I was aware that the national security I'll be having running battles with them relative to the present day these are facts they actually occurred that in the documentary exactly that while they were there they suspected national security operatives to come spiring on exactly so I printed what was on it in the documentary has a basis to reinforce what I had already known but that part of the document was factual and even if that place is no as critical and I agree it's no longer a secret assume in the rare sense of the wait even do they have security checks and thus even documentation to that effect anyway so but the fact there was a state facility made their presence there completely inappropriate and I'm being charitable my choice of words and indefensible and you see so we all agree that that documentary was in the public interest again the media Commission's ruling appears to reinforce that and I still stand by that I have a policy of not doing peer review or fellow journalists because I myself I don't think I have their moral standing questioning fellow journalists I've done a lot of mistakes in my practice so I'm very careful with those things but generally speaking I thought that story that documentary was good thing was good a piece of journalism that was good see there is some things about some extraneous relish mains and things I'm not sure in terms of documentary production those things are allowed they allow okay so they said he needed to explain for example when he puts the Nigerian thing and you just put a pile out – that was what usually when I always African see but I'll tell you can us and to relive this from one classic example a guy the cuckoo smuggling thing that went court and which was determined by the court in favor of tiger eye on the state if he was that documentary you see big big big trucks with full of cuckoo quill to the harbour coming out and all those things really he was in the bush monitoring smuggling left right center so that part of the documentary was no part of I think was brought in for to show people the Lukaku we export if people smuggle we lose revenue now in exporting cuckoo this is how it's done yes it's true the judge asked for both the documentary and the raw footage and in mechanics judgment pulled the courts they're looking a mess colluding the documentary because of this elements and I'm proceeding on basis of the raw footage to make a judgement and this is what happened I can understand where the national media Commission was coming from but I don't think the a court of law clearly yes so my difficulty is to suggest that that is on Etica relative to documentary promotion I will find it difficult if that is classified as Mexican that's my view available you can't but that's my view so perhaps it's a matter of is there definitely this is very serious thing when I was wounded big deficit on the part of the members of the panel relative to what goes into documentary production is this a question I'm not making a judgment but what do you see the issue you brought up about what you have said earlier about the perhaps not fitting the description of vigilante Malaysia listen the two words were actually discussed at length sometimes tempers flaring and the Commission at the panel hearing so the bitch a bird or let me now say the Commission some of the members wait a final they said the panel complaints yeah the settlement panel some of them were clearly of the view particularly two of them do a clearly of the view that you shouldn't be using Malaysia and manasseh insisted that I will use Malaysia for the rest of my life for any group that is a vigilante and that that's actually Joy's policy after we heard from yeah and the Commission understand and and they insisted that no but you can't do that so the questioning now is from where you also sit you don't want to you will not want to call them militia would you want to call them vigilante from what you know about them you see I think it would be safer to see the I approve of Manta if you add vigilante I have not seen them and you I was coming to that I have not seen them in terms of their conduct and actions and I'm being honest with you I have not seen them behave like the director force elements the visible force they speak against it I haven't seen them and that's why I was taking them out of the context of vigilantes but they are obviously a pro-government otherwise they will get access to the castle okay this is a public a group affiliated to government let's be fun that's what they see because of these things and you just brought it back up thankful you did while you were having the banter would code you something struck me and I have some sex records the records of proceedings of the NMC engrave would be so useful great tape our key to deal with this much okay unfortunately as I City I don't have them okay but I'm claiming my mind that NMC has done its site I would wish we all move on learn lessons from these things nothing stops anybody from on testing the quality of their findings that's her it's part of the democratic exercise okay all right but a also has we put on record that a a a leader of the invisible forces describes this group as one of the groups within the NPP's whatever and and a video evidence of that admission was tendered are the NMC can I say something I don't have a problem that's why I'm action for us the records of big things just before he comes you for example you know the TV three video of the interview of there is it I didn't want to go into that that's not the one I'm referring no no that's one of my friend okay TV three is different where the I group themselves grant an interview and say that they have over 5,000 members across the country watch the raw food video they start off by condemning these groups like the visible forces who you are saying have admitted that these are some of us and therefore you use that as a basis to see that you are qualified and this evidence contesting that video that TV tray with you always know not that TV tray that one I wouldn't know is that that was after the publication okay so he is relying on this so-called claim by this invisible forces person who says that the I group is part of one of their groups and I'm saying that the atv-3 I'm looking for his exact quotation of chaitra so which they put in their documentary in which the high group disavows all of these violent groups all very pleased and proceeds to say that that is not the way to go you should rather organize your people give them training so that they can find jobs etcetera etcetera and that for them they have about 5000 members across the country who they have put together in our training so that he can find jobs at I try to turn in their editorial discretion they edited out all the parts where these people disavow violence etcetera etcetera and come and pick up where he says that we have 5000 members across the country and then submit do you mean there was a detail a bit out yes you are doing a documentary yes if you are doing a document you use what you want to use exactly my point and that is why we say that we find a breach of the ethics because if you want to portray the thing for what it is okay why don't you let the man disavow the violence proceed to put the context in which he talks about 5000 members across the country and what he seeks to do with them but you likely always edit all of that out and say that you have the view that they have a predisposition to violence not at them you have you have the evidence not just a view and evidence of their predisposition to violence is evidence and the evidence is not controvert is what I just mentioned want to you what they did at a viens cargo village was there evidence of that before the Commission okay no no contest no you had no day what so contest little poorer friend I mean listen listen this was a friend am acquainted came up it was conversations private confidential conversations it's out all of between persons in this national security and Manasseh were disclosed to the Commission members because you can't put that in the response so in the response he hinted them that I have some conversations with what national screeches own difficulty with dealing with the group and I will show it to you on a private basis so he showed them these conversations and that particular story was never controverted nobody reads controversy I said no Samuel Tilden record was not it was through CDs but my point I'm telling you what's not there I call them life is ours when they call the lawyer all right my point is this if you edit all of those ones out and you pick the part that says that five thousand members across the country and then you proceeded to slap on eighty or ninety of that therefore they have a disposition to violence such a big group five thousand across the country what you are doing and the pieces you are putting together the NMC for example says that when you go to the DDF excellent speaking in reference to your issue guideline 23 says that when you are putting materials together for example they pick pieces from Iowa so okay it's run this thing I want you to be quick with that yeah the big pieces from I am also for the introduction but really violent conduct yes background and set a certain context okay and play this group up within this context this your claim of other pieces of evidence that you have that gives you a predisposition to in fact the terms of reference are that you put it in the material because it is that documentary that is being contested you mean to avoid a surprise element documentary and you submit with raw footage yeah and that's what was that nobody I said that you know submit the footage okay editing the footage that is different okay if you say that you have some other piece of evidence that galvanizes your view you put it in the document okay thank you all right I don't have any preliminary remarks on this matter but you know is within government right I mean if you feel aggrieved by might attribute a appropriate constitutional body and so I do not have a problem with take off man get a row I'm going to have super atrophicae going through this whole issue it's it appears to me as more of a form of a substance matter you know because there are some very critical issues and let me first acknowledge the issue of learning and moving forward and all that but there are a lot of people would practice in an upcoming journalist who learn from the likes of NASA and my massey with respect to the the the form of journalism that they've decided to focus on here and especially going through that documentaries and all that and the rulings like this or decisions like this which brings up the issue of the ethics what is more appropriate what should be done I believe all help in shaping things up and helping everybody to do a much better job I'm sure that if Manasi were to do a documentary again I'm sure he's probably on one already he might be mindful of some of the issues raised in this particular matter and might do things differently same as others who learn to also do some of these documentaries and so for me I mean as good that such issues are contested and when they are contested it helps develop the the practice and makes makes things quite better but see the issue of the place being a security zone or not for me once again is an issue of form of a substance it's a state facility you have six ministers of state operating from that place I am Not sure that a group of young people can yes come and take over the garage and could use ministry and start reporting at 8 a.m. and doing drills whatever and then cruising at 5 p.m. and living that place grow and develop a website pull out what their mission is the services they offer and put could use office as the address although kouzef is the mutual information is not a secret ezel but you cannot have a group of young people just get up one day and say that to this some part behind his office or some side and so they are going to assemble there in their hundreds on a daily basis and come there with the at a particular time and leave at a particular time and and create some offices to use that you know is not something that that can happen and should happen and you see look their confirmation that's the officer running the government and admits that this shouldn't happen yes they were I'm just saying that you see except that before the documentary officially they denied the existence they denied I do it the way they knew something no no that's that was put out no no no I can see I don't want to take his time but these things are very critical I had a chat with man I said before that documentary was ahead you recall that see I don't want Busan you recall and since we're here let me do it we were just celebrating the Independence Day in tamale and I was organizing ferrying your team from Accra to tamale to go in car right okay and while we were there – ed called me that he has uncovered and militia operating from a secret is on the phone conversation and by the way – a very good friend of mine I do understand – this is better yes that's nice so I spoke to them on phone and I said bro this job would you do will be interesting if you go out there and see that you have found a militia operating in a security zone you'd have to prove it stricto sensu because I can assure you that President Assad will not let anything like this happen so whatever it is you are finding properly describe it and ask your question so that we can also give you proper answers what he did was that he sent in the same text message to Eugene ahem and just like I did Eugene denied that there is no militia which is why when we raised it initial we say that publish the question you asked him and publishes answer so that when anybody because if you just mouth that when we have the director Communications he denied this is his denial you're not being fair to him publish the exact question that you asked him that I asked him that there's a militia operating in the castle and he told me that no there's no militia operating in the castle you are being fed to him that the fact I wanted to lay out I'm sorry for interrupting no no it's fine you know so so so the issue I raised is that look if you look at the response from the office of the chief of staff for example that all we gave him a job to do with respect to retrieval of vehicles and that is what led to him being assigned some offices at the place and then even when he had finished his assignment he stayed there and decided to use the state facility for the papers so I asked you see we bring things upon ourselves what is it about retrieval of vehicles that a plethora of secret agencies we have in this country including the ones that we have created at the National Security cannot be for which reason we go out there wouldn't bring in individuals go and assign state facilities to them and ask them to do these things on behalf of the state and when their job is over we're unable to ensure that all the access we've given them to state facilities and all that and every trip back to the state question and then we look on for the things to develop up to this point is anybody being held responsible so now the focus is on are they militia they are not do they have a disposition to violence they are not political matters that look if if even the gammas counts I don't know if we still have Scots again the boys Cowboys if they decide to to to do to take out the staff of multimedia it wouldn't take them six hours to do that so we have a situation where there's a running battle between a group and the national security and on three occasions the national secret is a label to kick them out and that it has to take a reinforcement joint effort they cannot be just a group of some ideal unemployed young men and women it cannot be international secretly decides to do an evacuation at multimedia today harmony I was deleting them so when we are told that there is an ongoing but mmm as all of you have alluded to in the documentary you hear the guy talking about and and even even making the claim that there is so many you know that a machinist pretty severe and vo surviving long-running yeah so so cuckoo said they had a long running back is a fact that's a fact with a national school year but is no battle oh no no no no allowed to just seed guts without providing evidence [Laughter] that could just said should I put that info which he sent to I this is it coats good evening I called Elia I am doing a story on the I group an MPP vigilante stroke militia group run by Nana Rocco Adam akh oh man a former bodyguard of President ocupado I have information that the group operates from the christian bach castle some leaders of the group claimed the president is aware of their operations day I have spoken to Jubilee House source close to the president who has denied the presence of the group at the castle and the knowledge of the president but that's not the official response according to the source I will be happy to have the official response on the matter by clues of tomorrow and then this is how the official response comes coat the president has no knowledge of the alleged activities of this said group let alone sanctioning their activities my checks from national security have revealed that no side group is operating from the castle unquote I am here put this information out what is that no no he didn't put out his question no he put the information out no I'm saying his question he didn't put it out on which this conversation I was going to ask that question that when did a hint provide this answer before the document this is around the 5th 4th of March our suspect because aside the 6th of March when I was driving out of the stadium in tamale I spoke to manager on the phone on deceive Mata when he was asking the same question so to be around this way after the fact ok so we went and Eugene will tell you that there is no such group okay so we after the fact and then show your provides evidence showing the group assembling at the place and moving to an occasional an MPP occasion in removed and it shows you in December while we are doing then again he shows you a party they're having in December the explanation will have to thatis that they made an application to have a party where granted miss you're a mama's boy yes because no longer yeah much if you ask him and he says no you don't say that he has Coutinho to the lie yeah at least yeah because if if at the time he gave the answer they were not there the answer is appropriate but it is also it is also a fact that Manasa did not just ask about a militia group it was quite detailed yeah and so is mention the name of the group the person how is associated with the president and all that so it was detailed enough but you see so I mean to the issues I'm saying that what led to this we do things that creates problems for us in this country that's why I go to the fundamental issue you want to retrieve government vehicles there's a changin in empower you want to retrieve government vehicles with all these secret agencies we have and what we have created you need to go and get a private individual assign him a state facility and then when pay your own statement his job is done you do not ensure that if against the state facility and you take custody of the place and you are loud and this person goes on to have a random battle with this that's not security and your neighbor to evacuate him and is young boy saying else and so there's a joint team to do so you know we need to tackle the fundamental issues yeah like I've said look this ruling no matter how you look at it is gonna help shape up things okay moving on we might do things better but the things that we do as politicians and political office holders that creates some of these unnecessary problems is what we must look at because in all of these agree we are now holding people responsible for how they acted and how they've allowed or how do you allow something like this to happen here if government feels embarrassed by it and I believe that it is that embarrassment especially when you're Ken around I have a soothing yeah that led government to go to the national media Commission the basis for this embarrassment is the conduct of government own appointees and the focus you go there yeah I'm ready thank you thank you thank you very much I'm supposed to change over we have to good but you're asking for a minute I'll give you a minute somebody else for a minute and then we may not so I beg you okay once more minute my earlier reference to the publication in the delegate I have retrieved it now the 11 of June 2012 and you've read first three paragraphs if I can just the paragraphs I was referring to showman said the group will complement the work of the security agents on Election Day stating that his group will watch the ballot boxes with an eagle eye to prevent unscrupulous people from snatching them the eye vigilante group which has over 600 members including males and females is being sponsored by sponsored by MD more dealer infamous Utica drugs so so I just wanted to okay I tie that knot ready indeed this group thank you thank you this story than 2012 the group also incontestable now no but it wasn't contested no I'm saying the recovery contested today yeah it comes to 12 to be yeah okay thank you very much for joining us Lee su Lee is the executive director of the media foundation for West Africa the sub regional watch group and helping generally strain retrain and to do the right things sue Lee I've heard you say that the NFC's ruling is confusing it's incomplete what is confusing and what is incomplete and they're suggesting are they in the public also is that why are you guys giving an impression as if journalists are something gods they don't make mistakes if they make mistakes they should admit what's the big deal well something maybe to your last question I think we you don't seek to create that impression at all we are all human and occasionally we would make mistakes and when we do make mistakes we have to be humble set them apart from that if you remember something when I had issues with for example number 12 which was something that was widely healed and I didn't mean that I was going to put out my view there against you know what was a dominant position and taken by society I thought went ahead to write about what my views were on number 12 as far as and the journalistic aspects of it and we're concerned so we certainly don't do that and without education as an organization to even have a project on monitoring ethical violation and the whole exercise we conduct during elections around you know using the use of abusive language and how the media are able to restrain people and so on and so forth I mean I all about making sure that we try as much as possible to also push the standards up and we are we are not saying and we would never say that our media system is perfect and journalists are perfect in doing their job so having said that let me just quickly go on to the national media Commission's ruling and something I must say that after having read the document you know on a number of occasions my conclusion is that the NMC did a completely service to the nation and to particularly those of us in the media industry and I say so because I've been listening to the conversation this morning and because of the nature of the NFC's ruling one cannot but go back to the initial debate that we had when the documentary was aired and one government you know indicated a displeasure over the documentary now if you take the eminences ruling after you know the initial things about the preliminaries and the basis of the complaint and the objections that were raised against the GJ president the chairman of the Commission and so on and so forth the Commission mouth is accepts out three issues for determination on the matter and these three issues were one what is the vigilante group – one was the one big the group exists the castle and three the del manifest any acts of violence now then the point number two is important in terms of when did they exit one would have asked why does it matter and I think that in the Commission's view it mattered because the government complaints have said in the documentary the producer have deliberately ignored the fact that the group had been evicted in October 2018 and so in the argument the government position was well we have evicted them in 2018 and multimedia had said no it was after the documentary was produced now again fundamentally their Commission's releases the Minister for information after opening the case for the government reiterated that but the documentary did not contain any material facts and was full of exaggeration – cause you know sensationalism now one would have expected the Commission's ruling to be detailed to be explanatory on ambiguous so that it would be a living document that journalists can make references to it organizations such as ours can make references to it to guide journalism practice in this country now when the ministry or the government raised the issue of the documentary not containing in the material facts well I was wondering one was there a group at that operating under CASL which was not you know like a state agency or institution or what whatever and the answer is yes – was that group the I group the answer to this is yes have this I group ever you know being portrayed or known to be a vigilante group as we know the Delancey group and the answer would be yes now despite all this the Commission can conclude in that in determining whether the I group was a vigilante group or not this is what if is why the Commission find the presence of the at the castle unacceptable the group did not manifest any violent conduct to be described as a religion or a vigilante group now the question that one works is I know a group called the board of the dogs I know a group called there the bombaboy another group called a vaca boys I've made a group called invisible forces Delta forces and so on and so forth ever the case is the NMC same if a journalist should have a documentary about these groups that documentary must show the people directly in violent conduct before we can describe them as a vigilante group I doubt that in the case because if you were to push that argument in fact it is almost saying it's almost like saying that until you see the military in combat you shouldn't call them military because we all know what the Delonte greased up and and what they exist to do but I'm not surprised but the government will take a position that appears to be defending this group in terms of their not being portrayed as a vigilante group indeed the UH the embassy not too long ago their car is with the lantree groups that we all know our vigilante groups as a group of angels and I if if I'm right there the Duchess is a lot like a three bit future so on both sides in terms of the two main political parties one wouldn't be surprised if you find each of them trying to defend and almost clean up or give a clean shape to these group that we know are the Delonte groups the other point and I had a senior medical team make that point fight strongly in terms of whether the use of the Iowa show images incident images and so on constituted anything on ethical as far as documentary production is concerned and the LMC failed that well in terms of context they didn't relate to each other but something you know that it is after the Iowa incident that the the shot Commission was established and as far as I know the short Commission was established not primarily to go into the weaknesses and deficits of our national security establishment or institutions and so on and so forth but into these issues of vigilantism you ask yourself if there is no connection how come a commission is set up set up after an incident at other Iowa Sutan to bill to go into tells of vigilantism and how they can be disbanded and so on and so forth and then subsequently the president also pushes for a bill on the delante them so if you put all these together clearly the Commission did not provide you know submission that would really guide our practice going forward in terms of responding to the question that they're themselves you know have set out to respond to what is the vigilante group the Commission is saying no after this you don't in the documentary The Ballad conduct we couldn't have called them a bigger group all right certainly come up slim and I'm very sorry but I spent quite some time I thought we could very brief with this issue but unfortunately this were we agree on thank you very much lemon Ibrahima is with the media foundation for West Africa and I'm getting promised to take a break quickly but could you need some Texas against let's do that quick no I mean like all rights in the Friends of voter I may disapprove of what i'm sulaymana says but I would defend to the death his right to say so that is what press freedom is so thank you very there's be a lot of talk about government and multimedia yes we've had discomfort because we wanted to draw attention to the misleading narratives and misrepresentation we believe that attention has been drawn ok and we can engage and and what media has put out it accepts the national media Commission's ruling but it disagrees with it thank you very much that's how to build a democracy


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