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No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper! MIND-BOGGLING TESTIMONY

September 13, 2019

(God is with us Mathew 1:23) My name is Evangelist Kingsley Ohama, and beside me is my beautiful beloved. I really want to appreciate
God for what he has done. He has been so faithful. I must tell you I’m privileged to be part of the covenant of this commission. Its a glorious thing indeed because some months back
I was about to leave the office after the days job. As I was coming from the office, I decided to pick my wife from her office and I dropped her home. I was going back to pick something while I was on my way going I noticed a vehicle behind me and the vehicle was following me at
every point, so I decided to stop. Any where I stopped, the car stopped behind me. When I move, the car moves. if I stop it stops. So I was wondering, what kind of car is this, Is it a coincidence or what. I didn’t know that the devil had a plan. As we were going, we got to a road. I decided to go through the road because that road leads to my house. I decide again that I will not go to that way maybe they are tracing me. So I went through the other way hoping that I am going to see a lot of people on that road. Unfortunately the Road was also clear. So while I was going as I took the rear track of the road, they went and turned on the other
side of the road. and blocked me from the other side. When they blocked me, four men came
out of the car all armed. I thought they were policemen, I didn’t know what to do. When they walked up to me, they hit my glass and said wind down. I asked them, “Why, who are you?” I was doing like this in the car,
while I was doing like this they were pointing the gun at me to open. So thought of driving off and going. So when I looked in front, they were already putting those planks that carries nails all over and my car was tubeless. If I drove, I couldn’t go far. so I decided to let It, I asked to myself , “have you forgotten your anointing water?” I opened my pigeon hole and I
picked out the anointing water. I lay my hands on the anointing water and said, “Lord if you have done it for every
one who has stepped their feet here, I have never had a testimony in my life from this commission. let this be the one and the greatest testimony.” While I was praying the prayer I said, “Lord if in case you want them to kill me forgive my sin, and accept me as I come to your kingdom.” The man looked at me, and as I wind down, they put the gun from there and said open the door. I asked, “Why?” He said open the door or I will shoot you. I wind down and opened the door and he used the pistol and wiped on my head. Immediately he wiped on my head, he pushed me out of the car, and pushed me on the floor the third one pressed my head on the floor. While he was pressing my head on the floor, I was still saying, God of TB Joshua If you know you are the Lord that TB Joshua serves, and If you know that I am a covenanted child who have partook from the covenanted
altar of TB Joshua. Let there be life now, fight for me for you said you will fight for your people, when we have no strength. Vengeance is yours, while victory is ours. Immediately the other one who was pressing me on the floor. told the third one and said, “pick up the car and open the boot.” They opened the boot they saw some money that we worked for from the office. They wanted to collect it, they looked at the money. and said “this is not the kind of money that we need, are you telling me that this kind of big man is carrying only to N200 or what, what is N200? Nonsense!” And the other one said, “start the car let’s take the car.” and the guy entered into my car. I didn’t know what was happening, I believed that the car was gone. All I saw was that the car refused to start, no key. They were looking for the key, the other one came out and said,( he spoken my dialect) I looked at him, I was just praying there and before you know what’s happening
he tried to open the car. From from the under underside of the car so that he can join the wire together. While he was about to do that, he had a slap on his face and he came out of the car. Jumping out shouting,
“there is somebody inside this car!” That was when I knew that the
invincible Master has arrived. That was when I knew that the
altar that rocks my life has arrived. He came out of the car the second one said “What kind of stupidity is this?”
That’s why I hate working with you. You are always like a woman, he brought something out of his pocket; a red band and tied on his wrist. And told me, He said, ” watch what I will do now.” He entered the car, the one that entered with the red band, Came out with more injury, like the first one I entered. Emmanuel! And all I heard was that, he was shouted in my dialect, (Blood, blood) I was wondering where the
blood is coming from Immediately, ‘a cold’ something like
an ice coming to me. And that was when I remember that I have a God that cannot die. I stood up, and I that’s when I told them
if they wanted to kill me, to kill me. But I must tell you that this car is going nowhere. And another one said, “look at this idiot,” Another one said, “finish him! finish him! don’t mind him.” They cocked the gun, I’m from a military background I knew what it means to cock a gun. A gun was cocked and they shot and the trigger refused to respond to them. The trigger refused to respond and when these things were happening beloved, I was having my anointing water in my hand. That was when I was talking to God. I said, “I know it’s not yet my time, because if it was my time you would
have taken me earlier than this. The other one that came out, he was carried the gun and shot on the air. The pistol responded. He faced it back to me and shot it refused to come out. That was the second bullet I received but did not respond, and that was the second time
the devil said your life will go. But God said it’s not yet time. The other one came out and said that is problem here. I will make sure I defy that charm that you carry. As they were running around my car, a siren was coming from every angle As the siren was coming, I thought it was policeman. [ had confidence. When they came it was just a driver, the armed robbers saw the car coming and started shouting. And all of them entered in the car and run away. {At the time they attempted to shoot you but the bullet did not come out. What was your reaction, what happened to you at that moment?} When they were about to release the gun on me the only thing I said was a prayer. I just pray the prayer saying, “God accept me.” Because I didn’t believe that the bullet will not come out. But I believe that, that was the end of my life. but I knew that somehow, somehow even if the bullets comes. I’ve already asked God to forgive
my sin and accept me to his kingdom.” I didn’t know that God was about giving me a testimony, I’ve been looking for all these days. {And what happened after that sir?} After everything when they left, a man came, he asked, “what happened?” I told him that some armed
robbers had just attacked me, He asked, “are you serious?” I said yes! Most of the police were around but when they came out to intervene, they were already gone. That is how this mighty God saved my life. {Well, let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ one more time. Now sir when the other vehicles were coming with siren and the armed robbers Immediately ran into their car and went out. Just tell us when that vehicle come
who was the person inside who was the actual person that was there. Although the armed robbers assumed it as the police. Who was actually in that vehicle?} When the siren car was driving closer to me I thought it was full of policemen, however, when the siren car arrived, the only person in that car was just a driver. But they felt it was police coming, they didn’t know it was just a driver alone. When the vehicle was coming closer to me, I was the one that waved for the vehicle. And it stopped and the driver said, “what happened, this side of your car is opened like this.” I then told him what happened. So he was the one that shined his light and I saw where my key fell into. And I picked my key and drove my car. {Glory be to God almighty indeed this testimony is a wonderful evidence to show the protection we are under by the grace of God. as our brother here was privileged to have the anointing water with him. He held it with him throughout this encounter, And indeed God came to his rescue. And sir, the fact that you’re here today standing in our midst is such a wonderful testimony. What is your advice to viewers around the world?} My advice to viewers of around the world is, If you know you serve God and you believe in God. Really believe in his Word according to the scripture ‘No weapon formed against you shall ever prosper’ No matter what the weapon looks like as far as God you carry lives in you, it will never prosper. Believe in this God, and believe in this commission, the Lord will be your helper. Yes, lest I forgot there was something that happened again when the armed robber faced the gun on me. When they face the gun on me, and they shot the bullet did not come out they shot the second time, I didn’t see any bullet coming out. That was when I had this courage in me and I stood up and I said your gun is not responding and they looked at me I said “that charm that I use, They are good to disarm it today And I started laughing because
I didn’t believe that a gun can actually be shot
on me and the bullet will not come out. But I thank God that the end of the day this faithful, God kept me alive. {Glory be to God almighty, and indeed. we thank Jesus Christ for our brother’s life. We just want to hear a very quick word from your wife. Madam just introducing yourself what can you say to thank God for your husband’s testimony?} Praise the Lord! Emmanuel
(God with us Mathew 1:23) My name is Ijeoma Nwaogu I just want to thank God for everything he has done in life of my husband because if the devil had actually carried out their plans to fulfillment. Maybe he won’t be standing beside me here today, I just want to thank God for everything. I just give God all the praise. Amen! {Amen, one more time. let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ.} We believe you have been inspired by the clip you have just watched click here to subscribe to witness more of God power at work in our generation today, and stay up to date with the latest prophecies deliverance sermons and testimonies from the Synagogue Church of all Nations [Emmanuelle] TV changing lives changing nations and change in the world


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