Northern Strike: 6,000 plus service members training in NE Michigan

July 29, 2019

good evening I'm anxious super thank you for joining us thousands of military boots are on the ground for operation northern strike our servicemembers suited up at the Rogers City limestone quarry for today's training northern strike is the biggest exercise of its type in the US Department of Defense what you're seeing now is a training exercise between Army National Guard Porto Ricans in Air National Guard Jorge in ins on the open terrain it's a simulated international warzone in your own backyard more than six thousand active service members from eight countries and 20 states are training with Kempe gralen and the alpena combat readiness training center you don't want to start training just before you have to deploy or push into an area of operations it's a it's a full-time thing you should always be training even if it's not you know procedures and tactics and stuff like that you know we're out here we're marching several miles and full gear you know it's also training our bodies and our mental resiliency to keep pushing you know when it gets tough

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