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painting CUSTOM NIKE AIR FORCE 1 SHOES | part 1 | Drawing Nike Air Force 1 in Photoshop

September 12, 2019

I’m a real sneaker fan and the Nike Air Force 1 shoes are one of my favorites! I thought it would be fun to merge my two loves and put some art on Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. I’ll make these custom Nike sneakers in my own way though, Flo style! So I’ll go through three steps making these custom Nike Air Force 1 sneakers. First step is painting some white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and show you everything I do in the painting process. Next time I’ll start making the design on the sneaker. Finally I’ll get some real Nike Air Force 1 sneakers of course and paint on the real shoes! To paint these Nike sneakers I have opened Photoshop CC and created a canvas of 4000 by 3000 pixels. I filled the canvas with a light gray color. I’ll write down the exact color for you. I start out with a sketch using my Basic Flo brush, this is a round, slightly textured brush with ragged edges. I have my opacity set to pen pressure. For this initial sketch I focus on angles. I simplify the shape of the shoe in my mind and only think about the angles of the lines I could make on the outside of the shoe and how long these lines would be. I try to keep this sketch as simple as possible. Next I’ll turn down the opacity of the sketch layer and make a new sketch layer on top This simple angular sketch will serve as a base for my more detailed sketch. This time I won’t just look at angles, but also at curves. I slowly build up the sketch, adding more and more details. Like the lines, the swoosh and the shoe laces. Having a solid sketch will really help you in the painting process. It is no problem if it’s still a bit messy just keep tweaking the sketch until everything is in the right place. To refine the sketch even more, you can add a third sketch layer and lower the opacity of the first two sketch layers. You can actually keep doing this, refining your sketch step by step until you’re happy with it. Having a good sketch will save you time and trouble later on. Let me make the sketch a little bit bigger. I have selected all three sketch layers by holding shift on my keyboard. I pick a selection tool and right click on the sketch, using free transform I make the sneaker bigger. If you hold shift while dragging, the ratio of your sketch will remain intact. Which means you won’t be able to stretch it out. I try to make this sketch as tidy as possible before I start the painting process. I select all three sketch layers and group them by pressing shift and G on my keyboard. On a new layer below I’ll start laying down the base color for the Nike sneaker. The base color will be a blueish gray, I’ll write down the color for you. I will fill the shoe with this color entirely, trying to make it as tidy as I can. You can lower the opacity of the sketch group a bit to check if your edges are clean. We have a solid shoe now. The next step is to add some basic shadow. I’ll make a new layer on top of the base color and select layer clipping mask. By using the layer clipping mask I can only paint on top of the solid shape I just painted So I won’t be able to paint outside of the edges. When painting these shadows, make sure you don’t paint them too dark This is a white shoe, so keep it subtle. I’m still using the basic Flo brush with opacity set to pen pressure. Let’s make another layer, but this time to paint some light areas on the sneaker. We’ll use the layer clipping mask option again, so we can only paint on the base color shape we painted earlier. To paint the light areas, pick a slightly lighter gray than the base color. Don’t go for pure white, if you start using white now, you won’t have any room left to go lighter later on. Leave yourself some ‘working space’ These Nike Air Force 1 shoes have a lot of tiny details, think of all those stitches, edges, laces and the swoosh. I want to add these details on a separate layer. This way I can paint underneath these details later, without messing them up. To paint these details I use the Basic Flo brush at a small size. The sketch group makes the painting look a little messy. I want to start painting over the sketch. Therefore I merge the sketch group and drag it below the light and shadow layers. Next I’ll grab the eraser to fix the edges of the base color layer. Guess it wasn’t as tidy as I thought! This looks better, we can continue painting now. To make this sneaker look realistic, we’ll want to work on the values. This means how light or dark an area is. When focusing on the values, try not to just think about how light or dark something is, but also how it relates to other areas. Which area is darker than the other and how much darker? Don’t worry if you don’t get it right, right away. ou can keep tweaking it and also, this is something your eyes get better at with practice. The edges still aren’t exactly tidy, let’s grab the eraser again and clean up this edge on the base color layer. Even though this Nike Air Force 1 shoe has a lot of little details, I try not to overdo the details. I try to hint at them. We’re not making a photo copy here, we can give it a little painterly and loose style. To paint these details at the bottom of the shoe, I just make these small downward strokes. Because I’m using a layer clipping mask, I can’t go over the edge. That’s what makes these layer clipping masks so handy. I’ve made a new layer, it’s time to blend the values. Again, I’m using the layer clipping mask option by right clicking on the new layer. To blend, I’m using a soft round brush with a low To blend, I’m using a soft round brush with a lower opacity, but still set to pen pressure. By pressing alt on my keyboard, I can grab the eyedropper tool easily. With it, I grab colors from the canvas in areas I want to blend. I keep grabbing and blending, glazing layers of color. To give this sneaker some ground, we’ll have to add a drop shadow. It’s an easy way to add more realism to the shoe. We’ll add this drop shadow on a separate layer below the other layers, so also below the base color layer. Use a small brush set to a relatively dark gray and think about how the shoe touches the floor. The front and backside are slightly lifted, which will influence the shadow. In these areas you’ll see a bigger shadow than in the center part, where the shoe is flat on the ground. Our Nike Air Force 1 sneaker is looking pretty good already! I can’t wait to start customizing it. We’ll add some final tweaks first though. I’ll do this on a new layer above all the others. At this stage there’s no need to use a clipping mask, I might want to tweak the edges a bit too and I don’t want to get restricted by the base color layer. Since I won’t be able to paint over the edges if I would use a clipping mask. You can keep tweaking and detailing until you feel your shoe is finished. I feel this is a high enough level of detail. Next time I will start working on making a custom design on this Nike Air Force 1 sneaker. After that I will paint on real sneakers! What would you like to see on this shoe? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up if you did. I really appreciate it. I also really enjoy reading your comments, so don’t be shy! I wish you a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time, for the next digital art tutorial!


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    U are the best ♡ make more shoes drawing

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    2nd comment!!! Yay!!! I love your videos so much!! Can't believe I'm here so early. Might get recognized!!

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    You have so much talent #keepitup you help a lot of people 😊

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    Excellent work

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    For some reason i love ur voice and the tutorial is very Informative and useful, Thank you💙

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    Love your art 😀 BUT NİK-EE NOT NİK ! sorry I just had to say it

  • Reply blubb March 4, 2019 at 8:58 pm

    For the sake of the longevity of the real shoes I would recommend Leather colours(like from angelus) and not acrylcolours and such ( you choice of course but with acrylics and such I wouldnt want to wear the shoes at the end because I would be afraid of the paint peeling off) ^-^

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