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PAKISTAN or TURKEY – Which Military is Better?

November 10, 2019

Coming up in this episode of FTD facts You’ll see a side-by-side comparison of the military power of these two amazing countries Pakistan and Turkey How’s it going guys? How you doing today? My name is Leroy Kenton and welcome back to another episode of FTD facts and guys if you love learning about the military and the military power of countries and you want to see more videos relating to the military and military power give this video a Thumbs up and if we get over a thousand likes on this episode we know that you guys would want to watch more military Episodes and for all the new faces here to FTD facts hit that subscribe button we give you facts about the different countries and cultures all around the world so if you love learning about our earth a Few facts is a place where you can learn all that stuff ok? so don’t want to begin with this military comparison starting off with the country of Pakistan the Pakistan armed forces of the military forces of Pakistan they’re the sixth largest in the entire world in terms of active military Personnel as well as you’re the largest in all of the Muslim countries Pakistan has the world’s sixth largest Nuclear arsenal as well the total manpower available in Pakistan’s military is 95 million They have a total of six hundred and thirty-seven thousand active personnel and their reserve personnel are two hundred and eighty-two Thousand now to introduce Turkey Turkey ranks 8th in the world for his total military power and what makes a Turkish military force so Interesting is that since turkey is the only? Secular power that can negotiate with Middle Eastern countries at a cultural level the Turkish army has a huge impact on middle-eastern relations as well as politics turkeys total manpower available is at 41 million six hundred and forty thousand It’s active personnel are a total of three hundred eighty two thousand eight hundred and fifty And they have a reserve personnel of three hundred and sixty thousand five hundred and sixty-five now Let’s take a look at the divisions of their military and compare them side-by-side Starting off with the pakistani army when we look at the pakistan army. They have a total of 2,920 for combat tanks And they have two thousand eight hundred and twenty eight armored fighting vehicles They have a total of 134 rocker projectors, and they’re told artillery equal 3278 as well as they have 465 self-propelled artillery for turkeys army strength they have two thousand four hundred forty-five combat tanks 7550 armored fighting vehicles they have eight hundred eleven rocket projectors as well as they have six hundred ninety seven towed artillery and 1113 self-propelled artillery now. Let’s move on from their army to their Air Forces to see what’s going on up there Pakistan has a total of 301 fighter aircraft. They have 394 attack aircraft 261 transport aircrafts 190 trainer aircraft and their total helicopters are at 316 and out of those they have 52 attack helicopters for Turkey they have 207 fighter aircrafts they also have 270 tact aircrafts their transport aircrafts are 439 they have 276 trainer aircrafts and their total helicopters are at 455 and they have 70 attack helicopters now for the comparison of their navies in Pakistan’s Navy. There’s a total of 197 naval assets They have 17 patrol crafts eight submarines ten frigates and three-mile warfare vessels in Turkey’s Navy. They have 194 total naval assets thirty-four patrol crafts sixteen frigates twelve submarines and nine Corvettes And they have eleven mine warfare vessels now currently Pakistan has a total defence budget of seven billion dollars u.s. But Pakistan is said to increase its defense spending to eight point seven eight billion dollars u.s.. During the fiscal year of 2017 to 2018 so in the year 2018 now so that’s going to be coming up real soon if not in effect already now a large portion of Pakistan’s military is going to it’s Huge budget priorities that are its combat aircraft submarines surface warships And the country’s various indigenous missile programs Turkey their defense budget is a little bit higher at eleven point five billion dollars u.s. And look at this so turkeys defense budget has increased by nearly fifty percent since Jen of 2017 and this is according to the Official Gazette Despite having a second largest army in NATO Turkey was not among the top 15 military spenders in the year 2016 And those top sprinters were of course US China Russia Saudi Arabia as well as India now that concludes your military comparison of Pakistan and Turkey Let me know all your thoughts and comments down below in the comment Section and guys if you haven’t seen it already you got to check out our country comparison where we do a side-by-side comparison But just on the country on a whole of Pakistan and Turkey We’ll have that video at the end of this episode so once it’s done. We’ll just have one of those Cute little card things that you can watch that episode I highly recommend it and guys don’t forget to follow me on social media have those links down below You can send me a message on Instagram. I’ll be replying to as much of them as possible this week, and that’s it I’m done talking. I’ll see you guys real soon later So right in front of you now is our country comparison of Pakistan and Turkey I highly recommend that one as well as our other which is better episodes where we do side-by-side Comparisons of other countries so continue to learn here in FTD facts come back tomorrow for even more episodes yeah, and I’ll see you soon


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  • Reply Atidullah Kpj May 13, 2019 at 5:57 pm

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  • Reply Zain Kayani May 14, 2019 at 9:15 am

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  • Reply Nimet May 14, 2019 at 10:59 pm

    I dont like comparing cuz that just say like look im better and i dont think both County's does that

    What i do know for a fact is that the turkish people is willing to give up theire life for their land and you can see that in the historie if something would happen we would do everything to help our land because our land, vlag and religion means our life to us

    I dont know a lot about pakistan so idk of they will do that to i think they Proberly will if someone knows that can you say it i like to learn more about it

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    Now in 2019 pak military budget is +11billion$

  • Reply Roman Kasimov June 4, 2019 at 7:42 am

    Most Pakistanis descend from Babur Khan/Mughal Empire/Timur, and therefore at least in part are a Turkic in origin, same as the Turks.. In fact, due to these genetic heritage AND closer proximity, many Pakistanis carry more of the original central asian Turkic heptogroups than the modern-day "Turks" of Turkey. The very word "Urdu" is Turkic in origin, meaning camp/army. It's no wonder that these two Turkic peoples ended up with pretty much the same freaking flag and get along so well.

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