Philippine Coast Guard acquires 12 high-speed boats, other assets

July 25, 2019

the Philippine Coast Guard presented this morning a batch of new assets that are expected to help it carry out its mandate of protecting and patrolling the country's maritime territory and its exclusive economic zone particularly the West Philippine Sea included in this batch of assets are 90 4×4 pickup trucks 73 rubber boats and 12 rigid hull inflatable boats are our Hib these are HIVs our high speed boats that are capable of catching up to and accosting possible intruders and poachers in the Philippines as maritime territory part of the Coast Guard's presentation this morning was a demonstration of these high-speed boats capabilities they are able to catch up to vessels and possibly conduct inspections and even arrests of possible pirates poachers intruders community service chose imbecilities Washington DC I was told by one expert do you know how much nurses alicetin are happening in your country due to poaching of fish because I don't know having a 2 billion dollars a year y'know at one bodies episode on Nepal Levinson Hawaii well I'm committed that once a man is a saint I think appley given the entire package is worth roughly 450 million pesos taken out of the national budget so these are not in the form of loans or grants from any other country defense secretary the fin Lorenzana and Transportation Secretary Arthur the gada both say that they hope to acquire more assets for the Coast Guard and even the Philippine Navy in the near future and this comes as the country faces the increased challenge of patrolling and monitoring its maritime territory in the West Philippine Sea as well as in the Seleucid where there is a threat of the entrance of foreign terrorists jessica Tinga Rattler Manila

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