Pking with all Special Attack Weapons

July 28, 2019

I'm gonna get a PK with pretty much every single special attack weapon you see in PvP today of course the Excalibur does exist well I'm afraid you just don't see it in PvP I really doubt I'm gonna get a peek in with that I'm not gonna lie I'm gonna start with the AES with the most overpowered and as we get down the list they get worse and worse and worse of course most of these are still insane but eventually I'm gonna have to get a PK with a dragon longsword so the first weapon AGS and I'm on a 75 attack circa 99 combat max it in my gear 71 found another Zurcher to fight he's most likely gonna need yes as well so let's see who's gonna win said yes to G Mall okay it looks like he knows what he's doing if I'm getting P kid already with the best weapon in runescape hundreds I think I'm gonna go on with the worst weapons so I'm assuming this guy my own piety so if this guy's 75 it's out of the need yes he's gonna be pretty low strength bought a Jess is still gonna be super powerful so I'd usually use a g/mol as well in this situation like either a GST mole or Chimel a jest but just for I guess this case let's just get the HS Cael good fine nice French diamond age sk o 67 next weapon dragon claws same again i'd use these the gmail bot so all about that avenge time in as you all know problem with using d claws is after you've used the spec don't really have much care potential unless you bring the anchor and then i'm risking some ninja k so that is a big disadvantage because everyone else is risking like 250 to 300 k or something anga fight you're not surviving this one GG as the declawed care next up is the g/mol technically you could say this is the most powerful weapon but you've got to use it with another weapon you don't really want to just do three g/mol smacks a gesture g/mol close to g/mol g multikills do you multi counseled so many variations what should I go for that's great let's go for a close to you Mon let me just show you how powerful it is your stack someone's entire HP is stupid I'm sure you all know the amount of time he calls in my videos look about it so Lin's higher HP gone will be rude not to a GSG ma let's go you can't come believe that you can't where's this guy's give me the GL uh okay um he's got fooled eh which means he's risking the D boots don't you dare tell me you using a DAT tax as a main and a weapon here I've never seen this in the history of race car I've never seen someone use faulty age as a main handed weapon I'm just gonna get Ben's combos for days this guy also has a fletching cape okay well thank you see a lot of people pretending to be new that guy actually was a noob IP kid 1.4 mil of him Polly took him about a week to make unless he stole his mom's credit card what is going on I mean I could potentially get this guy he's not even praying I can potentially get him you know oh I actually CBA I genuinely CBA I did what this guy's risk he is code I everything he's risking like at least 100 mill oh my whoa he had anguish risking calls ACP I don't even know does this guy have an anguish he actually does so this guy's risking ballistamon slightly wait what is a rune crossbow I've never seen that before anguish in a room crossbow because I'll mercy but with a glory she's bad anyway it was nice dunya date we need the gym or I'm just getting the adjust K own I don't even need the gym all ready for this stack I need the ages do more I just smite him he didn't have a puss won the one time i smite someone they have not fit ready for this he's just Jim schmuck you ready I can't get a G Mullin o ZL like he might be pretending to look like he's risking bank but the thing is he's most likely gonna need yes which means he risks the D leg so that's good enough for me gonna have to get a gmail care that's the idea pretending to be a noob did I just I just smite him no way I finally was schooled wow so good smite him for the D squaw 600k pre-k through school that would have been an easy yes that's it oh gosh conquer the team all in a gesture just do you good good fine there we go finally got it next up the DDS I'm gonna use range into the DDS and I'm also gonna be using an amulet torture the main thing I don't like about peers and zhurko's when you're doin range to melee you have to switch like that to the prayers you know no mean like it's a it's just a pain like where's rigor and pay it down here and says a spare bar I was sick that was sick nice vengeance as well Oh dragon booze it's like taking it back eight years back when if you risky booze there's a really good PK and it's just like that again look about 700 K next is the heavy blister but I've got to get the KO with the actual spec not the best accounts of void range PK because at this combat level as you know from my dream peek in account you can have rigged it and somebody defend perfect venge timing I remember back in the day when no one really knew what they were doing that meta was just a spam vengeance as soon as you get it blister spec that's gonna be it there we go 47 next weapon bundles got salt right here we go you ready for this beastly Bri GS cow there's nice and then you get a fight with the void range oh so I can stack the bgs properly there we go looking out 56 I was sick but to the void arrange for a fight dark bar I'm not using dragon throne X's because they need to get the dart bus pet care so it's gonna be pretty difficult because basically I'm just looking for that massive Rambo and with the Eagle Eye it's not the best but I might be able to get it because this guy's are pure apparently yeah there we go finally got it I was like my summon fight and cuz he's a peer obviously it's gonna be a lot more accurate I was a sick hit next up the Sam rock god sword you'd actually be surprised of what this thing can hit 57 spent nobody ever uses there's a Jeff speck people use this edgy ass you know for G MultiJet yes or what not bought I'll show you how good the spec is because you want to fight people with ranged melee and it freezes them for twenty seconds so they have no ko potential on you it's crazy so now he's frozen he can't do anything with melee so I can just camp really low HP I'm Ben ko I'm Tong it's an underrated weapon for that reason HP is pretty high doesn't matter though gonna risk a hit he's full HP good fight man look at this guy with a rapier I never see anyone peak away the rapier boys on school here we go dragon throne axes this should be insane I'm gonna hit with a blazer spec so I'm gonna bliss us back good fight okay I don't even get the dragon throne xkl so that was an account that's actually better than a thought I honestly thought I was gonna be like 50k doesn't he just look so much more juice here in that gothics even though it's literally worth the exact same as ruin got the escape this guy's definitely pretending to be a noob I'm never gonna just expect him to be a noob I'm always gonna expect the unexpected so it'll mean good fight remember when God armors used to be so expensive PLC like it was a really good clue score award what is this I remember I used to watch clue skull compilations and people getting saradomin and I was like wow confine that combat how did you know it's Maya getting worse weapons now next have to get warm with a dragon Warhammer however I can actually hear sixty through spec and a 42 regular literally never see this weapon ever BBB try not to get smiled because this thing cost literally like 60 mil can 5:53 emmaus or try dragon Warhammer to gmod because if they draggin Warhammer hits it drains the defense which means the granite moles gonna be more accurate I should tie this guy is risking bank and Ashley could have got him like my dragon Warhammer hit like nothing sir Tami oh oh that was sick next up the dragon maze this should be interesting I've literally never used this in PvP like ever max hits a 55 that's not too bad right here we go dry conical mace let's get it we got already sick that was easy next up is the blush surah Saad and I'm pretty sure I've never ever used this in PvP boys it's really good as a man under weapon it combos so much but as a speck it rolls off the person's magic defense if I can try find someone in melee armor it would be pretty accurate apparently it can have 52 which is alright three and 65% now I've used expect quite a few times and it's so bad not one kill potential this is actually triggering Oh actually got him huh finally my only care Petrini and I get a Bissell dagger it's actually hits worse than a dragon baguette which doesn't really make much sense max have a 34 34 and a 40 regular hit yeah I kind of remember the last time I saw someone peeking within a Bissell dagger all actually gotta care nice fair enough actually hit something decent next up the Dragon Sword I can wear a torch on me with this because it's only 200 K so max hit Special Attack 47 this is my only opportunity to get someone by picking on the low levels I'm I'd like 10 fights with this thing and it's so bad oh it's my kid no we had a DDS i smite everyone who doesn't have anything that doesn't count because I didn't get him with a spec a GS vs. dragon sword this should be fun it's got a bit please I hate this game so that's happened like a million times I'm movin token yes finally next up is the dragon halberd I probably should have put it there slightly better than the dragon sword that can spec a forty seven and a forty three regular hit it's also 200 so I doubt to worry about the rune defend and also it only consumes 30% spec these guys using an elder more as a main handed weapon I can get some sick man's got I almost just carried him for crying a lot he's not he just switched her an age yes from an L them all I'm done I'm Ashley dumb oh okay goodbye Smythe I'd think of the like for smites this video again nothing the fakes might I knew is our food so he was only staying because he thought I was smart oh that comes as a dragon Holly spec Cheers and the last weapon on the list the dragon longsword this guy's volunteering to get humiliated by a dragon long sword brave guy 48 what wait did I just have four yay that's weird I checked them max hit calculate those 46 I'm not gonna include the coins because I did get peak in a few times bought challenge completed

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