Porsche 911 Speedster – Air Power

July 23, 2019

summer has arrived introduced at last two days 31 degrees blue sky not a cloud in sight and that's a perfect day for driving the new 911 speedster now the history of the speedster named with Porsche is a very interesting one that goes back in 65 years in 1954 Porsches American important max Hoffman as Porsche to build in fact a speedster a 356 made with cut down with screen and watch as they were profound that was outstanding success and the speedster became part of the Porsche range every now and then now the last 911 speedster came out in 2010 as practically nine years ago so why the gap well Porsche would say there hasn't been a suitable car since but even as they roll out the 992 Carrera with its turbocharged engine the fact is that the outgoing 99 1 is the perfect car on which to base a speedster a speedster has to be tapped out that means naturally aspirated engine it means manual gearbox which this car has but the big surprise here for the very first time we're speedsters have always had the normal powertrain of the 911 or the three five six before this nine nine one speedster has a gt3 engine but it's not just any gt3 engine this latest version has 510 horsepower that's actually 10 horsepower more than before and the big surprise is that this extra 10 horsepower has been obtained despite the new tighter u6w LTP emissions that came in last year the trick here parently according to the Department who developed the engine is the new intake system which has single rattles instead of a normal plenum and single floral and also they've managed to make the exhaust system lighter and more efficient but all in all the car has a lot of racing technology in it it has carbon fiber front the rear deck is a carbon fiber and it translates into a car that feels a lot more responsive and much more incisive on the road

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