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July 26, 2019

hello there yes yes I know I said I wouldn't make a 40k videos for a little while so I could focus on fantasy a bit because you know it's good to go back to my roots I had this lovely fantasy video cooking nicely it was almost ready to get served and uploaded then my computer decided it had appendicitis and stopped working fuck so currently I cannot actually access those files which is pretty gay but it's getting fixed as we speak so that video will be with us soon and yes speaking of appendicitis I have made a full recovery and then back at the gym so the nude calendar is looking good I'll post a before and after pic when I get back to 80 kilos so get your tissues out for that one in the meantime I was feeling like a bit of a faggot and decided that after the great response of the anger Marines video god we would do their cocksucking counterparts the pretty Marines now I need to apologize for something in my angry Marines video I said something that would even make a heretic cringe I said I wonder who'd win between an angry marine and a pretty marine well it's fucking obvious who would win the angry Marines would genuinely rape the pretty Marines to death like you have these hulking rage-fueled murder machines versus these pussy ass pink cunts who would rather pick flowers using their assholes than shoot a gun at a zero scum while we're on the topic of anger Marines I thought I'd give you guys an update in my love life I asked you guys to help me get noticed by an absolute a babe of a cosplay streamer by spamming her DMS which you guys absolutely nailed almost almost too much I then went on the date and it was pretty lit so thank you guys for that one I think there will be another date sir daddy oh yeah we hit 50k subscribers yeah milestones fuck clap for the handicapped so a special little something is on its way as a thank you for me so we get Keane for that actually there's quite a few little cool things coming away so I think you guys are gonna enjoy it like Christmas present let's get into it the pretty marine zor-el maricon as I like to call them are a fan-made a loyalist Space Marine chapter into the 40k universe I use Leela slightly however though as an unsurprisingly a large chunk of these dick liquors have pledged themselves to Silla Nash to fulfill their dreams of getting constantly nipple fucked by tentacles as the name States the protein marines are indeed quite pretty in a weird anime kind of way the tactical advantage definitely comes from the enemy being so confused when they see the pretty marines that they genuinely need to take a little while to figure out what to do like imagine you're an aqua war boss who's been fighting the Imperium your entire life you've killed countless Guardsmen and plenty of ultramarines then suddenly you're attacking an army of pink little faggots with high-pitched voices many of whom don't even wear their helmets and there's rose petals everywhere the pink in there like they're like fucking skipping and dancing towards you they stop every few seconds like check themselves out and post the instagrams and just I don't be faggots I don't know like it you'd be like what the fuck am i witnessing regardless of the initial confusion weed so fuck these pretty bitches to death as they pretty hopeless in combat but era can be pretty shook to the coffin the battle like you'd question some of your fundamental morals now looking at their history they non-chemically the second marine chapter to be made with their prior mark being a dashing led by the name of orgrim gore fost which is a pretty fucked up name if you think about the kind of things the chief fagot would do with his fists anywho when the Great Crusade was happening the pretty Marines were mostly ignored by the other legions as though quite useless in saying this however the bloody Angels did take a liking to them due to them and being a bunch of sexy fucks with the main difference when the blood angels actually got shit done the other Legion that got along really well with the pretty Marines were the Emperors children this is likely due to the Emperor's children loving the sesh and getting erections when they killed shit anywho when Horus got all uppity and became a fucking heretic half of the pretty Marines started suckling on salon ashes chaos titties with the Empress children and the other half stood by their attractive loyalists bloody angel brothers the loyalist half got skull-fucked near to death by Horus and the majority of the remaining el malecon fled into the web way with their Primark which is something apparently all the loyalists pry marks through when they're having a fucking sook this left the pretty Marines with only a handful of members but they were still cleared as far as that it took 10,000 years for the pretty Marines to recoup their numbers and form a legitimate chapter again so good for them however when that a few days have finally been a real chapter again they were fucked on by anger ins world ages and the majora of them died again a few centuries later they took part in the first war of Armageddon to redeem themselves for being absolutely fucking useless for their entire existence they deployed their entire chapter this proved to be once again a shit idea as 99% of them died to the armies of corn there seems to be a trend here they they spend a while building up this strength they go to battle and they all die and it's just a bit of a rinse and repeat other than them being just a bunch of pussies their high mortality rate is likely caused by them rarely wearing in-ear helmets as what's the point of being pretty if no-one can see their faces and this brings me to my theory as to why despite being an horrific disfigure in combat these cunts can always remain pretty it's because they all die in their first battle so they don't become non pretty they're just dead another theory which is more likely is that the pretty marines who do get disfigured in any way just chuck their fucking helmets on now on to their inherent abilities like the other chapters and legions the el malecon have some unique powers that set them apart the tears actually have healing benefits which is really fucking overpowered because these cunts are crying all the damn time another pretty useless power they have is that if you look into their eyes you get a mild hypnotic effect which makes you see sparkles and bubbles and shit just surround them this is probably the most anime power I have ever heard or read fuck my ubereats is coming it's exciting now let's chat about the cows corrupted pretty Marines who are actually pretty fucking evil it is common knowledge that Space Marines cannot have sex or get boners and shit which helps them focus on their task at hand and also stops them from raping Eldar however the cars pretty Marines were granted back their power to fuck things which is not a good thing at all for anyone who wasn't them as there is now an evil legion of superhuman rapists it was common for chaos pretty marines to stalk loyalists pretty marine patrols and wait for the scouts that wandered too far away from the main group they'll then snatch up the loyalist scout and brutally anal rape them which is fucked up considering the pretty marine Scouts were almost always children they would then either kill the Scout let the Scout return to the loyalists or take the Scout back and convert them to slow Nash they're extremely sadistic in and out of combat as they would often collect the genitals of their fallen enemies as trophies and genuine hard-ons when killing or torturing their enemies however unfortunately for the cows maricon there was one chapter that did not did not take their shit and these were that angry Marines that I'm pretty sure the cows pretty reacted angry Marines favorite target the angry Marines would have ripped these guys to shred for sport probably my favorite story from a cow's pretty marine fighting an angry marine is this an angry marine was wandering around and was spotted by cows pretty marine that accounts pretty marine snuck up upon the angry marine and jumped out on him and tried to rape him the angry marine obviously got pissed off look at the pretty moon in the eye and said this in a calm tone fagot before he brutally taught the pretty Marines dick and beat him to a pulp with it the cows pretty marine was found by his fellow soldiers and was so mangled that they put him in a dreadnought so yeah this and there's some actually some good news regarding these cunts even funnier is the fact that none absolutely none of the cows marine legions like these guys at all empress children who also price inland sling ash think these guys are little fucking posers and mocked them whilst the world eaters straight-up kill these cunts for fun Khan once saw this considering a Black Crusade and killed 250 of them in a day when they asked anger and if they could come along with easy dominion of fire campaign he killed it 900 of them and then he killed their chapter master and their chief sorcerer needless to say the cows pretty Marines just died as much as their loyalist counterparts the moral is no matter who they serve faggots always die and that concludes our distasteful look at these filthy faggots I'm gonna get my computer fixed ASAP so we can get that cheeky fantasy video out but in the meantime I hope you guys enjoyed this one if you did subscribe helps me out a lot especially since we're trying to overtake that Italian spastic cunt oh so read all comments so make sure you write something fucked up down there and well I might I just will probably have to respond to it at this point thank you guys for watching peace you you


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    I like the excessive use of the word FAGGOT

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    I hate them yet I cant be mad at them…They are just so freaking pretty!

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    Augrum goatse.

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    1:59 also known as putitos :v

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    Communist marines

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    How was that calm?

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    Whats the sauce for thé backgrounds music

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    And said this in a calm tone F A G G O T

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    So the Fandom Chapters are loyalist Traitors, Angry Marines are World Eaters, Pretty Marines are Emperor's Children and Reasonable Marines are Alpha Leigon

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    Iiiiiii wish I could be lie you and as angry….and have a microphone but I just have 11 subs and content

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    Los maricones.

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    A is for Angry Marines, slayer of f*ggots
    B is for Bloodravens slayer of abbotts
    C is for Chaos Demons of the warp
    D is for Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists
    E is for Emperor who saved mankind from a twist
    F is for powerrFist slayer of Orks
    G is for Gork who fights that other guy Mork
    H is for Horus the Prodigal Son
    I is for Imperium united as one
    J is for Jogatai Khan who looks kind of Mongolian (old Terran Culture)
    K is for Khorn a god of war
    L is for Lion 'El Johnson of a disgraced imperial sore
    M is for Mechanicus who's hatred for The Dreaded A.I they will not rest
    N is for Nurgle who gave Aids to Slaanesh
    O is for Odd which I'd call those weaboo Tau
    P is for Pretty Marines the F^&@*@**#*@**(#(@(@**#(#($($*@*#*($($($($)$)@(@(];-__#(]([(*@*@($($(@**$($)$(@*@( SH*@*(@(#)#)#(#(#(#))#(#(#(@(@(@(@(@( WHICH DEATHS HAVE RIGHTFULLY BEEN DEALT
    Q is for something because i cannot think of a Q related name in all Warhammer's wealth
    R is for Reasonable Marines which are better in every way by a hurdle
    S is Slaanesh who gives more Aids than Nurgle
    T is for Tyranid who consumes many worlds from region to region
    U is for Tau who are best to fight the Tyranid Legions
    V is for Volunteers which is definitely what happens when you get recruited in the Imperial Guard
    W is for Witch hunter who turn Heretics into shards
    X is for Xeno we hate them
    Y is for something i don't know
    Z is for tZeech who probably knows

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    bloodangels badass CQC motherfuckers that look sexy while slaughtering enemies of man

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    You sir are an autistic piece of shit. I love it.

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    The pretty marines would've been the guys you show to your citizens so that they don't object to your war

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    You forgot to mention they wield dildos for weapons over any melee weapon known.

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    😀 what a fked up fan made chapter :D.

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    Pretty Marines are the best gene seed from the emperor.

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    When you think of how all the power of these motherfuckers are and then giving them their cocks back to super rape fuck everybody to death 💀 It becomes hilarious

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    Are they cannon or fan made?
    Basicly every one watching this video

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    What in the god damn how and why this able to exist

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    The Pretty Marines Disturb the creatures of the warp as well as its "Decitizens" to the point these pretty marines were able to avoid any encounter heretics, humans and a number of aliens but are found to have tea and pastries with the Tau and Eldar, it is disturbing

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    I'm not surprised to see slanesh is into deviant art. Because this is heresy that deserves nothing more than exterminatus by any other name.

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    Wait, space wolves can fuck, ofc why wouldnt the space vikings be able to fuck.

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    Why are all fan chapters heretics?

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    Is this pretty and angry marine shit legit?

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    Anyone who doesn't wanna cuddle femboys is gay

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    Are Pretty Marines made from Fulgrim's geneseed? Because they seem like Fanfiction!Fulgrim levels of mahou shojou space marines.

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    By the Emperor………

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    Nah, the Pretty Marines are better than Angry Marines because yellow is the dumbest color on earth. Anything yellow is automatically retarded.

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    OneMindSyndicate sounds like that Amish furry storyteller in the purge episode of Rick and Morty

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    If the angry marines raped the pretty marines to death… The pretty marines "win"

    Dont you think it's funny to paint something supposed to be the ultimate badass like My Little Pony? Have some fun with it.

    If your gay looking army loses… No big loss. If they win, now thats REALLY embarrassing (like you were when you lost to them).

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