Quick Armbar From Collar & Sleeve Guard

July 25, 2019

I guess professing to stop here today let's take a look at a quick I'm bar from the collar in sleep guard okay if you're not very familiar with the college live let's take a look here at the base okay I have call and sleep control of course when he stabbed my foot on his bicep here my other could go sleep okay the hand on the call is always pulling the guy down breaking his posture along with the foot on the hip right I extend my leg he almost completely keep my knee is slightly bent here if a lock on my knees easier for him to clear my foot from his hip that keep slightly bent but almost fully extended so I can't have his hips shot back and his head down right so he cannot pass through here in order to pause he has to bring his hips underneath his head and he cannot do that because my food is dirt my other foot here is stepping on the bicep okay ideally passing his elbow behind the line of his body okay if he's always in front of the line his body can move his arm better he has more range of motion if I dislike I'm gonna extend completely there keeping his double behind lying on his body so now I can take control if it tries to pomo his left arm I'm always using my foot here I can bike my toes here to control his urn okay always controlling here don't let that guide for more his run good that's this leave the colleen's live garden we have many attacks from here I'm not gonna cover everything just the arm work but mostly attacks they come when I shoot my hips up by posting my foot on his head and fighting here on his bicep right shoot my hips up triangle is a Raider if I shoot my like past his elbow I have my omoplata here too okay but the armbar comes when I meet his elbow at the inside of my tie here so quickened by he has not much time to that because both of his arms are trapped okay I'm gonna lift my hippo bring in my inner thigh right behind his elbow well I go the collar and I control her Sigrid Pryor the hand here don't let him turn his wrist trying to escape the iron bar alright lift points my knee down I'm gonna pinch my knees together here against his shoulder as I Drive his hand now against my leg very quick I has no time to that quality live GERD I lift my hip up pinch and I'm right here if his head gets in between my knees it's okay truth I can still finish keep the pressure here make sure that you drive Disney all the way down all they do so his arm has this angle here is harder for him to just pull his arm out alright if I try to iron bar like this he pull straight up pinch drive his hand against my time very quick armbar from the colon slavery

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