R.A.D. Self Defense Classes at Lehigh University

July 27, 2019

rad stands for rape aggression defense which means defense against abduction rad is one of the largest self-defense networks of its kind rad has trained more than nine hundred thousand women since the program started back in nineteen eighty nine the program is based on four basic principles of personal safety they are risk awareness risk reduction risk recognition and risk avoidance it teaches females and males to fight back and not to become a victim rad helps our participants become more aware of their surroundings build self-confidence and it empowers you to recognize a bad situation and to defend off a potential violent attacker they teach you about being aware about being aware of your surroundings what can happen and what can you do and it's not about being violent it's just about you know self-defense what can you do to avoid any bad situations I definitely would recommend that to colleagues co-workers family and friends training is offered free of charge to faculty staff and students here on Lehigh University's campus lu pd offers the following rad training rad for women rad for men advanced self-defense and weapons self-defense and remember once personal safety starts with you you

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