RAGE 2 – Basics Starter Guide – Weapons, Nanotrite Abilities, Vehicles, Open World, Missions

July 25, 2019

welcome back you big bunch of goons – Rage – my name is camel and today what I've got for you is a basics guide for Rage – now timestamps for each of the topics can be found down in the description along with links to my social media and to my other rage – guides be sure to check all that out but for now a quick intro rage – is a single-player first-person shooter open-world game developed by Avalanche Studios and it's software it's got big guns uniquely cool guns it's got vehicles and then are trained abilities aka superpowers monsters bandits evil Authority rule a big open world and tons of stuff to explore and destroyed I also won't be running through all the stuff that we experienced during the opening of the game or tutorial if you want to call it that so you know stuff like you can shoot your gun by clicking shoot we'll skip all that stuff so here is my red-hot advice for rage – firstly don't rush the main missions just like in Skyrim you don't really want to go from Riverwood to fighting out doin you want to go out and about check out some other factions pick up some powerful items all that stuff you want to do exactly the same in rage – when you leave the tutorial you will have two guns and one ability and there's like eight guns and eight abilities so yeah get out into the world and go pick up some stuff and I actually found it to be much better gradually finding and unlocking new weapons and abilities because it gives you time to adjust to each weapon and ability as you pick it up and integrate it into your playstyle and get a feel for each one individually rather than just being overwhelmed and having all things at the start of the game with that said I do think you should kind of go out of your way a little bit to go pick up all the abilities and all the weapons so you know you can make the most of your time and rage – I will definitely have guides for all that so go find all your abilities and go find all your weapons before trying to save the world now arcs are where you will unlock new nano train abilities and some new weapons so go exploring and go arc rating you might find Noah now despite my spiel about not rushing the main missions it's definitely worth playing the first few hours of the main missions so you unlock access to projects from all three of the main mission characters projects are basically like skill trees or talent trees or perk trees and to gain access to all three you have to do the first main mission for each of the three main characters John Marshall whose projects focus on combat ie upgrading your weapons lose some Haga whose projects focus on engineering ie upgrading crafting and secondary items and dr. kvasir whose projects focus on nano traits ie upgrading your abilities so once you've done the first main mission for each of the three main characters clearing the sewers for John tossing out the enemy for lucemon and delivering the EcoPOD for dr. Courvoisier you will have unlocked access to all of the projects therefore all of the skill trees so it's definitely worth your time following the main missions for the first few hours but once that's done I definitely stick by my words earlier and suggest going all over and doing whatever you want now the currencies in the game are a bit weird but simple once laid out money is the currency used for buying and selling acquired by finding pink littered crates finishing certain missions clearing areas and of course selling stuff to vendors felt red is the blue stuff and is used for unlocking access to more powerful upgrades for your gear felt rank can be found inside crates inside boxes inside felt red engines dropped by enemies harvested from felt rat deposits harvested from felt red meteors rewarded by finishing certain missions and clearing certain areas now it's also important to note that any felt rant that lands on the ground only lasts for ten seconds so if you kill a bunch of enemies and they drop felt right everywhere make sure to go over to that felt right and pick it up before it vanishes we also have project points which are gained by completing tasks and mainly from clearing locations around the map these are used to unlock project tree perks in layman's terms they are used to make your character better through upgrades the details of which I will explain in a minute mutant bash TV tokens are gained by participating in the mutant bash TV events missions and also in some rare cases scattered around the mutant Bosch TV arena these are used at the mutant – TV gift shops where we can buy all the cool stuff weapon upgrades skins ammo the usual with a few unique bits of box now there are a bunch of other upgrade materials such as nano train boosters used to purchase upgrades for your nano drive abilities weapon mod cores these are used to purchase upgrades for your weapons new Roenick interfaces life glands and arc tech cause all three of which you can take to the cyber dock and wellspring to exchange for one augmentation upgrade such as an increase to health and increase the damage or an increase to overdrive effectiveness and longevity there are also auto parts now this is a currency which is used to purchase upgrades for your car Phoenix which will speak more about in a second now that might seem really complicated but all of the above can primarily be obtained from our chests one or two of which will usually be found at any big important location they can also be purchased from vendors and obtained by other means like killing boss enemies of finishing certain missions but for the most part vendors and our chests will be your best bet for these rare and more specific currencies or upgrade materials as they know with the exception of auto parts which can be obtained easily by stashing new vehicles completing vehicle combat missions and completing anything vehicle based so money and felt rant you'll get this constantly throughout gameplay project points you'll get is for clearing stuff muta bash TV go to mute and vashti the arena to get that tokens and all the rest you'll pick up infrequently from our chests and vendors now let's talk about vehicles vehicles are used for transportation exploration racing and warfare you will have a primary vehicle called Phoenix which you can upgrade and make more powerful using the auto parts we spoke of earlier this will be your default vehicle ready to go for you whenever you fast travel somewhere or exit a town it can also be repaired by simply hopping out and facing the engine and using focus this makes it a whole hell of a lot easier to maintain your car than having to drive back to a town or a pair but along with Phoenix there are a number of different vehicles that we can find throughout the game and collect some are unlocked by meeting specific criteria or by completing specific missions most of them however can just be found out and about in the wasteland the rule is if you see it and it still has wheels you can drive it when you find a vehicle to collect it all you need to do is jump into it and then drive it back to at rate 10 and then store it in the garage this will unlock that specific vehicle as an option in your garage for the rest of the game which at any time provided you're in an area with enough flat space around you you can go to your garage tab and summon your vehicle of choice for a price of course this will cost you money generally the bigger it is the more expensive it will be to summon this means you do not have to keep track of where you parked what vehicle you can summon any vehicle that you have collected anywhere anytime at a cost it is zero percent immersion 100 percent good gameplay mechanic now vehicle combat is actually something I steered clear of because I thought it would just be a whole other realm of gameplay or have to wrap my head around it really it's super simple you have a car with guns the enemy has a car with guns kill the enemy before they kill you and do that while driving that's it another quick tip of vehicles is use your vehicle as a weapon don't just find other cars with it you can drive into people standing around or you can just Park it next to a bandit camp and mow them down with your gun downside to this being that they don't drop fell track and other bits and bumps when you kill them the upside being you get to mow down a whole area of enemies with your car now the interface is rather self-explanatory the map shows you the map each location is one of three colors pink orange and blue pink locations for John Marshall clearing these pink locations will gain experience with John Marshall orange is for Lou some Haga clearing orange locations will gain experience with Luce of Haga and blue for dr. kvasir clearing blue locations will gain experience with him very very simple and once you discover a major location on the map you can actually fast travel so yep that answers your question yes there is fast travel once you clear out a location on the map it will be grayed out this just lets you know that you've been there and you've done everything there is to do there in the next tab we have the log this shows you all of your missions where you can track objectives or change your current mission simple as that the inventory is where your inventory is where you can browse the items in your inventory it's crazy stuff I know now crafting is also done through your inventory tab now to craft items you'll need to have purchased the schematics from a vendor and then you can go into inventory tab select the item you want to craft and provided you have the schematics and the required components you'll be able to craft that selected item such as wing sticks grenades drones health infusions blah blah blah but with that said it is seriously always worth checking with a vendor what they have for sale even though you might be thinking I don't need ammo I don't need grenades I don't need to see the vendor go to the vendor they might just be carrying something extra that you'll be able to put to good use the next tab we have the Nano trench tab in here we can see all of our abilities and clicking on any of them will let us see the upgrades available for each of our abilities of course to upgrade Nano trade abilities you need Nano try it boosters which is the currency we spoke of earlier that you'll mostly get from our chests the next tab is the weapons tab which is exactly the same as the Nano trance one we get to see all our weapons if we click on any specific weapon that we'll just open up the upgrades for that specific weapon course to upgrade a weapon you'll need the currency the weapon core mods which for the most part you'll be getting from arc chests and the next tab we have projects this is the same so last two where you can upgrade less specific things via the three different character projects again John Marshalls projects focus on combat with some Hagen's projects focus on engineering and doctor the ciaz projects focus on nano traits to unlock any of the projects you will need that currency we spoke of earlier project points would you get mostly from clearing out areas and finally we have the vehicles tab which lets you upgrade Phoenix lets you inspect everything in your garage everything to be collected and it lets you summon vehicles and just some random general tips that don't really fit anywhere visual cues are a big part of rh2 the most prevalent being anything pink if it's pink it's probably important if you need to push a button if you need to climb a lot of if you need to scan your hands if you need to turn a wheel whatever it is it will probably be painted pink the whole pink isn't just for marketing it's a visual cue in the game that marks progress so if you get stuck on a mission or a location just take a second scan the area and look for visual cues such as pink things or like big red X's on buildings which means there's going to be treasure inside so explore that area literally x marks the spot things like lights in dark areas are a big visual cue literally drawing you to the light flares things like this but also looking dark places all indoor and outdoor locations have plenty of things tucked away that you will need to find by looking hard pick up absolutely everything explore everywhere and take your time it's a fun game it's a very beautiful game I think anyway and yeah no need to rush a driving tip use the handbrake when you turn smash the handbrake and slam some Tokyo Drift through a dirty dirty corner and lastly a mega tip foyer when you arrive at a location if you hold down your Nano tread focus will be shown the objectives to clear the location and how many of each item of interest is at the location if there is any there in the first place this is really good because it's enough mystery but it's also like when you do actually clear it it will tell you so you don't spend another thirty minutes going through an actually empty location wondering if you got everything it will tell you if you got everything and speaking of getting everything I think so there you have it ladies and gentlemen I've been cattle and this has been my basics guide for rage – undoubtedly I've forgotten something so be sure to leave any of your hot tips down below to help your fellow Rangers I do hope this video helped you out and if it did you'll be very interested in checking out my other rage – videos that I've already done the links to them can be found down in the description now down there in the old description you can find links to my social media be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram for really boring posts and if you'd like to support the channel in a more personal way you can become a heroic patron on patreon or you can sponsor the channel right here or you can just post you know livestock or money to my house as I'm sure you know all of my time and energy goes into making these videos that I create for you to enjoy so your support is most appreciated and welcomed in any and all forms so thank you very much watching thank you for supporting the channel and I'll see you very shortly in the next video I'll see you there soon [Applause] [Applause]


  • Reply Camelworks July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Hope this helps and please leave any other tips you have that I may have forgotten.

    Timestamps below:

    00:26 – Introduction

    01:11 – Take your time

    01:50 – Get all weapons & abilities

    02:07 – Arks

    02:16 – Unlocking Projects

    03:20 – Currencies

    03:24 – Cash / Money

    03:35 – Feltrite

    04:11 – Project Points

    04:29 – Mutant Bash TV Tokens

    04:50 – Nanotrite Boosters

    04:48 – Weapon Core Mods

    05:03 – Neuronic Interfaces, Life Glands, Ark Tech Cores

    05:09 – Augmentation

    05:19 – Autoparts

    06:16 – Vehicles / Phoenix

    07:50 – Vehicle Combat

    08:07 – Use your vehicle as a weapon

    08:30 – Map, locations, fast travel

    09:12 – Log, info, missions

    09:20 – Inventory

    09:27 – Crafting / schematics

    09:50 – Always check vendors

    10:05 – Nanotrie abilities

    10:25 – Weapons tab

    10:42 – Projects

    11:07 – Garage

    11:20 – Visual cues

    12:26 – Use hand break turns

    12:34 – Fully clearing locations

  • Reply Loren July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    when you mow down enemies with your vehicle guns they do drop feltrite but you have to get out of the car and quickly collect it before the feltrite disappear

  • Reply J.T. SIGMA July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Thanks a lot bro!this video is going to help me out a lot I've been playing rage 2 off and on just a little here and there and I'm getting ready to start really getting into it and this explains quite a lot of what I really needed to be explained to's kind of hard to understand with some of the terms that they use for everything in the game and the way you put it out and how everything is used and what it's for and who's parts do what helped out a lot! So I'll probably be watching this video a few times well I'm in the middle of something on the game, thanks again great vid!

  • Reply Amber Martens July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    I loved this guide. And, I'm so glad I bought it. I almost didn't, because people were saying bad things about it.

  • Reply Bob Brock July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Says he won't be going over the basics like RT to shoot. Then says the inventory tab is where your inventory is.

  • Reply Gary Quinn July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Excellent video ! Subscribed !

  • Reply Sensei July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    What can you use feltrite for after all weapons and tiers are maxed out?

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    Is there max level for project points, once i reached level 18 with loosum hagar I could still get points for her but it wouldn't rank up to 19, is this a glitch or a feature?

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    Needs a gamma slider

  • Reply toast July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    was that fuckin Danny Brown in the intro HELL YEAAAAAAAAAAAH

  • Reply KingOfMadCows July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    I would suggest getting the first mission of each faction finished first so you can gain access to their upgrades, especially Loosum and Kvasir. Since they have upgrades that increase the resources you gain or reduce the cost of stuff. Getting those upgrades early can really reduce the grind.

  • Reply Dylan RF04 July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Ok so I picked up the firestorm revolver but it replaced my rifle, and I’ve tried everything but I can’t reequip the rifle and now I’m stuck with the revolver, how do I get the rifle back

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    For the augments do u just buy and have in your inventory? I couldnt find a way to use or apply them

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    Thank you for taking the time to help a gamer like myself better understands how to play and advance through this great game!

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    Over 60 hours in game and still haven't figured out how to deploy the drone…

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    Would you recommend this game for someone used to playing the elder scrolls?

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    I think the BIGGEST takeaway from this guide tutorial, apart from showing us the basics, of course, is DON'T be an idiot and speedrunner and ONLY do the main missions. If you ONLY do the main missions then I'm sorry but you then don't have the right to complain that the game is hypothetically short.

  • Reply Sam T July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    I’m really disappointed with how lifeless the world feels. Should’ve expected as much from Avalanche

  • Reply AIMBOT bob July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    The teleporting vehicle thing is the thing we need for our horses in skyrim

  • Reply Chodie Doinks July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    I have weapon core mods and enough feltrite but i am unable to upgrade my weapons, help?

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    Can you fast travel?

  • Reply Chinga3000 July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    I don't think its a great idea to steal from the player personally .The poxy button also keeps disappearing ! If any game needed an update its RAGE2 .Broken ! No lock on for pistols? No autoaim whatsoever ? Enemies move like blue asrse flies ! Vehicles get stuck on everything ! Most Enemies are annoying rather than fun to fight .Every building is fake , every door locked , ark chests are placed in ridiculous places impossible for player to reach lol. Avalanche haven't made a decent game properly EVER .id should have made RAGE2 using idTech7.

  • Reply evilscotsmin July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    any idea why i cant upgrade my weapons to lvl 3 ? i have maybe 15k fert 19 wep mods

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    thanks, this helped a ton on stuff i skipped over accidentally.

  • Reply solomani July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Thank you. This was useful.

  • Reply Brenton Goldfinch-Belbin July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    This is not your typical id studio or even Avalanche game. First of all the story is a cringefest of epic proportions. During the start of the game there's a theme of identity politics on overboard with ugly and comical characters. Your protagonist is also a nonchalant detached character whom you will feel no attachment to that acts like a 12 year old. 

    Along with a bizarre pink theme to the whole game. Ladders, chest lids, GPS, UI etc are all pink for some reason (why the pink?)… it feels like the game is maybe content catered to a fringe group of people on a specific side of the political spectrum. 

    Even Doom 2016 had a better story and that's saying a lot. Onto that, this game has plenty of bugs and some technical issues that for a game co-developed by id studios is very unexpected. However not unusual for Avalanche studios. 

    The PC controls can at times feel very unintuitive and ultrawide resolution only works for actual gameplay as the cutscenes and menus will not display at ultrawide. 

    The open world feels empty and tedious with any kind of random encounters and life few and far between. 

    Unless you have a high end GPU and system like my PC I can see how this game will wreck even slightly decent PCs. The game also looks blurry for some reason even with depth of field and motion blur disabled, and you need to turn the sensitivity all the way up to be able to decently aim with a mouse.

    3440x1440p resolution at max settings and anti aliasing enabled and the game looks decent but nowhere near decent enough to justify the hardware needed to run it. 

    Driving using keyboard and mouse feels funky and repairing vehicles and other game mechanics is not well explained or explained at all.

    There's also a ingame store with microtransactions that you can buy using rage coins of which you can buy with real money. It feels completely out of place and was obviously a shoehorned feature put in there due to Bethesda Softwork's greed. 

    DLC, preorder items and online features is locked behind you having to create a account and linking it to Steam. And even this process sometimes will not work correctly as Bethesda.netis a mess of a launcher and will fail to successfully link to your Steam account. 

    All in all I do not recommend this game. Hard to build up the motivation to progress through the game when you can't relate to or feel any curiosity towards the story at all. Comedy and pink in a id studio and Avalanche game does not go together well. Definitely not when those elements feel like they are there soley for a political message. 

    If you liked Far Cry New Dawn (pink everywhere in post apocalypse?), Anthem (cringy dialogue) or Mass Effect: Andromeda ("my face is tired") then you may like this game.

  • Reply Tommaso Ferranti July 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    I'm colorblind and i can't tell the difference between pink and blue… There is an option for colorblind people as usual, right?

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    Step one wait for them to fix the game so it doesn't have so many fucking bugs Step 2 find something on Hulu to watch

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    Can you make guides for those missions?

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