Ranking EVERY Starting Shooting Guard From ALL 30 NBA Teams!

July 23, 2019

[Applause] continuing on with this series in which I go through each of the five positions in the NBA and rank every player that starts at those positions from all 30 teams today we're moving on to the shooting arts I ranked the point guards last time so if you want to take a look at those rankings the video will be linked in the description again this isn't just a list ranking shooting guards but instead ranking the players that start at the shooting guard position if that makes sense before we start though make sure to subscribe to the channel as all support is very much appreciated now with that being said let's begin starting at the bottom and working our way to the top the worst starting shooting guard in the league coming in at number 30 is Dylan Brooks of the Memphis Grizzlies Brooks has over performed immensely so far in his career after being picked in the middle of the second round in 2017 he's a nice young player and by no means does this ranking mean I think he's bad but amongst the rest of the players that start at the position he's on the bottom at number 29 we have Norman Powell of the Toronto Raptors the Raptors lost to major contributors this offseason in Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard so some spots in the lineup opened up and Powell will likely step into this spot he didn't have a major role last year off the bench but now is his time to step his game up and be relied on to produce more at number 28 we have Kevin herder of the Atlanta Hawks after one season in the NBA herder really impressed me a lot for a young player without much hype coming out of college he's a really good shooter and will be a nice complementary piece for a while as this young Atlanta team grows together at number 27 we have Luke Cunard of the Detroit Pistons Cunard is also a very good shooter for a young player and he needs to develop the other parts of his game so that he can contribute on a consistent basis in more ways than one at number 26 we have nicolas Batum of the Charlotte Hornets but to me used to be one of the most reliable all-around wing players in the league back in his prime but at this point he's fairly washed up with one of the worst contracts in the league at number 25 we have Wes Matthews of the Milwaukee Bucks he stretches the floor well with his shooting and will provide good spacing for Yanis on the court but he too is on the decline in his career and struggles with efficiency at number 24 we have rookie Jaret Culver of the Minnesota Timberwolves rookies are always difficult to rank before they even step foot in the NBA and because of that I feel like keeping them on the lower end of this list is safe and fair Culver's got a ton of promise but he has to prove himself first at number 23 we have darius garland of the cleveland cavaliers Garland's also a rookie and his main position is probably at point guard but both he and Collin Sexton are expected to share the backcourt this season so I put Sexton on my point guards list in my last video and garland is here on the shooting guards video I'm a big fan of his shot creating ability and think his game will translate very well to the league but again he's still a rookie at number 22 we have RJ Barrett of the New York Knicks the last of the rookies on this list Barrett has the most star potential of the three but there's also reason to worry in summer league he shot the ball pretty poorly which is something that will likely continue into the season but even still he's young and has have time to learn and grow at number 21 we have Landry shamit of the Los Angeles Clippers shamit was one of the biggest surprises from last year's rookie class as he proved to be one of the most reliable shooters in the whole league immediately and wasn't afraid of any big moments his confidence is through the roof and he's only going to keep getting better and better at number 20 we have Joe Harris of the Brooklyn Nets Harris really emerged in a big way last year and he shot the ball at a historically great rate all year long for three he led the league in three-point percentage at 47 percent and even won the three-point competition so it's no fluke at number 19 we have Evan Fournier of the Orlando Magic year after year Fournier puts up pretty good numbers scorers the ball well and does a good enough job as a go-to scorer for Orlando he's not bad but not great just pretty mediocre and in the middle of the pack at number 18 we have Derrick white of the San Antonio Spurs Derrick white last year especially in the playoffs showed that he was ready to take on a big role with the team and produce at a high level on both ends in the playoffs he averaged 15 points on 55% shooting while playing terrific defense and the Spurs once again showed the fact that despite drafting near the end of the first round year after year they can always find high-level talent at number 17 we have Shai gilja's Alexander of the Oklahoma City Thunder SGA has a bright future in this league and now being on a rebuilding OKC team he will have even more freedom to play his game and get better he's crafty strong and quick and is pretty good all-around in many different areas of the game at number 16 we have Danny green of the Los Angeles Lakers Green is a three and D wing with a championship pedigree with two different teams now he's a deadly spot up shooter that can catch fire at a moment's notice and on defense he's been a member of the old defense teams in the past at number 15 we have Jalen Brown of the Boston Celtics after his first two seasons Brown was looking like someone on his way to becoming a future star but then last season he took a step back and made everyone reevaluate his game he's still a very promising young wing player that makes plays on both ends of the floor but consistency is an issue with him perhaps with Kyrie Irving gone and the Celtics being able to go back to playing the way they did in the 2018 postseason he'll refined his form and take a leap this year at number 14 we have Gary Harris of the Denver Nuggets Harris is another player that was looking like someone that could become a top-tier player in the league two years ago then took an inexplicable step back last year he shoots the ball incredibly efficiently does his job within the flow of the offense and doesn't make many mistakes he struggled with injuries last year but if he can get back to how good he was two years ago he would be in serious contention to crack the top ten of this list at number 13 we have Josh Richardson of the Philadelphia 76ers Richardson scores the ball from all three levels is a terrific athlete that can get up and punch one on someone's head at the rim and get out and run in transition the most importantly he has the potential to make an old defense team in his future because he's that good as a perimeter defender at number 12 we have Zach Lavine of the Chicago Bulls Lavine suffered a terrible ACL injury a few seasons ago but after having recovered for a year he came out last season and little ego he averaged 24 points per game shot the ball extremely well and looks better than ever his defense is still a major concern though which holds him back from cracking the top ten but offensively he's incredibly productive and talented at number 11 we have Buddy hield of the Sacramento Kings since healed got traded to the Kings he's been one of the best three-point shooters on a high volume of attempts he took eight threes per game last season and made 43% of them which is phenomenal and his overall offensive game is coming along as well to the point where he scored 21 points per game last year now moving into the top 10 starting us off at number 10 we have Luke Adan Church of the Dallas Mavericks Don judge lit the league up last season and showed off such an advanced skill set especially for someone so young as a rookie I have no doubt in my mind that he's a future star in this league and the Mavs found someone to build around moving forward next up at number 9 we have Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns Booker has put up historic scoring numbers for someone his age but unfortunately because of the situation he's in there is a level of skepticism around it the Suns have been one of the worst teams in the league year in and year out with him on the team and I'm definitely not saying it's his fault because he's had a pretty bad set of teammates but until he starts to play in some meaningful games this is as high as I feel like I can put him next and number eight we have Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz Mitchell has the ultimate green light in Utah almost to a fault and in the post season sometimes it was to a fault he's shown that he's tough for anyone to stop when he finds his groove and confidence he has to pull up from anywhere on the floor but the problem is that he takes a ton of low quality shots and his efficiency in this year's postseason was horrendous shooting 32% from the field and 26% from three while also shooting his team out of a few games he needs to tone it back a bit and be smarter but his talent is there and should continue to improve as he continues through his career next at number 7 we have DeAngelo Russell of the Golden State Warriors the fit in Golden State might seem a bit odd but as an all-star player his scoring will be very valuable to the team especially with Kevin Durant going and klay Thompson being injured and likely missing most of the season he's going to be key to keeping the team afloat without clay and I think him and curry will be a very fun backcourt to watch this year next up in number 6 we have CJ McCollum of the Portland Trailblazers McCollum and Lillard formed one of the best backcourts in the league and last year they both took their games to new levels in the postseason CJ is amazing in isolation and is such a good playmaker off the dribble your play in the postseason is what is most important and while Dane got most of the attention CJ was oftentimes just as good now to start off the top five we have Giroux holiday of the New Orleans pelicans within the entire drama regarding Anthony Davis last season the player that got screwed over the most was probably drivel good for an efficient 21 points and eight assists per game while also being one of the very best perimeter defenders in the league and two years ago completely locked up Lillard in the playoffs with Anthony Davis giving up on the team last year they struggled but that doesn't change the fact that Holliday is one of the best two-way guards in the whole league next at number four is brad beal of the washington wizards like McCollum Beale has for a long time been the sidekick of point guard John Wall but with wall sidelined for most of the year Beal really flourished as the man on the team unfortunately the Wizards are a bit lost as an organization at the moment and without little hope to contend for postseason basketball so Beal is stuck but that doesn't change just how good he is as a player next up at number three we have Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat Butler coasted through most of the regular season last year but in the playoffs he showed what he was capable of he's one of the best closers in the league can take and make tough shots when he needs to and can take over a game while also playing great defense at number two on this list we have Victor Oladipo of the Indiana Pacers over Depot's ascension to the top has been awesome to watch and he's really become a perfect franchise player he made first team all-defense two years ago while also being highly productive as the go-to option leading the Pacers unfortunately he's had a few injuries last year that will hold him out of the start of the season but assuming he gets back to where he was beforehand he's one of the very best wind players the league has to offer and finally at number one on this list we have James Harden of the Houston Rockets Hardin has been a top two MVP candidate for basically the last five seasons and his offensive production is just absolutely insane he's a two-time scoring champion winning at each of the last two seasons and last season in particular he had one of the greatest seasons scoring the ball of all time putting up 36 points per game on some elite efficiency he's virtually unstoppable on offense and any given night he can put up 40 points and with that being said that concludes the list thanks so much for watching and make sure to LIKE the video and subscribe to the channel for more NBA content stay tuned for the rest of the position rankings coming in the next few days and I'll see you then


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    Imagine putting buddy Heild over Zach lavine

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    There is so much wrong with this. Beal should be 2nd, Russell is a PG, and the Spider should be higher as well

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    SGA might not play SG. He’ll play PG once they trade CP3.

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    Huerter & Kennard are better than Batum & Powel
    Lavine is better than Hield
    Luka is better than Booker CJ Jrue and Beal

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