Royal Canadian Air Force guards the Queen

July 28, 2019

it's the big test before the even bigger show in the middle of London they've come to demonstrate they can march and drill with pop and pageantry just as well as anyone from anywhere this is way up on the top of the bucket list as far as I'm concerned this is something that you can never do again the Royal Canadian Air Force in its 94 year history never before have members guarded the Queen here at her home just living up to the the standard that the British have set for us just just ensuring that we were able to meet that was definitely going through my mind every move every detail here is scrutinized by the brigade major of Britain's household division and it's not just the moves under examination it's the uniform – in the suit-and-tie that's a master tailor looking every bit the role inspecting each crease every tradition is rehearsed and reviewed here like the ceremony of the Keys performed nightly at the Tower of London since the 14th century when it's all said and done it's time for the group photo the Canadians so confident about their performance they even invite their British trainer to pose with them we can automatically see a huge difference from how it was on the trail square back in Winnipeg again the guys who set a standard today and I was quite pleased with I yes they've passed the inspection but another day brings another challenge they've come back carrying the tools they'll need for the show itself the changing of the guard at buckingham palace not to mention guard duties at other regal addresses like the Tower of London Warrant Officer Jason Patterson did two tours of duty in Afghanistan but nothing quite like this I did get a chance to go down through the crown jewels look at them I'm like wow you know yeah I mean and I understand exactly what were there for so it's a real honor and I just hope I don't mess it up the contingents formed of a hundred and twenty members from right across Canada some volunteered others were hand-picked as for the Air Force Band they've come from Winnipeg with a long list of songs to put their own touch on a very British tradition you do have a very identifiable and very clearly Canadian sound I want people to hear the difference and say you know they do it right in Canada finally it's time for the crowds to hear that sound Air Force members marching to the beat just as they'd rehearsed not letting the legion of tourists distract them now the spectacle the music all within an earshot of Elizabeth herself yes she's here judging by the Royal Standard flying high above a slow march in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace signals the new guards arrival they display their weapons as a sign of respect for their counterparts major villainy gang e meets the captain of the old guard he hands her the keys to the palace it's symbolic really there are no keys and this place hasn't been locked that way in years with just a bit more pageantry left the Queen's foot guards in there unmistakable uniforms give way to those blues from Canada a moment never seen before I'm making sure that everyone realized this as well that we are making history and that just make them even prouder of being here as the Big Show winds down the centuries we'll keep watch it's not just spectacle its guard duty a job out of their reach until now Thomas dagger CBC News London

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