Ryan Hall The Triangle – Closed Guard: Hip Bump Triangle

July 24, 2019

alright guys moving on we're going to go over the hip bump triangle this is probably my personal favorite attack from the close guard it has a super high degree of success and it's ultra predictable the reason being is if you have me locked inside of your closed guard and I'm in proper Basin balance it's extremely difficult for you to attack me attempting to attack when I'm in proper base balance posture things like that it's not even worth your time because generally all you're doing is just running face-first into a wall and things are going to work out for instance if your honor if they're in glory if we're here for Tim to really attempt anything's player on a little bit yeah I can push them back a few shoots a triangle at me I can posture arm locks if you go to arm lock I can protect it's not the in the world it's not impossible to get me but I'm I can easily I can throw I have a road block I can throw on your way every single time that you try to attack so rather than spending your close guard and opening up and giving up your control without off balancing our opponent what you want to be doing is knocking him off base and putting him to a choice for instance Here I am I'm in the closed guard if I get knocked off balance I have two choices fall or put my hand down it's that simple right now if I'm leaning to my right my weights on my right leg I can step my left leg up but if you not me to my left I don't have another limb on this side other than my arm I have two choices either I place my hand on the mat to prevent myself from falling or I fall there's no two ways about it no amount of skill can get you around that part can get you around that mechanical fact that's just the way it is so you could have a white belt and you could have Hicks and Gracie and they will have to have that same choice the only difference is white belt goes like this Hickson goes like this or maybe he uses mine bullets to stop himself and falling but everyone else would have to go like this and the better you are the faster that's going to be but now if we can take advantage of that time you were going to have an awesome opportunity to triangle because triangle me right now is difficult triangle II mean now you can't miss so let's get right to it before you can get into the hip bump sweep we are before we can get into the hip bump triangle we have to understand the hip bump sweep so realize understand your opponent's base I want to not Tim over to the back corner not laterally not to the side he's too strong here also I don't have the means to apply force laterally I can only go to that back corner so from here what I need to do is align my body in a way that's going to allow me to push Tim like that I have to do it so my hands are occupied and if I push Tim without covering his basic and step is foot up so what we're going to do is we open our closed guard and I'm going to drop my knee directly next to Tim's not on top because if I do this Tim can scoot his knee out for every inch I push him he can adjust so watch if I'm here pushing and Tim can move his knee no luck if we come back if I'm here and I pushed him he can't move his knee it's not a matter of skill it's simply he can't move his knee he's stuck so our knee is going to drop directly around our opponents and we're covering our schindler's shin or knee to their knee on the floor not up here one of the most common mistakes the bump sweep is you got you see people doing this Tim can just hit me right back in notice how he adjusted his base he's going to stop me every time so other side of this now is the foot I don't want to push Tim sideways if I'm going to sprint here I align my foot up in opposition to wherever I want to go if I'm going to get tackled head-on I align my foot up directly opposite to where by force to where the force is receiving from so if I decide I want to push Tim there and my shin is down I can't have my foot up here on time to go backwards not forwards so we're going to load our foot up in opposition to our shin so that we can hip up and knock into them so here we are when I turn to knock Tim over my foot can't be a here it comes behind me so that I can drive with my hip and knock him over backwards all right the reason again that we're covering that in so much detail is your inverter your hip bump sweep ability is directly proportional to your hip hop triangle ability if you can't knock me over you can't hit this triangle however if you can you will be so successful with this is ridiculous so if we come back all I need to do is not Tim's arm out of the way so we come up in this particular case I don't necessarily want to bring him down so here I'm going to start by grabbing his wrist pulling him forward which is going to encourage him to do what when I pull you you generally pull me when I push you you generally push me so I pull he pulls back and I'm holding on to his arm ordinarily with this sweep you'll see people covering up and trying to cover the arm here I don't want him to I don't want him said I don't want to stop him I'd love to have him post his arm so we drive forward now I'm going to Chris the woman arm around his head this is absolutely critical an error that I made when I first started doing this was I would fall back create a space that's no good when I jump my hips up I'm holding onto the back of Tim's head and I'm going to throw my right leg up over the cross the back of his shoulders the idea is to suspend myself in midair and attach myself to Tim notice here my left leg is ultralight I can't mix we're locking the triangle in midair I don't want to fall and try to lock I get too far away from them in Tim's just going to snatch that on back inside he's going to see it coming low level opponent may not see it coming but remember we don't care about beating white belts blue bells programs Brown bells you want to beat black belts and even if you don't want to be black belts eventually even if you don't want to be the elite level competitor trained like you want to beat those guys and beating everyone else will be a lot easier so we sit up I can either drag his arm across and then let it go or anytime your opponent doesn't have proper defense in the way we just knock it out of the way sit and bump now very important I'm hitting Tim with my hip if I have my body hollowed out it doesn't quite work my butt sticking backwards is not going to get it done I need to drill him with my hip so you might want to pull that for pushovers so we're here I'm drilling in with my hip as hard as I can and that's going to knock him over so we sit up tim has his hands on me I pull up boom knock him back rotate the arm around the head leg comes up I'm suspended in the air we lock and threaten the triangle at regular speed this is what it looks like it happens very quickly an alternative grip for you guys is you don't necessarily remember because we're not going we're not touching the arm ordinarily when you count for this suite people will bring the arm across it's not necessary but you don't always have to do it I can come up and I can clothesline Tim instead I'm trying to like crack him in the neck with a collar tie if I choose to so here well I'm not going arm out of the way you can keep your harm or your arm on the near side so that you add to the force of your hips with a push because this is where the hand needs to be anyway if I start over here it has to come here anyway so you can either a sell the sweep a little bit more by grabbing here or B don't sell it but remember it doesn't matter if they know the triangles coming what happens if you don't post it on I was hardly devastating like this worked out just as well so even if you train with someone every single day or you're they has a lot of tape on you like about to deal with that my the entire competitive career people having tons and tons of video available to watch it doesn't matter if I know it's coming I have two choices you give me two bad choices and make me pick one I'll be you know I'm in some trouble either way so remember foot in the opposition to where you want to go so here we are not out like this right here plant drill them with your hip you can clothesline with the arm leg comes up over their shoulder foot kicks through you need to be locked before you land so one last time a regular speed and that's that


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    This dude is so deceptively dangerous it's insane. Literally looks like the most regular guy. Like a dude who just smokes weed and plays video games. And yet he's an absolute fucking soul-stealing killer. Another reason to respect everybody. You never know when that nerd in the hoodie might just strangle you to death or take your arm home with him.

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    Ryan hall is a great teacher

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    Wow…Ryan Hall is the best teacher. I was able to understand everything he said and makes the details memorable. Amazing clarity to teach complex moves using simple concepts so there is less memorization and more thinking.

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    The initial details were amazing, thanks.

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    I swear I thought Ryan Hall was wearing cargo shorts the first half of this video

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    Fantastic instructions and damn dude has been looking like a beast in mma.

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    Thank you, great explanation and details

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    Cool technique shouldn't take 7 minutes before we see the full thing though. Show the move and set up first then go into the details.

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    Dude is one of the truly respectable Bjj practitioners. BJJ is riddled with doichebags but there are also a lot of good people

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    Ryan hall was 36 when he was 24

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    Good stuff but a little confusing. 2:56 looks like an invitation to get passed, seems safer to keep left leg on top instead of on the mat like at full speed 7:00. 5:44 seems gotta switch legs for triangle no?

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    BJ Penn disliked this video

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