San Antonio marines prepare for Warrior Games | MISSION SA

June 12, 2019

to San Antonio Marines are gearing up for a grueling competition against hundreds nationwide in tonight's mission si Eyewitness News reporter Sharon Koh explains how they're proving that winning doesn't always come in the form of a medal practice and persistence non-stop to get the perfect shot lots of focus purple Matthew Maddox and corporal Troy photo are preparing every day leading up to Warrior Games the adaptive sports competition brings together wounded ill and injured service members and veterans a tank explosion left corporal Maddox with permanent injuries including burns and impaired vision I joined the Marine Corps to you'll be better than myself and be part of like a family and organization like a brotherhood you know to be able to still even as a wound were where the you know team Marine Corps and represent the wooded Warrior Marine Corps is the biggest honor in Iraq unlike Maddox this is corporal Frodo's first year competing he was injured in a motorcycle crash another driver hit him from behind and he fell under a semi-truck there's patients here Marines that have sustained serious injuries and I've got my own but I didn't feel like my words severe enough but being able to to be here and see them just astonishing athletes working to bring home the gold is only part of their mission these Marines are dedicated to better the community they volunteer at Habitat for Humanity and San Antonio pets alive it was win-win for us that we could go and kind of do a therapy with the animals and be able to provide and take care of them so they can be adopted out to other families it feels good like to still be able to give back show that even though we're injured we can still do a lot in military City USA Sharon ko Ken's 5 Eyewitness News San Antonio is hosting the Warrior Games next year in corporal Maddox will be the 2020 ambassador

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