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School Police Remember 9/11

September 11, 2019

Well it’s a crater 186 what is your
emergency? Uhh, I’m on the one hundred sixth floor of the World
Trade Center, we just heard an explosion on the hundred and fifth floor. We
had smoke and it’s pretty bad. Do not leave, okay there’s a fire or explosion or something in the
building, all right. I want to stay where you are. “I can’t believe it’s that long
ago, that it’s, that I can remember fresh in my mind how, I still shocked what
happened.” “It feels like it happened yesterday.” “I remember that morning, it was
a Tuesday morning, weather was sunny and bright are really beautiful morning in
New York City.” “That day, perfectly clear who actually came at 4 o’clock in the
morning, because I ran the elections duty that day in Staten Island. “That day I was
scheduled to do a 6:00 in the afternoon to 2:00 in the morning, with the Staten Island Task Force.” “We were in the office getting ready to start our day, when someone said a
plane hit the World Trade Center.” “So at that time, they took me and five other
officers and we started going across the Staten Island Ferry towards Manhattan,
that’s when we heard a loud roar and we could hear and see the second plane come
across the harbor and hit the second building, was the quietest I’ve ever
heard a ferry boat in the office civil we just were like in shock and awe,
like I can’t believe it just happened. At that time 15 years of police officer, I
knew this wasn’t an accident, I said this is more, so we got a start
paying attention here and when we get off the boat it’s we’d be time to get to serious work.” “Then we got to the scene and it was a
lot of brave men and women who’ve just self deployed. You know they went there and
got right to work no one was telling anybody what to do, everybody was just
doing what they thought they should do. Somebody said the building’s coming down,
so I’m like, I thought to myself, that could never be, the building
you know those buildings aren’t coming down, they’re never coming down and then
I looked up and you can see that famous picture of the smoke kind of billowing
off the top as the building collapsed. That’s when it kind of became a reality,
that I was now in danger and grabbed as many people as I could, people were
standing there in shock and just push them and push them and push them down,
probably around about two blocks away before the top of the tower actually hit
street level and just surrounded us in smoke.” “Almost like a loud rumbling that
you never heard before. I mean I used to go to games at Shea Stadium, you hear the
planes come over and this was like sold out I sound like a never ended.” “To me it was
like a freight train coming straight at us and we didn’t know what was in that
cloud. You know, I mean are we gonna die, are we gonna stay alive?” “Went to countless
funerals after that, friends that I grew up with.” “The police officers and fire
department you took pass to me, we try to do what we can.” “Four years ago, I got diagnosed with cancer from 9/11. “It’s a rare blood disease, I mean if you’d had said to me, “would you do it again go down on 9/11 but even though you got cancer? I’m
like yeah hundred percent, that was my job and hopefully I save somebody’s life
and I would do it again.” “You know it made me, umm appreciate life. You liken it to any day. “The thing we have to remember, is that this is history for these kids. Any student that we have
in our schools right now, weren’t alive the day that this happened. It kind of
puts it in a weird perspective for me, as I never realized that I would be part of
history. You know you don’t set out to be a part of history, just have to keep
reminding people of what this day was and what happened that day and why we
need to remember it.”

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