Security Guard Job Practice Test 2

July 29, 2019

the questions in this test are developed using the contents from the power to arrest training manual for security guards for the state of California USA in this video we will show a question followed by a number of possible answers after you review the answer choices the correct answer to the question will be displayed finally an explanation for the correct answer is shown so that you can learn and understand why a specific answer is the correct answer for taking the complete set of tests interactively and to find how well you score on the test please visit the website security guard job net or click the link provided on the description area below this video once you are on the website you can click on any of the practice tests to take the actual test you can also find real-time listing of the latest security guard jobs in all 50 states of the US for this you can click on the image of your state on the US map shown on the home page of the above website additionally you can enter your zip code on the zip code search box to find security guard job openings on a particular zip code that you are interested in question number one due to a security incident at the site you are guarding the law enforcement officers were called for help when they arrived you are still on duty and still in your uniform you introduced yourself to the law enforcement officers after listening to you they asked you to go and wait in another area under the circumstances you should option a remind them that you are on duty and you cannot obey their orders option B do as you were instructed by the law enforcement officers option C contact your supervisor to report this issue option D ignore their instructions and continue following them around the property what is the correct answer question number one the correct answer is option B explanation during an emergency you may not interfere with police or peace officers who may be on the scene even if they are on the private property of your employer or client you must cooperate to the extent possible with these peace officers or you may be subject to arrest question number two while guarding a private property as a security guard do you have the authority to question people who are trying to enter the property option a no only law enforcement officers have the authority to interrogate people option B yes a security guard can ask questions as long as the entry to the property is not denied based on their answers since it can be construed as discriminatory option C yes as the agent of the owner of the property a security guard can ask questions to people trying to enter the property and an either entry if the answers are not satisfactory what is the correct answer question number two the correct answer is option C explanation a security guard or a proprietary private security officer is an agent of the owner of the private property and in this role can exercise the owners right to ask people on the property what they are doing their who they are etc if they refuse to answer the questions or if their answers are not satisfactory the security guard or proprietary private security officer may ask them to leave question number three you are guarding the premises of a company which require all employees to wear their identity badges while they are on the company property during your rounds you found a person without their badge when questioned they said they just forgot to bring their batch you asked them to leave the property which they refused to do which rules or laws if any are they violating option a the company rule to wear the batch option be a public law option see they didn't violate any rules or laws they simply forgot to bring their batch option D both company rule and public law what is the correct answer question number three the correct answer is option D explanation the owner of property has the right to establish certain rules on his property that may not be a part of the Penal Code if the employee is asked to leave and refuses he may be arrested for violating the public law against trespassing by coming to work without the batch the employee is violating the company rule by refusing to leave the property after they were asked to leave they are violating the public law against trespassing or unauthorized entry question number four the company you are guarding has a published policy to randomly inspect the belongings of employees when they leave the premises to make sure no unauthorized materials are taken from the property when you do these inspections you blank option a should ensure that employees are not secretly hiding anything in their belongings by personally opening and inspecting their bags by yourself option B should always get the employees permission and cooperation while inspecting option C shouldn't open employees belongings instead you should ask them to open and show the contents to you for inspect option D both options B and C are correct what is the correct answer question number four the correct answer is option D explanation as a security guard or proprietary private security officer your employer may enlist your assistance in conducting inspections of employees this is not a search always make sure the employer has notified the employees first when you want to look inside a lunch-pail purse or tote bag ask the employee to open it up for you to look inside if you can't see the contents because something is in the way ask the employee to remove the obstruction if the employee tries to hand the item to you politely refuse never touch the employee or handle the employees property question number five if a security guard or security officer makes an arrest the arrested party can potentially file a lawsuit against the security guard or officer for blank option a civil liability only option be criminal liability only option C both civil and criminal liability option D none of the above as long as the security guard has a valid security guard license or guard card the security guard can make authorized arrests what is the correct answer question number five the correct answer is option C explanation a security guard or proprietary private security officer has the same power to arrest as any other private person however because the security officer wears a uniform and badge this can lead to misunderstanding and abuse as a security guard or proprietary private security officer you should work primarily in a preventive role use good judgment and exercise caution when faced with an arrest situation a security guard has no special authority than a private citizen to make an arrest in addition the security guard is expected to receive higher level of training than a private citizen due to this except under exceptional and clearly justifiable circumstances it is better to call the law enforcement agencies to make the arrest did you like this video if so will you please click the like button below this video to help others find this video 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