Senate finally confirms a defense secretary after seven month vacancy

July 29, 2019

are there any Senators in the chamber wishing to vote or change their vote if not the yeas are 90 the nays are 8 the nomination is confirmed under the previous order the motion to reconsider is considered made and laid upon the table and the president will be immediately notified of the Senate's actions during his confirmation hearing dr. Esbjerg revealed his clear understanding of what needs to be done on the national security front modernize and rebuild our military ensure that we are prepared for a new era of great power competition while maintaining our ability to confront terrorist organizations and rogue nations cultivate our relationship with our allies and support our men and women in uniform who sacrificed so much to keep our nation safe and free Madam President I am confident that dr. Esper will be an outstanding Secretary of Defense and I look forward to supporting his nomination later today mr. Bern Miss Cantwell mrs. capito miss Harris miss Hassan mr. Hawley mr. Johnson mr. Johnson

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