Shadow of the Tomb Raider Walkthrough (100%, One with the Jungle) 11 THE PILLAR

July 25, 2019

impossible I can't carry anymore [Applause] I can use these to climb out of here [Applause] I don't have enough yes have to jump there's no other way whatever those things are doesn't really matter while they're chasing you who left those carvings of the heron and the Eclipse I have to talk to owner r2 about them I'm here we're not a doodle roxas weird a cave nearby the entrance is marked with a herring an eclipse on my way maybe they could provide support do you have it it was a trap the box was taken and une arathi was captured we heard we're working on a plan she's being held at the prison by the old temple a con that a raid and was taken to will charge the bridge that leads to the prison that's aggressive what if I climb up here free her and then signal to attack that could work let's leave scouting the temple in the upper district it could find you away in I'll go talk to him we'll have backup ready once you get her out sounds good for strength and safety Thank You Laura I'll get her out Lara yes I am Corey ANCA una rata has spoken very highly of you I was the one who opened the way to the old barracks when Exley was captured you played a part in that as well we are sisters of the same cause ah I see your tattoo are you one of the shown ones yes but that was another life before Amaru when we stood for something else he dissolved my order in favor of his priests I am all that is left but I sworn oath never take a step backwards in battle so now I wear the colors of the rebellion I am duty-bound to Queen UN rato well the reputation of the Shan ones is well known to me historically speaking it's an honor you're too kind I heard you speak of Emperor's Singhji chika yes the first emperor of paititi his owner Otto's ancestor he made this age everything we see touch smell everything we fight for now I've never heard of this shield before the the shield of the Age maker it is the evidence this rebellion needs that one urato is the one to lead PTT into the next age inscribed on the shield is the ordination ritual the ritual will prove Queen Nura to is the next Age maker that only she may create destiny and not that false god Amaru and where is the shield hidden deep within the mountain beyond the path of Huracan the path of Huracan it is a trial designed to test all those who seek the shield you've already tried that was my mission before Etsy was captured unfortunately I had to divert since his rescue the cult knows were planning something so now I must prepare our fighters and the shield must wait only I fear that if we wait too long Amaru may get with first and deny owner Otto's claim if a Maru gets the shield he can unite fight ET behind whatever story he chooses and proclaim himself the Age maker he'll remake the world as he sees fit yes that can't happen I was hoping you would say that that's my friend over there with you Chu his name's Jonah I'll contact him if I find anything I'll stay close to him Thank You Lara – car elope Misha hope gambe G job a job do Bazaar on – Josh Kutz levatino Hajj who sit in German marching the will attach my bucketing will ahead teague-barred el talento they will act to Louisa who do Advil and binding touched and whose will pelvis ever took of Ithaca major my Hajj to lambda xi so kill ich esse kimba like and she got on top of a surah Kjetil you back what shall i Leah a 6-point mace cast from copper with an embedded axe blade a fearsome weapon the cult of kukulcan has gone too far the time to strike is now they push and push and all we do is take another step back if you Naraku is unwilling to do anything then we should move forward without her Kisuke macho male elocution of telling us econ hello fatal in bad the de Koning so voila ASA – ASA Kuhn Rikon lever hawk Ishikawa Nora Toma – Chantal when young content in what the lava cabbage a consult second Kukulkan basking looking aside the old seal of the innovative hula can't anybody cope Wabash earthly holy keys mokuba cassis otaku Alcala Colorado pooja lahu Campbell T eluveitie Lu whole visa in Whakatane stupid ballet gosh Mexico suited una vaca Sonic I should have done something now owner ah – is captured you did all you could and the other rebels they'll make an example of them we can't focus on that right now god what a mess like how are things what do you need you have made an excellent choice my friend I am certain you will find it useful you have made an excellent choice my friend the gods favored us both I am certain you will find it useful you have made an excellent choice my friend I am certain you will find it useful you have made an excellent choice my friend the gods favored us both you have made an excellent choice my friend I am certain you will thank you friend catchman you make in salute Vitello tonnato solutions hello Nahanni College in Lahore will market a bit with Avila crucial couple can touch my love worker she catch me jack this describes something nearby the waters below protect me from the waters above it looks like this very place there are many men moving through it even more lay dead and this it's the shield the prize they are all seeking this is a trial just as Corey Anka said the path of Huracan the god of wind and storms conquistador explored further than I realized may the good Lord in His infinite mercy blessed the souls of these loyal men and accept them into paradise eternal at his side they served me well and without their assistance I surely would never have laid eyes upon what the petitions call the shield of the Age maker it is with the deepest regret therefore as well as where the renewed commitment to my holy mission that I have sent these men to their final reward their secret that the shield revealed to me cannot be trusted with anyone other than myself and so I left it behind and upon returning here with my escort I humbly performed my duty in God's name amen the bridge might have fallen due to an earthquake they couldn't get the door open so they blasted through the ground this might be the shrine of sharks hope this path leads the wind has whittled these structures with centuries this be shot the shield is gone Jonah Cory Anka on Cory unka the shield's been taken mario has it already he wouldn't risk bringing it back into the city it must be even deeper within the mountain all right I'll go after it this details the ordination ritual chorion car mentioned during the cleansing after the cataclysms the eclipse will appear using the key of Shak she'll open the silver box and absorbed the energy of kukulcan this is right here where I'm standing it shows the shield of the Age maker resting in its cradle shit that was too close well chalky kelipah checked up too many excellent college but I shan't allow cultural legs Cavanaugh my fearless kori ANCA the quest for the shield must wait bets Lee has been captured and is being held in the Ola barracks from taking a team to retrieve him but I need you to open the way you know your way around that hive better than anyone I know Lara Croft the outsider I told you about has agreed to help as well I like her Corey Anka we can trust her be safe there's an eclipse and here fire water these are the cataclysms it's a cleansing impression qi chika stands at the highest point in the city hundreds of people are gathered below him huddled beneath the shielded he's remaking the world bringing about the next stage which cost two lakh alcoholic is multi Elizabeth WinZip alt account Kotova to turn into chilla ah see to Kelantan silly as a way in some way has to be a way in [Applause] yeah when the cha-cha hockey teams build a mascot of a Tsukuba table hollow kima's build a massive jaw analytical optical car Kusum itself to cut it Jonah Cory Anka was right the cult remove the shield deeper into the mountain these makers here I know it was through it's beautiful I'm damn Laura what's wrong hello tight so the legend is true the shield of the Age maker exists as much that pains me to think this knowledge can never find new nerado's ears if she knew that simcha chicas Shield was here it would give her the courage she needs to rise in Cyrus place I know she has already starts to draw plans against me we should be mourning Cyrus death together as family instead we are both plotting against the other I wish it were different its construction is so simple wood emboss leather and arms but the details are extraordinary the front of the shield is embossed in gold and seems to turn into higher story there's so much inscribed here I can't quite make it all out but here this looks like it says sacrifice though machete Lucas she's gonna do baby Riley topology [Applause] Brook shit craft this little cockroach just won't die he's got the goddamn shield I hope that's all of them need to get back to the village right I'm here Lara you did it the shield of the Age maker its what's wrong it's the ritual sacrifice the weaving no not weaving destiny and sacrifice it can also mean creation the traditional interpretation is we all create destiny it's just as I thought look the symbol here ancestors but could also mean imposters yes that's what amar wants proof that anyone can create destiny not only the descendants of the first emperor you're right no one can ever see this this truth would shake owner Otto's faith it will jeopardize the entire rebellion that would only embolden armories belief that he is the one destined to remake the world Lara we have to destroy it there must be another way but the truth wouldn't stay hidden forever I think you're right together then our sisters together despite this outcome you showed great courage retrieving the shield this bow was given to me when I joined the short ones never take a step backwards in battle that is the single earth we take you did not take a step backwards in battle to de Lara you have the heart of a Shan one and I would be honored if you would keep the ball carry ANCA this is the honor is all mine thank you is that the shield I don't even want to know why you're burning that I'm just glad you made it back again thank you again for all you have done perhaps we'll share in the next adventure even without the shield I know Amato will unite by titi and carry us into the next age [Applause]


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    Hmm…Sorry Lara, but you really don't get a serious stake in the whole "we have to destroy this thing for the sake of our people" you…are a tomb raider. Its not YOUR peoples ancient artifact, dosen't really..burn the way they are implying I don't think. Ah well, I was happy to see some gunfights in this one, the jaguar warriors are probably tougher than they look, but seeing some actual bullets flying at you felt far more intense and dangerous to me. 😀

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    Excellent keep going.

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    Is There any Pillar Man in this game? Just ask?

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    Pata, you reckon you'll anything regarding Youngbloods?

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    Amazing as always

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    Great work, Patolog.

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    The pillar huh

    Looks like the next clue may lie over there

    Good game so far

    P.S. What is your next gameplay after tomb raider

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    Awesomeness please do more thanks

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