July 27, 2019

whoa oh my god yo should we got the breakdancing moves okay so we're getting into a lot of world-building stuff here okay I know nothing about this okay there's the Joker so oh wait I was convinced that this guy is like an ally of a division eight but he's a bad guy okay roll right off the bat we're episode three and we're getting into like heavy heavy stuff but they're like they've got all the data on them oh they're gonna target OB aren't they and he's staring at Shinra of course he's staring at Shinra the devil boy let's go boys she just shows up out of nowhere okay here we go Tamaki I've a lot of people who've been talking about okay then this is why they've been talking about her gender eyes and breasts yeah I don't know what's cute about that yeah Shin ramen confused just as you oh ho here he is he's spying on them just casually watching from a distance like a creep oh he's trying to see how they perform what kind of abilities they can use from them oh who is that you ready no just off the RIP blues battle it's a girl to River ear over a very a kanga cannot pronounce the name for the life of me is that the guy is that the guy who saved him but the man's probably saved a lot of fires oh she's not a division aid this whole time I thought they were in division oh she did on purpose I thought Shinra Oh Keesha all right shit rise not that she did that to him I feel like that has a little bit more meaning than we should I was cool the man reminded me of a Roy Mustang from it reminds me of fire force fire force there like everyone must take for a full medal oh my god I can't say that whoa look at that dude she looks like a fire catch but six down whoa no way so Joker's ready this is happening too quick but what is happening right now this is what not what I was expecting yeah let's go we should run he's about to get body that I feel like whoa oh my god yo sugar got the breakdancing moves oh sure this is the same thing that there little thing he had an episode – Bryce cool as hell and he's got a lighter oh my god that effects man is absolutely as he should this smells like Hisoka Joker is been throwing all types of shit Sanji or you put him in a new suitable situation that's how he's gotta respond whoa I mean that's what we assumed his show being a brainwashing to being a bad guy that'd be crazy if shows ends up being an evil guy and raised as a bad person oh shit the Division one commanders here oh no he's just thinking about it wait wait wait we we hope does that mean I mean this is what we're led to believe that there's more to that like him just waving Shinra off does that mean the division one commander pretending he's saving him was actually the person who's causing all those incident and is behind all this so they basically got someone infiltrated in this division one that's actually quite interesting I should keep watching before I'm making all these assumptions oh my god this looks so cool nonetheless even though he's gonna get body by oh that was cool that shit was straight out on some Star Wars stuff my boy Arthur oh of course of course sir my key comes crashing down bro you could literally make out her finger she literally just puts like the fire fruit stuff and she's like this in a bathing suit oh my god Arthur you moronic exactly what idiot yo Joe so I'm loving Joker right now bro this meds too cold you know what this reminds to be oh this reminds me of total okay I want to cook they say this because I I can't have to cut it for 20 seconds before copyright picks me up this reminds me of Todoroki EDA and Deku versus spinner but I feel like this one or this Joker guy has a little bit more importance than I mean spit uh spinner what I ever been saying spinner I meant stain stain has a lot of importance in the series but like he's not like a main type of villain he takes like he just affects the story a lot I feel like he has a way bigger picture to play into this story so I'm looking forward to that and seeing this fight really reminded me of that fight in that alleyway with those three you're less secure sounds gonna come flying out Oh oh shit and then this guy he's up to this guy's up to something he just playing dumb right now I don't believe it for a second all these three factions okay and that's besides the fire defences probably these companies that are a little bit different I feel like hajima is gonna be like the sketchy company behind all this all right well there's and gentlemen there we have an episode three and I'm gonna be honest if you guys didn't know the whole sadly the whole key Oh any incident that happened to fire that happened in Japan rest in peace to all the people that lost their lives during that incident and it was completely understandable why they did not hear this episode last week just out of consideration but they also stated that to be extra considered even this week they were gonna censor parts of this enemy which I didn't really even notice like pointed out to me something then you maybe notice but I didn't really notice anything they said they were gonna censor some of the fire but it all relatively looks fine to me I don't know if it was supposed to be more absurd and more spontaneous but I think it looked fine I think whatever the censorship that did look completely fine but moving forward hopefully I mean even if the censorship is at this level I don't mind if it's for the next few weeks it's completely understandable but with the other than that completely amazing episode I didn't expect it to pick up this quickly and have an interaction with the Joker is that's what I'm gonna call him it's not because I don't know his name yet which Shinra and he no he's basically it seems like they created this devil boy I think they were they'd been waiting for him almost in a sense and Joker wasn't wanted to recruit him you could tell but obviously Shinra is a very just person so and I also do not trust that division one guy he seems really sketchy you already know that he's doing something behind the scenes and they already said that there might be someone sketchy in the Special Forces so I feel like he's definitely one of those people and I could see some type of thing where he plans to use Tamaki for his own gain and then Shinra is gonna have to come help her out or something in that sense but other than that is an amazing episode we got introduction to Tamaki was very brief but I'm actually very curious as to where it goes beyond that because right now this seems like a lot of people have their eyes on Shinra like most mcs end up having to do so I want to see where this leads to with that being said guys I'll catch you guys later thank you so much for watching peace out hey by the way if you guys didn't know I have a website everyone called anime Avenue we keep up with like reviews and articles all the news announcements being made for all anime and manga and if you want to keep up with me and talk to me you could 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  • Reply Track Boss July 27, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    I'm glad to know that the main character isn't gay.

  • Reply Pratik Shinde July 27, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    They B/W the burning house

  • Reply Silverstone cat July 27, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Fire is up devil boy and flames cat is here 🐱

  • Reply zesty 101 July 27, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    spinger 😂😂

  • Reply wanessa santos July 27, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Tomorrow is the end of GW….. sad

  • Reply Humzah V July 27, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    The main aim for Devision 8 is to research suspension acts from the other Devisions, so that’s basically yeah

  • Reply wanessa santos July 27, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Next ep we will meet the best girl

  • Reply Nessaere July 27, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    Dressrosa in fire force Shinra uses diable Jambe against Joker

  • Reply JLO July 27, 2019 at 12:55 pm

    The ED was what really got censored

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