Skyrim Modding Tutorial – Weapon [Model+Textures+Import] part2

July 29, 2019

hello and welcome back in the last tutorial we created the sword object and the blood object and today I will show you how to create a very basic texture for our sword DDS the NTDs and M TDs in the last clip I use cinema 4d to create a very very basic UV map with the paint assistant normally it takes minutes up to hours but the automatic map is good enough for our project it's nothing fancy but it works if you use any other software than cinema 4d please don't ask me how to create a proper UV map I have no clue so please check out YouTube for a fitting tutorial okay let's change to matte box okay in the German tutorial I explained each single button today I will just show you the basics so first things first go to file import and select your sword object if you get a weird display arrow like this zoom in there's the sword and zoom out it disappears just select object list perspective and sets the field of view to something like 54 that's fine select paint tools paint brush and click on the sword you will create a new layer call it texture and set the size to something like 1024 that's good enough simple texture press ok click on front look through zoom out select stencil press the arrow add stencil and select the image of the sword go to the right select your image downsize it by pressing the S key and right mouse button that's good enough here select a projection tool change the color to white and decides to something like 300 and set the mirror to local set and now copy the whole image to your sword that's a very very fast way to create a very very simple texture okay normally takes minutes up to hours in this case it's seconds but it's good enough for a beginner tutorial I will show you the better stuff in later tutorials that's fine Heights the image by pressing the Q key and change to perspective view look through there are a few wide areas on the hilt select the right area and press F zoom in select material and sets to gray and there are several ways to fix that you can use the clone tool or the projection tool with your image we just use the bridge approach projection tool and now I show you how to handle the clone tool just select the clone tool zoom in change the size of something like 22 that looks fine sets the strength to 5 and turn off the mirror say select the area you want to copy press ctrl and left mouse button and paint over the white areas and do that with the whole texture of course you can use the projection tool as well so select projection select stencil your image turn it on scale it up and copy the whole thing once again so I spend five more minutes on the texture and it looks quite ok it's nothing fancy but as already mentioned this is a tutorial for beginners I want to show you the whole process and so I can't waste hours on each single step so this is good enough you can spend hours on that like burn the whole thing to to darken areas or dodge it to highlight areas and airbrush it and copy different images and whatsoever I really hate texturing so this is good enough and select the diffuse texture right click and export channel to PSD to photoshop or export selected and save it as texture PNG on your desktop I already did that and open it in Photoshop and this will be our first DDS so download the Nvidia DDS plugin the download link is in the video description box and after installation go to file save as DDS and name it texture DDS and save it on the desktop if there is an alpha in the image select DX t5 and if there is none select ext one for beginners just select txt 5 and save this is our first DDS file the diffuse map the second one will be the MDEs the so-called specular map it's some kind of greyscale image of our texture so select image Corrections saturation and set the saturation to negative 100 change to levelling options by pressing ctrl L and change this value a bit you have to check it out in game then it's much easier but for the moment this is ok select ok next thing select the marquee tool select the whole image and press ctrl C to copy it and now save it as DDS texture M DDS txt 5 save and now we'll be we will create the normal map the normal map is responsible for 3d effects and details normally you create it in the Autodesk software but for beginners we will fake it so just select your image go to filter and video tools select the normal map filter check at height sets to 4 samples average RGB and something like scale for that should work and press ok so this is the normal map file save as DDS and texture and DDS save and save as txt 5 choose it open the normal map once again okay select channels go to the alpha general and paste in the specular map we copied before now turn on the RGB channels turn off the Alpha okay and now file save as texture and DDS okay it looks better in game if you are when you copy the specular map into the normal map so that's it that's the diffuse map the normal to use the normal map and the specular map I will switch to matte box now to show the difference this is the naked sword object I turn on the diffuse map now the first DDS gets the texture itself I turn on the normal map now and as you see you get a 3d effect in the area of the hilt and finally I turn on the specular map and you get this light reflection yeah that's all I delete the texture PNG we don't need it anymore and I renamed the texture DDS to for TDs or M DDS and sort and DDS that's all and in the next tutorial I will show you how to create the new files from those files okay thank you very much and see you soon

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