Sniper VS Sniper – Russian SVD vs US Army M24

July 25, 2019

oh yeah straight through Boyd is going on everybody welcome over here to Lucas TV today's video is now sponsored by Nord VPN I want to say thank you so much the Nord for sponsoring this video I'm making todays video possible the last time we actually did a test like this was actually with Nord doe I want I want to say thank you to them for allowing me to do these kind of videos this one today is gonna be a little bit different rifle we're gonna be using is actually it's it's basically it's an SVD and I've got an m24 now you guys you know that I had an N 24 in Iraq invasive the people we were growing against at SVD so I thought to myself you know what let's let's do an actual test well it's like we did the last couple let's see what we're really dealing with here when it comes to the SVD is I know they're very powerful powerful rifles but I have to actually make a pit stop to get the right ammo because it takes 70 I think it's seven sixty two by 54r I think is the ammo for it I think pretty positive that's what we got okay now to make this thing fair I'm gonna have to stop in the home depot and I should grab some items like I like I said when we're doing a test here we need to do item for item caliber or round four round how about that round four round I did bring Mike the moment you guys doing who Mike is he's gonna be helping me out just a tad bit with testing out these these rounds oh come on what are you yeah like no no no no no not that way here's number one you know the guy that I'm talking about the American sniper this is it oh my gosh what is that real going on guys got Mike here he's gonna help me out with today's video this right here is an m24 this is a real one from the army from the military a lot of you guys know about its rifle it's one of mine this is actually demolition ranch's rifle right here I asked them to borrow it for a video because I don't have enough money to buy one of those so I have to borrow stuff pretty thing work I have no idea I think there's hard to get that's I think that's the hardest thing I think these things are really hard to get we have an m24 sniper over right here this is a model 700 for anybody doesn't know it very much is this a Remington Model 700 made for the military it was in use for a very long time and then once they brought him out of use they turn him into 300 Win mags they bored him out and well if you were a sniper in the military you're actually able to buy a legitimate one like this one right here this one still has Dean raving number two number two this is the second so basically inside of a sniper section they probably had a minimum had three they probably had four of these one for backup but pay three one two and three four one two and three sniper teams yeah that's pretty much it see it still has the this is all legit everybody this is really hand-painted by an actual sniper I don't know which one all the but mark stuff that's been taken out that's from like being beat around in a Humvee or off rocks or who knows yes this is actually what I learned on the same thing that's actually tatted right there same thing that's it to see like a video I would love to know what this thing's been through you like but we're gonna be testing this that thing's it's just a bit heavy you know it's it's a little heavy verse this right here so this is this is basically like an SVD dragunov that's the equivalent I guess you could say but it's not not gonna be labeled as an SVD dragunov it's actually labeled as it's a PS l2 Romanian version it's a Romanian military designated sniper rifle it's a it's literally same thing as an SPD and I don't really know and all of you guys are probably gonna stay in the comments section because you pretty much that's what you guys do you guys live it down there just correcting me on stuff but I don't believe he demo explain it to me why he didn't have an SPD I don't know if it was way too much money or they can't or they're not import anymore they're really hard to get something like that I don't really know anyway this is a Romanian version of the SVD it's the same same things like saying it to me it's like saying ak-47 okay but it's not it's it's an SPD it's like a more accurate this right here is this is an 8k right here like this is two right here actually this is all different and this is longer that's what she said all right so today we're gonna be using this is a 380 this is 168 grain serie match King this is going to be used in the my m24 so we have four different scenarios we're gonna go through with each caliber and it's gonna be like really real like real life type like scenarios most of houses overseas and I guess actually just about anywhere else in the u.s. they're made out of they're made out of these right here so we've got two for each one because I think it's gonna bust through I don't know how many rounds are gonna take to go through one but I'm a stack them up double stack just to I'm being sincere when I say this everybody like all the houses overseas they're made out of these battered mud the very first test we're gonna be doing is going to be the cinder block test this is probably gonna be one of the more real ones I guess we got cinder blocks we've got solid pieces of concrete we got saying we got block but every single one of these these tests it's gonna have some sort of thing like a big red or a Pepsi we just got some really cheap stuff and that's going to simulate all you guys can figure it out and I do believe I'm gonna say right now I think it's gonna crack through here on the first one I think it's gonna take multiple to get through well I don't really know we're about to find out I would assume right will be m24 left will be 762 by 54r which is literally the SVD so it's SVD Force m24 starts now challenge number one what do you think first up we should have I think we should go you know what we're gonna do since that's the guest of the house where you we're gonna use that one they go first this is not really this is not the guest so I keep saying this I don't reiterate this is actually very I'm very interested in this for myself or myself be getting one round see what it does and then I don't know I'm gonna I don't think I think it's gonna take on this one right here I think it's gonna take two to three rounds to get through I really do maybe I think it's gonna be to minimum you think that this one rounds gonna go all the way through the cinema I think that I just think when it hits the rounds gonna go like this and I think it might shatter the back portion but I don't think it's gonna go all the way through you're sitting about a truck show I don't that one ain't mine so I have no idea like I said how long it is I would assume it's pretty much on now see you're good I'm pretty steady are you all ready fuck this thing then blow up me too that's way right innit I think it's way riding high yeah told you it go out there okay Wow all right this thing's not sighted in though no no you know what while it's on safe shoot it trying to shoot it but see there's yes see if the Safety's good it is what you knew were you aimed right when you're standing by the behind a wall it's actually like what does they call faux safety faux that's a good word faux fake but I'm gonna have you shoot it again cuz right now it's actually shooting up and right this isn't my rifle like I said so it's it may just be started in a little bit differently let's try to get this one let's put him dead Schneider but just try to try to see if we can ping this it'd be nice to hit it like right there and just hit it directly to the yeah one more time so I donno if you guys do know this one of them one of my goals in life if I were to say top five goals in life one of them is to own a gun in every caliber there is every calendar I mean is it a lot you don't know naughty I don't even have an idea how much it is to be honest it is gonna be like a lot like like just imagine this this is a seven 62 by 54r there's seven sixty fifty four there's seven sixty by fifty wine buy more seven six – I don't even know about there you go hit it again good it's at that time the gun is on it was on yeah Wow okay let me see let me let me let me send one yeah we get one more round yeah it is on wow we did you're right I know some of you guys sitting home don't realize we don't do this kind of test the military no we didn't like all we don't they do it military doesn't but we don't personally we never do and just seeing the power of the SVD has all right I'm 24 time go okay go ahead shoot the bottom go ahead you smack the bottom one I mean that just ripped through yep American versus a non-american you know what it almost seemed like the 308 ripped through it a bit leaner yeah this is gonna talk about like cleaner like it went like directly through they didn't just break a chunk off you know I mean like yesterday more hit in broke off chunks this one just it looked like it hit and went straight through I mean it's exactly what to do those bottles blew up I don't even know where the second bottle is on those yeah and these are just they're leaking but they're not blowing up I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna say right now I think the 760 by 5000 are the SVD it hits and I don't know if it has as much punch of powers at 308 I know a lot of people may disagree but after looking at this the throughway literally would go through we had another camera set up I don't know exactly know what that footage looks like but from my angle it looked like look like it hit and literally just went straight through the son of a gun as in the SVD would hit and then shatter and break chunks off like just chunks and the other one is just my hand gesture is correct here is this okay Jeff for straight through I would actually I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and start out there I think the m24 won that round myself some may disagree which one would you rather have no I mean m24 or SVD if I'm trying to get somebody you're gonna hurt him with with that one okay there you go I would agree with that a lot of comments hopefully you guys agree if you're the same but before you hop into the next thing I'm gonna talk a little about the sponsor of this video so I'm gonna tell you guys real quick about Nord VPN and the fact that they're all about security just like I am that's why I have guns that's why I like to protect my family I literally would do anything the fullest extent to protect my family they do they would literally Hydra IP address so no one has any idea exactly where you're at your exact location that is HUGE to me like literally that's that's secure you its finest right there so you guys want to save 75% on a three-year plan with Nord VPN go to Nord bpn comm four slash lunker's TV I'll be linked at the very top of the description please do me a favor guys if you guys are all about security be like me put yourself on a VPN telling you use no words every link to the very top of description save 75% right now on a three year plan link to the very top of the bottle so next up we actually have about 8 inches thick of straight concrete last time I mean it wasn't really thick concrete it was just concrete then spaced out in more concrete now it's just straight eight inches or so another another bottle behind on both of them right there that's next first I don't think it's like like last time I took one round to go through I do not believe it's gonna take one round to go through both of those I know wow you were right told you I was gonna be right hey I thought he'd go through feels like nothing so he was telling me you guys know those those chunks of concrete if you drop them on the ground they will crack but it's just the fact that there's that thick the rounds gonna go when it's gonna splinter up and I just I just didn't think it was gonna punch all the way through well go ahead and send a send another one since oh there's not another one in there no okay so here's here's a real test to punch up our is we're gonna have this the three away normal Goldust a three awake that's what it is didn't I go through but here's a seven six two by 54r coming at you hi I'm just gonna freehand it not a single bit look not even a scratch not even a scratch okay so we're not gonna move those two now that we know that those are standing up we're gonna grab those sandbag do you think it's gonna go through the sandbag I do you do yeah one I wouldn't say it go past that you think it's gonna rip through one sandbag all right so I'm gonna I don't think it's going to Tony it's not gonna go through that no change of mind no I'm gonna stick with it but first they're all through there that's 50 pounds of sand I think if one does go there's gonna be three away okay let's go one of those what I'm actually using like real life items instead of like just random stuff just to see it shoot off and go all crazy directions that you normally I mean I've done that before in the past I just want to know like in a real-life situation which one is going to penetrate what kind of items mainly the items that we have used literally in the past so that's my big reason why using stuff like this I know some of you guys probably know well why don't you just use a fire extinguisher some crazy what that has for my buddy down at Emma will just let him do all the crazy stuff I want to know legitimate factual is it going through these kinda items damn bag I know you hit I know I know it didn't go through like I'm very very positive didn't get through I wonder you didn't hit no oh hi jerk so bad dude I'm a 100% gonna decide with 308 I'm one more umph because yeah so there you go three white SPD all right we got one one last test right now I'm gonna throw it out there I really think that the that the m24 is winning like 100% like I really do honestly believe that right here I got a very hefty lock here unfortunately I spent $27 for two of these just for this video for you guys just to see which one would actually go through this entirely thick master lock I'm going to be the one that's going to do the last one to second mouth oh hold that charging in the corner there's a chunk of of primer like the brass primer swedge underneath the firing pin like if you look down in there I know if you guys do I don't think you guys can actually see that there's no way they could see that look at look at the look at the back of those on each one of those see there's one I'm gonna lose it's like popping music yeah look every there's every so often it's popping a piece out one of those pieces right now shoved underneath the firing pin the firing pins like stuck in a spot I mean I can literally if you look down there you can see the gold yeah see yeah what yeah you can't pick it out but trying to pick it out it's gold chunk right there I mean it's pretty bad that is yeah it's pretty bad I don't I don't think that it really is gonna take much for you guys well maybe some of you guys still may not believe it but I personally think that that just kind of seals the deal for me right there this one's out of commission I think I may have hit just underneath it and launched it yeah I think I launched it oh I see that's I brush right underneath it look brushed underneath it yeah it's going we'll shoot a couple rounds that both them go and stand it up on that one alright so you know we're gonna do I'm actually to give one of these locks away to one of you guys leave a comment down below I need to know what y'all's Instagram is so I'm gonna send you guys a mess of Instagram I'll select one of you guys as the winner if one if you wants one of these locks random comment generator just like all of your Instagram handle down below that's how we'll do it tell you right now your lock ain't solving it I keep hitting low on these things I don't know I just keep it indirectly though you want to send it through this other one since I keep it chip in the bottom sure how thick is like a like a hum D like can they shoot there you go good game on the top like like right here I know why so I know I'm hitting the base the round hasn't so if you think about it this thing zeroed at 100 were sitting like 50 so the round still hasn't gone up to the crosshair so if I'm aiming here the round still hasn't got here you know what I mean yeah oh yeah straight through that's sick I mean just ripped oh there's still some of the letting stuff that's just a little bit of wood like I said guys leave a comment down below you guys can get one of these we're gonna give one of them away I just saw the two fingers I met one giveaway there you'll get that one right there you can come with a very small chunk of light still attached so once again I want to say thank you so much ignored VPN for sponsoring in this video these kind of videos cannot be made possible without those kind of companies make sure to check them out the link the very top of the bow and also go check out Mike the mullet man he'll be the link down there as well who keeps calling me oh it's Sarah I gotta take this thing I'll see you guys here later you guys could get over there tonight click the one uploaders right down there I love every single one thanks Frank hello


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