Soldier of Christ – Army Major Jeff Struecker Tells His Inspiring Story of Survival

July 26, 2019

I'm gonna give you a little bit of my story and I want to tell you how God used a few moments to totally transform my life and to send me in a direction that I would have never considered going And in fact, the reason why I ended up an army chaplain today It's because of just a few minutes a long time ago in Mogadishu Somalia Now to set the stage for you when I was 18 years old I was in my hometown and I had no idea what I was gonna do with the rest of my life So I went to talk to an army recruiter I really really wanted to transform the world I went to Fort Benning, Georgia I became an infantryman I attended Airborne School and then I Volunteered and as you heard I served for the next ten years as an enlisted guy for most of the time as a Sergeant in the Ranger Regiment I told you I really really Wanted to transform the world and all that changed for me in the summer the fall of 1993 When my unit and a couple of others were sent to Mogadishu Somalia. Somalia was facing a Starvation hundreds of thousands of people were dead as a result of famine Well, the United Nations United States started to provide food to the starving people of Somalia And most of the country actually was in total chaos the capital city Mogadishu itself was controlled by about seven warlords They're like gang leaders in our country today. And most of those warlords didn't mind us being there. But one did Mohammed Farah Aidid In the summer of 1993 Aidid made a decision to start to target United Nations workers The United Nations Security Council met and struck a resolution which basically said there can be no peace in Somalia As long as Aidid is still in control So we launched a mission to go get these guys For the first 30 minutes this mission went almost exactly like we thought it was going to go with one exception One of the Rangers by the name of Todd Blackburn We don't know what happened to him to this day when he left the Blackhawk to grab the rope Blackburn missed the rope and he fell about 70 feet and he landed in the city streets headfirst When I got to the target building that day, my commander was already calling me on the radio saying Jeff We've got a seriously wounded Ranger we need to put him on your Humvees and we need to take him back to the base I rushed up to get to Todd Blackburn he was unconscious bleeding from his nose in his mouth and it didn't look like he would survive I put him on a stretcher and I placed him on a Humvee he had a medic and a surgeon working on him We were driving down the road at about 15 miles an hour Maybe 20 at the most I drove down a narrow alleyway next to the target building and then I made a right turn onto Howlwadaag Road, one of the only major roads in Mogadishu And when I turned that corner, it seemed like the entire city erupted with gunfire on those three vehicles On the right side of the road down the road waiting for us hiding an ambush was a Somali gunman When we got right next to him, he saw Dominic Pilla at the same time that Pilla saw him These two guys turned their weapons to each other at the same moment and he shot and killed each other at the exact same instant And folks for the first time since I was 13 years old I started to realize that I am gonna die and it may be in the next few moments We went through a number of other obstacles and difficulties I don't have time to tell you about all of them tonight or today, but when we finally arrived back at our base My platoon leader Lieutenant Larry Moores walked up to me He said hey Jeff a Blackhawk helicopter Just been shot down and Mike Durant has crashed in the city and we don't have anybody else who can go back out there I need you to get your men put them back on those Humvees Go back out there and see if there are any survivors Now folks I'm gonna be completely honest with you for just a minute I've been scared before this moment, and I've been scared since but I have never known fear in my life Like I did standing at the back of that Humvee. I was totally Completely certain that I was going to die So standing at the back of that Humvee with Domenic Pillas blood on my hands I started to do what any Christian in this room would do I started to pray Now I just simply said God I am in big trouble right now, and I need your help God I am certain that I'm gonna die tonight And then I remember the words that Jesus spoke next like he was whispering them right into my ears He said not my will but your will be done And folks the Bible says that Jesus Christ the perfect sinless son of God God in the flesh got up off of his knees He walked into the hands of the enemy and he willingly Freely gave his life up so that your sin and my sin could be dealt with once and for all 2,000 years ago on the cross As I was at the back of that Humvee I prayed God not my will but your will be done tonight and folks from that moment on I can't even explain what happened to you But from that moment on at the moment that I was completely Convinced that I was gonna die God once and for all dealt with that fear for the rest of the night I had no worries about what was gonna happen to me because I realized my life was in God's hands And all I need to do is trust him with it. But I also realized this I realized one of two things will happen to me tonight in Mogadishu If I survive by a miracle of God and I go back home to my family I will be back home with my family in Georgia But I realized that if I die on the streets of Mogadishu Somalia before my body hits the ground My soul will go immediately to the presence of my father in heaven and I realize go home to my family in Georgia or go home to my father in heaven in either case I cannot lose because of what my Savior Jesus Christ has done for me That alone gave me the peace to go back and forth into those city streets Repeatedly for the rest of the night as I was driving down the road In front of me several Somali gunmen were waiting for me in ambush When I got right next to them from less than 10 feet away they opened up on my Humvee And miraculously not one dude on my Humvee was hit in that exchange of gunfire Now folks what I saw the next morning changed my life forever In fact I would still be a sergeant in the Ranger Regiment today if it wasn't for what I saw the morning after the firefight When I got back in the next morning, it wasn't really the blood and the bullet holes that had an impact on me I'd seen that stuff before But when I got back in the next morning There were men grown men some of the toughest warriors on planet earth who were walking up to me with tears in their eyes saying Jeff, I got to talk to you He said what happened to my best friend who just died last night? Jeff what happens to me if I get on a helicopter or a Humvee tomorrow and I don't make it home And almost all of them were saying Jeff there was something different about you last night than there was about me and I want to know what it was And for the next 24 hours I had guys lined up to ask me about about Jesus Christ it was that moment that God started to show me he had something different in store for me And as a result, I am an army chaplain today. I have spent most of the last 10 years Serving in the 82nd Airborne Division in the very same Ranger Regiment with the very same men that I deployed with to Mogadishu Somalia Folks, let me tell you something I really really wanted to transform the world and I thought you could do it through military prowess I thought you could do it through national power, but I realized something in Mogadishu Somalia there is only one force great enough to transform the world and it is the Holy Spirit of the Living God through God's Son Jesus Christ Folks really what I want to see are men and women who they know Jesus Christ so intimately and he makes a difference so much in their lives That people will do to you exactly what they've done to me. They will say at your workplace or in your neighborhoods or in your families or whatever it is. They will say there's something different about you I want to know what it is because you have something that I don't have. I'm convinced that's exactly what Jesus was calling us to do in the book of Acts that you would live so differently that you would Transform the world wherever you go But I also want to challenge you that if you claim the name of Jesus Christ if you say I am a Christ follower When you walk out the doors of this building you'd be able to say like me and millions of other people in church history I will face my future without fear because I know My God is big enough to handle whatever Circumstances that life throws at me I don't know what the future holds but I know the one who holds the future and I'm gonna trust it all in his hands


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