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Something Navyโ€™s Arielle Charnas’ Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

September 13, 2019

(air whooshing) (upbeat music) (bell dings) (air whooshing) – Let’s get ready for bed. (upbeat music) So this is my favorite
time of the day where I get to throw on my pajamas. This is my new set from
my November collection and I get to take my makeup off. So, let’s get started. I love using these
LoveShackFancy scrunchies to throw my hair back. It just keeps it from creasing and I start off with the
Bioderma Micellar Water. It’s super sensitive on your skin and does a really good job at cleaning all of your makeup off. So, I really only use this
on my eyes and my eyebrows but it actually works with
taking all makeup off. So you can use it for your face as well. When I was pregnant my skin
was reacting really terribly to a lot of products, especially
ones with oil in them. And this one is paraben free, it’s hypoallergenic and
just I noticed just as I started using it I wasn’t
getting any reactions. So yeah, I’ve been loving this one and using it every single day. So the next product I use is
Dr. Barabara Sturm cleanser. I love this cleanser because it actually takes
off all of your makeup. You don’t even need to really
use a remover beforehand but I do just to be safe. (water running) I wet my safe before. I love how light it feels on the face. It doesn’t feel like a heavy face wash, it just feels super refreshing. And I use this every
single morning and night. And when I travel there’s
actually a mini option, so I take that with me. (water running) Okay. So after that, I use Biologique
Recherche Masque VIP 02. I mean you’re really only supposed to put this for 20 minutes before bed. But I actually will sometimes
sleep with it overnight and it’s really bad cause
sometimes in the morning I forget to wash it off and I look crazy. It’s the most hydrating mask ever. It makes your skin super
glowy the next day. It feels so good when you put it on and it smells like, I don’t
know what it smells like. It smells like something
I smelled in my childhood and it’s a good memory so I’m into it. You really only need to put a small layer and just avoid, obviously, your eyes. I use this, I guess since
it was just fashion week and I have a lot of
events going on recently, I’ve been using it a lot more often so I would say three times a week. But I think once a week is totally fine. (water running) Oh my god, that is so refreshing. I feel like a new person. Following the mask I like to
use Kora Organics face oil. I use a really small amount just because I also put
moisturizer on afterwards. And I like to just pat it on like this. And it smells so amazing. I tend to have super dry skin, especially during the
fall, winter seasons. So an oil just pretty much
helps super moisturize I guess. And I definitely, definitely need that. So, that is why I use that. Okay, so after my oil I put my moisturizer on on top of that. And I love to use Drunk Elephant’s whipped cream moisturizer. It’s just like an amazing texture and super moisturizes and
just feels really good. Since my pregnancy when I
realized a lot of products were making my skin react
badly, I have pretty much only been using clean products on my skin. I just feel like my skin has
been more moisturized, glowyer, super refreshed and no rashes
which I was getting a lot when I was pregnant. So the last thing I use it
Dr. Barbara Sturm’s eye cream. I am not like a big eye cream person but I feel like my mom is like, be smart and start applying
it as soon as possible. So I mean I love Dr.
Barbara Sturm’s products so I immediately thought to use hers. It feels like there’s a difference when I touch my skin and when I smile. It definitely looks better
since using eye cream. But Dr. Barbara Sturm, I love her products and I learned about her, I mean funny enough, through my husband. He introduced us and I
learned about her products and learned about her facials
and pretty much fell in love. So that’s pretty much
what I do on my face. I always sleep with my hair
down because I don’t want to get creases if I
don’t wash it that night and I want it to look
good for the next day. But I do like to use,
on nights that I know that I’m gonna wash my hair the next day, I use the Briogeo gel to oil
overnight repair treatment. So, pretty much if you have colored hair or you use hot tools like
irons or curling irons this is really good to put in your hair to help revive and treat damaged hair. So I forgot one more thing that I like to do before bed
and that is apply Lanolips. It’s a multipurpose superbalm. In the winter I get really chapped lips so I love using this. Ruby! Oh wow, a dramatic entrance. Okay, it’s time for bed. – No bed. – Yeah, we have to, – No, wash my feetsies. – Wash your feetsies? Thank you for joining me
on my nighttime routine. (upbeat music)


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