South China Sea News Today – Chinese Navy Ships breaching maritime norms

July 28, 2019

Chinese military ships in South China Sea breaching maritime norms the activities and behavior of Chinese military and paramilitary ships in the South China Sea have not been transparent and are not consistent with maritime norms the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard has admitted as he encouraged Coast Guard of the region to unite and make a push back against Asians inappropriate demeanor the US Coast Guard command acts like other officials in the indo-pacific noted the bloated presence of Chinese ships in the South China Sea including from Beijing's maritime military but whose activities have not been consistent with or do not observe proper maritime decorum on the 9th of June a ship from Chinese maritime militia said to be masquerading as a fishing vessel struck a Filipino fishing vessel while it was anchored in the recto Bank and the Philippines is exclusive economic zone the Chinese ship left the Filipino crewmen to the mercy of the sea before they were rescued by Vietnamese fishing boat US Coast Guard will be more active in the region's waters and support of the activities of the US military's Indo Pacific commander while showcasing good behavior and maritime governance that supports a rules-based order and free and open access to the sea lines of communication it will also support partner countries in upholding and asserting their sovereignty while protecting US interests the US Coast Guard commander noted that many countries in the asia-pacific do not have the full capacity and capability to guard air sovereign waters making them vulnerable to narcotics trafficking human smuggling illegal unregulated and unreported fishing piracy and terrorist activities Schulz emphasized their aim was to become a model for maritime governments you [Applause]

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  • Reply Al Phillips July 28, 2019 at 11:28 am

    9 dashed line is bogus/bullshit under UNCLOS. Its time those Chinese robbers/thieves get asses kicked back to BEIJING

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